Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/03/07

subiquity / curtin

  • merged all NVMe/TCP components for rootfs on remote drive (with /boot and /boot/efi stored locally)
    • requested FFe to include in 24.04
  • added workaround for grub-multi-install failures (bug 2055294) on UEFI based systems (might not be needed for long since grub2 migrated overnight)
  • fixed UI crash on SSH screen for serial terms or terms that have limited/no support for UTF-8
  • code review


  • internal trainings
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Java & openjdk


  • Analysis of networking tests failing only on Ubuntu Desktop (the entry in /etc/hosts).
    Documented my understanding in the tck-17 & tck-21 repositories’ READMEs.
  • Ran tck-17 & tck-21 on noble-arm64 (RPi5 board), all well

openjdk-8 security release

  • Spent time on triage of new JTREG failures on mantic, jammy, focal, bionic (a large armhf list is still pending)

FIPS crypto provider prototype

  • prototyped a Java wrapper and tests for Message Authentication Codes
  • prototyped a Java wrapper and tests for Message Digests

code reviews

libcommons-logging-java, android-platform-tools-base, android-platform-external-doclava, android-platform


Adoptium workgroup meeting

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  • create patches for upstream to support Milk-V Mars board
  • enable Milk-V Mars in u-boot-starfive package. (LP: #2055939) - The build is still waiting for some armhf dependency. A FFE is needed.
  • Analyze failure of upstream U-Boot on Microchip Icicle board.


  • Update Jira planning for 2024-10
  • 360 reviews
  • Greenhouse
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Very short week (2 days).


  • MIR libtraceevent (see LP #2051916)
    • Patch to fix TODOs waiting for sponsoring.
  • MIR libtracefs (see LP #2051925)
    • Trying to diagnose why tests are failing (they never ran before in CI so maybe some never passed)


  • PR #192 - Enable not generating artifacts
    • WIP. I potentially uncovered another unrelated issue, so it might need more investigation than anticipated.


  • Refine imagecraft.yaml spec with @sil2100


  • catching up after 3 days OOO
  • setting up a RPi5 to have a local arm64 builder
  • 360 reviews
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  • Resumed work on the crypto-config specification with a strong goal of having it validated and published by the end of this cycle
  • Some time spent on openssl 3.0.13 which is waiting for the t64 transition to conclude first
  • More review of FIPS patches that we would like to integrate into Noble and SRU to previous releases (no behavior change when not running with the kernel in FIPS mode, don’t worry)

armhf Y2038 support (a.k.a. armhf 64-bit time_t)

  • Tests on Ubuntu, mostly done but I need to fine-tune the package list; haven’t looked at statistics yet


  • A day off at last
  • Experimented with ways to reduce memory usage of the excuses page (50% lower for the global one, smaller improvements for the by_team one) while also improving the UI and UX (results shown in tables!)
  • Created next week’s status post: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/03/14
  • Toyed with data retrieval and extraction from our status posts along with AI and LLMs but finally used word clouds to come up with some “highlights” for the team members during this cycle:
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  • 64-bit time_t
  • the NMUs to unstable landed, and have mostly made their way into noble-proposed via autosync. A few libraries will still need merges, but the core set (that make the most mess for rebootstrapping) appear to have now landed.
  • Worked on bootstrapping against the new libraries: perl and python are bootstrapped, apt is bootstrapped
  • added a hack to apt in the form of an artificial Conflicts: libnettle8 to hint the resolver in the buildd chroots to remove libraries and let apt upgrade. Seems to be working now in the bootstrap ppa.
  • working on bootstrapping rustc against an out-of-archive build to get around the self-build-dep on cargo (via dh-cargo). This blocks a lot of things via python-cryptography. Maybe will work now that apt is upgradeable.
  • Had done part of the bootstrap of glib2.0 but then got sucked into other parts of the graph and unfortunately left it broken on !armhf for a long time in noble-proposed, breaking builds of other things. Jeremy Bícha took care of cleaning this up, but glib2.0 bootstrap is still a big project.
  • Doing a lot of binNMUs in Debian on armel and armhf, as they have the same bootstrap requirements there


  • Did an early NBS removal of libefivars1 and libefiboot1 from noble because these were breaking image builds because something wanted to pull in the real package during an image build instead of the virtual package now provided by libefivars1t64, causing a conflict.
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  • Patch piloting on Monday
  • Finished docs, tests, and packaging for nobodd (LP: #2056234)
  • Checking current state of desktop and server noble images for Pi
  • Pi meetings
  • Take home tests
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Public holiday on Tuesday


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  • PR #193: Remove old manpage (and move it to Ubuntu Install Guide)

Install docs (Subiquity)

  • PR #1929: Adapt & publish former ubuntu-image manpage in Ubuntu Install Guide

ImageCraft & Apport

  • Scoping docs tasks for 24.10
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Very short week, as I took a few days off

  • glibc:
  • needrestart
    • uploaded a first version late last Thursday
    • uploaded a first attempt at fixing the autopkgtests on Tuesday
    • Now preparing another round of fixes (can’t test locally, see below)
  • misc
    • Upgraded my laptop to noble, which broke quite a few things, including my email setup.
      • Good thing came out of it, as I managed to talk @juliank into fixing lieer in Debian and Ubuntu. Yay!
    • Fighting against autopkgtest and losing, despite @paride’s help.
    • Compliance training.
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  • Finally landed some changes to support non reportable errors in the API and a new screen in the TUI (PR: #1925)
  • Finished trial triage last week then went through and really triaged all of my trial triage bugs this week
  • Investigations on how MOK enrollment works and how Ubiquity supported it
  • Submitted FFe bugs for Autoinstall failure features and MOK Enrollment
    • Why is it FFe and not FFE?
  • Working on changes to some Subiquity logging to have better reporting for Autoinstall


  • Addressed some feedback LP: #2049217 (fix packaging for ubuntu-dev-tools, change to python3-launchpadlib-desktop)
    • Still pending review
  • Actually make running-autopkgtests available in ubuntu-dev-tools - LP: #2055466


  • quick review of #17
  • 360
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I’ve been off for the last 2 Thursdays, so I missed the last 2 Ubuntu meetings. I’m consolidating everything in this post:


  • Worked on building .NET 8 on s390x
  • Tested and validated the s390x .NET build
    • Ran the Red Hat testsuite and worked on fixing some failing tests and skipping ones that don’t apply
    • Ran our own autopkgtests with positive results
  • Worked on the new .NET snaps and the .NET installer tool:
    • Investigated installability of .NET workloads in the new snap format, which now works
    • Implemented “update available” logic when listing available .NET versions
    • Implemented reverse-dependency lookup and removal when uninstalling a .NET component with the installer tool.



  • Worked on 360 questions
  • Finished compliance training


  • Go 1.22.1 & 1.21.8 release.
    • Update deb packages and snaps, and FIPS packages. For deb packages, still need someone to sponsor the sync from Debian unstable. LP: #2056309, LP: #2056310
  • Go 1.22 transition
    Look at some packages that need special attention when doing archive rebuild with golang-1.22.


  • Still debugging the FTBFS for kmod on armhf.
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64-bit time_t transition

  • I uploaded more packages to Debian unstable for the armhf 64-bit time_t transition.
  • Uploaded portsmf 0.1~svn20101010-7 and synced to Ubuntu
  • Merges:
    • libisofs 1.5.6.pl01-1.1ubuntu1
    • libverto 0.3.1-1.2ubuntu1
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Ubuntu Packaging Guide

  • packaged as a snap
    • waiting for response from snap store admins, because the name
      “ubuntu-packaging-guide” is restricted
  • polishing
    • how-to/patch-management-with-quilt
    • how-to/merge-package
  • canonical/sphinx-docs-starter-pack
    • reviewed PR #193 – Fix 404 page
    • prepared fix for cyclic dependency management mechanism issue #197



  • 360 Reviews
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  • Following up on 5.32 SRU


  • Investigate and fix missing DB indexes in production database, causing some pages to take a very long time to load.
  • This led to an MP improving local debugging on some custom data files, allowing easier reproduction of that kind of production issues.
  • Worked on running an autopkgtest armhf test on bos03: stalled because of issues, and didn’t want to spend the week on this

auto upgrade testing

  • cowboyed additional logging on auto upgrader to track down a transient issue regarding port allocation for SSH forwarding to VM

security britney

  • Investigated and fixed an issue in some excuses generation.

iso image promotion

  • investigate an issue in UTAH preventing some images from being promoted, still ongoing


  • Travel arrangement
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  • MS signed shim packages: have been uploaded to noble now.
  • Lot of time spent on various GRUB issues
  • Helped debug some issues for the libtracevent MIR
  • Working on fixing testsuite for bpfcc and bpftrace MIRs
  • Some time on “3rd party distro netboot via Ubuntu GRUB” test case
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spring boot:

  • working on a prototype snap

+1 week:

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