Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 16 February 2023




  • compliance trainings


  • +1:
    • many re-triggers, especially because many tests failed due to connectivity issue
    • ddnet needs to move to big_packages
    • python3-cssutils FTBFS (same in Debian), package version hasn’t been updated for more than 6 years, maintainership has changed, compatilbity between versions unclear; will remove cssutils for now
  • re-working my patch to fix anacron 2.3-33’s disabling of service and timer
  • looked at xz-utils’ migration but in the meantime another version has been uploaded and queues haven’t made it possible to get results on that version


  • Golang security update in Lunar (1.19.6 and 1.20.1) (sponsored by @jawn-smith )
  • Merge kmod 30+20221128-1ubuntu1 (sponsored by @slyon)
  • Sync golang-github-containers-toolbox (sponsored by @tsimonq2)
  • Removed golang-go-semver from Lunar
  • Removed cadvisor from Lunar
  • Watching the autopkgtest results for (golang*|libselinux|kmod), but they are just waiting in the queue.


  • Get start reading related documents.
  • Play with chisel and rockcraft.


  • Preparing VISA documents for the upcoming sprint.
  • Still looking at migration of sbuild (LP: #2003201)
  • Uploaded apt-clone to clear proposed migration of lsb-release-minimal (LP: #2007566)
  • Worked on libcamera support in lunar:
    • got v0.0.04 of libcamera working with the v1 and v2 Pi cameras (LTO issue; disabled for now but working on “proper” patch for upstream)
    • built libcamera-apps against v0.0.4 of libcamera (with some upstream patches); works well
    • tested against proposed 6.2 kernel, also works well
    • v3 camera module still not working on either kernel version (on 5.19 definitely due to missing d-t overlay, but something else is broken on 6.2)
  • Pi meetings
  • I took over looking at fuse vs ostree proposed migration (LP: #2006483). I managed to reproduce the failure in Ubuntu and Debian and confirmed it was a bug in fuse3 3.13.0. Still need to look at a fix, but concentrating on things that need doing before FeatureFreeze.
  • Lunar Lobster pre-FeatureFreeze Merge Party :partying_face:

Desktop installation on RISC-V

StarFive VisionFive 2

EDK II Shell

  • The EDK II should be packaged as binary. I discussed the requirement with the Debian maintainer. Next step is to create a pull request on

Soft lockups when booting with Radeon GPU on RISC-V

  • Pull requests created for livecd-rootfs and debian-cd.


  • Unmaintained package python-omemo-backend-signal was dropped form the archive to allow migration of python-cryptography.

Lenovo X13s

  • Created a preinstalled image. It runs fine from NVMe but running from USB still suffers from a Linux 6.2 kernel issue.
  • Tested a new kernel with EFI variable support.
  • glibc: Keeping an eye out on the glibc transition, but work is a bit slow due to the autopkgtest infrastructure being somewhat broken these days.
  • Rust: Multiple small rounds of reviews on @liushuyu-011’s efforts to get rustc 1.66.1 and cargo 0.67 into Lunar
  • apport: the GH backend PR led me to post my first actual PR for apport, instead of just doing reviews!
  • hibernate: packaged a snapshot of the upstream repo to fix FTBFS as well as other outstanding issues.
  • subiquity
    • Subiquity 23.02.1 released
    • PR: 1536 (LP: #1952926) - review, add tests and expand fixes for grub and swap handling when using “guided” storage in autoinstall, thanks to @itjamie for getting this started
    • PR: 1541 - improve wording on some UI strings
    • PR: 1558 - merge latest curtin & probert for 23.02.1 release
    • PR: 1562 - fix all existing usage of asyncio.create_task - it is unsafe to use this to run a background task unless a reference to the task is saved. Thanks to @ogayot for the previous work on a convenience function to maintain references to background tasks.
    • LP: #2002427 - test rebuild of Subiquity with a fix from Snapcraft for arm64+64k pages
    • LP: #2004659 - fix in progress on detecting when we have network or not. Failed some integration tests, investigating.
    • LP: #1907128 - mockups and API planning for what to do about LVM handling + full disk guided install
  • mini-iso-tools
    • PR: 6, PR: 7, PR: 8, PR: 9 - work to improve JSON handling, recognize cdimage and releases, recoginize desktop and server
  • proposed-migration: notcurses - failed migration due to test flakiness, while investigating that found and fixed FTBFS (LP: #2006772)
  • kiwi - merge and upload
  • retroarch - syncpackage

This is my first week at Canonical, and I am still working on the onboarding tasks/reading the documentation on how to contribute.

Until now, I mainly worked as a .NET developer and will focus on maintaining/improving the .NET tooling for the Ubuntu ecosystem.

I am looking forward to making my first contribution :slight_smile:



  • Merged 252.5-2 from Debian: (thanks @slyon)
  • Preparing Focal SRU to include fixes for:
    • LP 1933090 “systemd/245.4-4ubuntu3.6 ADT test failure with linux-hwe-5.11/5.11.0-20.21~20.04.1”
    • LP 2002445 “udev NIC renaming race with mlx5_core driver”
  • Preparing Jammy SRU to include fixes for:
    • LP 2002445 “udev NIC renaming race with mlx5_core driver”
    • LP 2004478 “systemd-networkd’s dhcp4 client ignores local subnet routes”
    • LP 2003250 “networkctl reload with bond devices causes slaves to go DOWN and UP, causing couple of seconds of network loss”
    • LP 2000880 “systemd-networkd: ActivationPolicy ignored in VLANs”


  • Working on a quirk to prevent auto-removal of flatpak if it is used (e.g. flatpak apps are installed)


  • FTBFS in lunar-proposed was resolved with a retry
  • Working on adding support for editing/listing deb822 sources


  • Booked travel for the next Engineering Sprint


  • Netplan SRU for Jammy and Kinetic (LP#1997467)
    – Found a few issues during the process that still need to be fixed (LP#2003727)
  • Working on some documentation for the Netplan everywhere project
  • Tested the Netplan integration and autopkgtests with the new NetworkManager 1.42.0
    – Continued investigating a bug where temporary connections are persisted by libnetplan (LP#1998207)
  • Worked on a fix for an improper handling of the lacp-rate option (PR#324)
  • Started some experiments with json schema validation as a way to improve netplan’s parser


  • Investigating a proposed-migration issue related to libgd2 and glibc


  • devscripts: Uploaded 2.23.1 to Debian unstable. Merge to Ubuntu will be done later.
  • tzdata: Uploaded 2022g-5 to unstable. Merge to Ubuntu will be done later.
  • update-manager:
    • Make Python version PEP440 compliant (LP: #1991606)
    • Switch to Debian source 3.0 (native)
    • Replace transitional policykit-1 by polkitd and pkexec
    • Fix pycodestyle complains by formatting Python code with black
    • Drop imports only needed for Python 2
    • Replace lsb_release call with reading /etc/os-release directly
    • Upload 1:23.04.1 to lunar
  • python-distutils-extra:
    • Fix KeyError on .egg-info files in debian directory (regression in 2.48) which causes Apport to FTBFS
    • Check that Debian version starts with DistUtilsExtra version (LP: #1919004)
    • Upload 2.50 to unstable and synced to Ubuntu
  • apport: Uploaded 2.25.0-0ubuntu1 to lunar
  • cloud-init: Add Apport general hook
  • pydocstyle:





  • revisited autoinstall schema for PR 1552 - support for multiple candidate mirrors ; with automatic selection for autoinstalls and desktop installer. Added documentation updates and merged.
  • opened PR 1564 to optionally fallback to an offline install.
  • fixed unit test failing in chroot because of timedatectl: PR 1560
  • prevented CI from fetching SSH keys over the Internet. Used mocking instead. PR 1559
  • investigated another occurrence of curtin’s curthooks dropping user configuration. Opened PR 1565 to finally treat the root cause. Still needs testing.
  • spec review


  • merged sysvinit using the git-ubuntu workflow. Sponsor needed :slight_smile: LP: #2007421
  • followed up mailman3 issue on ppc64el for a bit. Filed LP: #2006961 with steps to reproduce.


  • upgraded to lunar
  • found out that parameterized unit tests using coroutines in python3.11 don’t run. Filed LP: #2007554

Rust toolchain:

  • Rust and Cargo updated to 1.66.1 (LP#2005122) and 0.67.1 (LP#2005123) respectively. Currently, packages are being reviewed by @schopin
  • Rust coverage/profiling (LP#2002694 ) enabled in LL. The packages which enabled profiling are in a personal PPA and being reviewed.
  • Currently working on updating Rust to 1.67.1.

Ubuntu ROCK

  • Currently investigating the requirements of creating a Ubuntu image for Rust application development.


  • kicking around the edges of the autopkgtest backlog problem
  • cleaned up performous-composer from -proposed, left behind from an ffmpeg-related removal from release pocket
  • remove icingaweb2-module-pdfexport from -proposed, new Debian version has an insane dependency on chromium

Archive Admin

  • miscellaneous removal processing


  • sync meeting to make sure we know what the secureboot critical path is for 22.04.2


  • investigation into ABI breakage across libraries for armhf 64-bit time_t
  • travel booked for Prague
  • short week, off Friday
  • next Monday is a public holiday


Server Team

ISO testing

  • Landed MR enabling iso static validation for the new desktop installer
  • Removed old iso testing jobs from Jenkins (bionic)
  • ISO testing round for Jammy in view of the point release


  • Reviewed several candidate essays
  • Travel planning for sprints


  • watching vim migrate
  • did cryptsetup merge

Ubuntu ROCK:

  • adding tests for chiselled JRE image
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Is the pre-installed image something you’d be willing to share with masochists who LOVE the idea of a “functional Pinebook on steroids,” have an X13s, and are dying to do something with it? (Note: “running Windows” doesn’t count as “something.”) Happy to test stuff, give feedback, etc.

@ravenpi As described above the image is under development and has bugs. Canonically generally does not disseminate images that we cannot support.

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  • started preparing new updates with fixes for further OOM issues from 2.12, but apparently that causes regressions of their own I’ve just (23rd, 14:40 UTC) been told, so I guess holding off on those.
  • signed grub and shim for Ubuntu Core


  • have an initial implementation of archive snapshots but it’s not quite up to what we want (it stores separate files, requiring snapshot to be passed to install and it doesn’t handle cleanup sensibly in any way yet). Basically sort of like a macro, we replace the URL when parsing sources.list with the snapshot (well after it’s parsed and we create the representation for the cache and stuff)


  • merged python-apt change, need to release tomorrow
  • initial stab at reviewing nick’s changes, still testing


  • pyicu retries, still blocked due to queue length and false boost failures triggerd by icu (boost fails because it’s blocked from running, lol)
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