Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/03/14


  • Currently working on SRUs of 0.107.1 for Jammy and Mantic.
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  • Still working on making an armhf worker in bos03: one test already passed, but there are issues with LXD test image building
  • Done a lot of review, mostly for @andersson123
  • Pushed a bit further on the web UI improvement (in case you missed it)
  • Investigated and fixed a bunch of small issues here and there

auto upgrade testing

  • Opened NetworkManager bug for it sometimes crashing during upgrades
  • Started work on testing double upgrades (focal->jammy->noble)


  • Investigated libbsd vs gvmd: still a moving target with multiple buildX version still being pushed, and some armhf builds still missing dependencies.
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  • various debugging of prod, inc problems with bos01
  • merged and deployed the new sqlite-writer changes, which queues all of our db inserts so only one process actually does write operations. There were a couple issues with this that got fixed over the week
  • made an mp that means we use sqlite3.paramstyle="named" throughout our repo
  • MP reviews for my infrastructure tests mp with Skia
  • Made a bunch of amendments and further work on my infrastructure tests mp too
  • Added a new feature to autopkgtest-cloud, that is the integration of api keys when making test requests, we’re going to test over the next few days and send an email to ubuntu-devel some time next week
  • Fixed staging (was a simple fix)
  • merged and deployed an mp that makes download-all-results leaps and bounds faster than it’s previous implementation. It now uses swiftclient instead of urllib and finishes probably more than 100x faster than before
  • fixed a bug with download-results
  • made an MP this morning for loading the api keys at runtime instead of in the global namespace, meaning we don’t have to restart apache every time we add a new api key
  • made an MP to align master with all the changes made to autopkgtest-cloud on the production bastion
  • testing moving allowed_teams to juju config instead of being hardcoded MP - all tested and is ready for review

installer testing

  • Did an installer test for the desktop team


  • Wrote a draft for a discourse post regarding the Release Management Team’s usage of LPCI and pre-commit, as a way to advocate for similar CI pipelines throughout canonical and ubuntu
  • Been speaking with Jürgen Gmach about becoming an active developer of LPCI
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  • PR #1930 - ubuntu-image docs fixes & updates
  • PR #194 - review: Consolidated docs for contributors


  • WIP: Bootstrap docs on ReadTheDocs
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Short week (Friday was a public holiday)


OpenJDK Security updates

  • Most time was spent in the triage of new openjdk-8 JTREG failures (bionic, focal, jammy & mantic on amd64, arm64, ppc64el and armhf)


Coverage study - mapping individual TCK tests to targets in AQA framework
Began rewriting the TCK scripts in Python


Proposed-migration: ccache vs elfutils (armhf) - autopkgtests pass locally, waiting for results

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spring boot snap prototype:

  • added configurator app
  • working on sample and documentation
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