Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/03/21


  • Worked with the team to update the armhf test runners to the latest version of autopkgtest and rebuild their noble images.
  • Reported a bug regarding the amd64 worker behavior when running i386 tests.
  • Reported a bug regarding the web interface at autopkgtest.u.c and non-existent packages.
  • Thought deeply about an MP fixing the above bug and commented on the MP.
  • Submitted an MP updating the modification of apt sources for Noble but it doesn’t work for other releases. :frowning:
  • Reported a bug regarding a test with an “invalid PPA” that managed to get queued.
  • Reviewed an MP from @andersson123 regarding database backup and checksums. This was later approved and merged.
  • Commented on an MP regarding how to clean the queues of obsolete package versions.
  • Reported a bug regarding the yaml file produced by a script of ours not being in the correct format for juju. Then some investigation into what the actual correct format is.
  • Queue management…


  • Submitted an RT regarding archiving Lunar to old-releases.u.c.
  • Some binary package removals!


  • More stuff I failed to write down.
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