Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 15 September 2022

Last week’s status can be found at Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 08 September 2022

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  • Lots of work on docs updates
  • Update Miscellaneous cleanup PR per sil2100’s instructions
  • Update the above PR to make snap/core builds follow the new verbosity scheme
  • Artifact customization work


  • Uploaded new versions of flash-kernel and livecd-rootfs to kinetic
  • Merged @enr0n systemd branches to get the git repo in sync with the archive
  • Investigated hugo FTBFS to unblock removing src:golang-1.18
    • uploaded a fixed version and submitted removal bug for golang-1.18
  • Merged Golang 1.19.1 from Debian
  • Graded take home tests
  • Candidate interviews
  • Bug triage shift


  • SRU reviews and releases
  • Some misc NEW package reviews
  • Candidate interviews and take home test grading
  • 360 finalization
  • Lots of FDE-related work (mostly spec-work)
  • .NET discussions
  • Sponsored u-boot-nezha changes for Alex for the enablement of LicheeRV
  • Jira backlog work, discussions about bug handling processes
  • Sync with the Taipei HWE team
  • Some prep work for the Ubuntu Summit


  • FFe reviews, some still needing additional information
  • Investigating jammy daily image build issues
    • Caused by the recently accepted fwupd SRU in jammy-proposed
    • germinate runs against the packages in the release pocket, so pulls in libfwupdplugin5, which conflicts with libfwupdplugin7
    • Steve backed out this SRU to unblock dailies
    • Needs more investigation as we already had an ABI bump fir libfwupdplugin in focal and it was fine - but maybe the dependencies on fwupd weren’t as strict or something?
  • Updated release templates to include additional release milestones
  • Refreshed ubuntu-unity-meta for the Ubuntu Unity flavor, merged+released live task workarounds in livecd-rootfs
  • Started looking into some ubuntu-advantage-tools-related concerns regarding namespacing of the new binary aliases
  • Started writing 22.04.1 retrospective document, documenting exactly what happened and our plans for improvement - and hopefully having a discussion about it at some point later


  • Few reviews of William’s Miscellaneous cleanup PR - now looking good, but we’re still in the middle of discussion!
    • Was forced to revisit some of the old live-build code for this, reminded myself of why it’s so good that we’re making ubuntu-image for classic better!
  • Reviewed William’s gadget rootfs file-path handling PR - need information
  • Investigated old card about improvements to the dynamic state machine logic - decided that the current logic and implementation doesn’t really need improvements
  • Created card for builder-extension developer documentation
  • Updated comment/description of calculateStates()
  • LicheeRV DKMS Wifi driver:

    • Fix chroot build
    • waiting for sponsor
  • Kernel 5.19 “rcu stalls” debug: not reproducible for now, hard to debug

  • Rebuild without nocheck:

    • Finished going through the list of failures
    • Working on glibc failures
  • MOTU application

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  • Focal SRU verification
    • LP 1966800 “systemd locks up due to incorrect handling of time zone changes”
  • Jammy SRU verification
    • LP 1988994 “TEST-58-REPART autopkgtest failure on ppc64el”
    • LP 1979951 “ removed from loopback interface if you configure extra IPs on lo”
    • LP 1979952 “Bind mount to NFS mount fails on Ubuntu 22.04”
    • LP 1897932 “systemd-repart not packaged”
    • LP 1975667 “systemd-resolved does not reset DNS server and search domain list properly after VPN disconnect”
    • LP 1981622 “mtd device must be supplied (device name is empty)”
    • LP 1988078 “Please backport systemd-hwdb patches to support src:systemd-hwe tests”
  • Quick upstream PR to reduce modules loaded by systemd-pstore:
  • Investigating TEST-36-NUMAPOLICY failure on ppc64el in kinetic


  • 360 reviews
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  • Determine system package manager during runtime
  • Address easy to fix pydocstyle complains
  • apport_python_hook: Try to create report directory if missing
  • Refactor code to avoid duplicate code for incrementing the crash counter
  • Released apport 2.23.0
  • tests: Wait for test process to be started (LP: #1989365)
  • tests: Fix psutil.NoSuchProcess in wait_for_gdb_child_process (LP: #1989371)
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  • Opened PR 1413 to fix a race condition in snaplist. It addresses the following launchpad bugs:
    • LP: #1986674 Race condition in snaplist causing a jump back to a previous screen
    • LP: #1983345 Installer restarts after fetching Github SSH keys
  • Opened PR 1419 to fix a crash when the Mirror model is configured before the Source model - originally reported by a user of the ubuntu-desktop-installer in LP: #1980584
  • Opened PR 1418 to fix a crash when a LVM logical volume is edited - LP: #1988407
  • Opened PR 1412 to fix a crash in snaplist when the user clicks “Try again” if Subiquity failed to fetch the list of snaps.
  • Reported other issues in snaplist:
    • LP: #1989198 - snap info pre-fetching is broken -> also being investigated
    • LP: #1989193 - race condition causing the list of snaps to be (partially empty)
    • LP: #1989179 - “Try again” mechanism comes with no guarantee that snaps will be installed
  • Added support for cloud-init in without going through an autoinstall: PR 1421


  • 360 reviews
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The Ubuntu QA team’s status can be found at Ubuntu QA Team Weekly Status Update

  • Joined this week.
  • Started analysing packages that depend on gnutls in order to see whether they could use openssl instead.
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  • Rust toolchain upgrade: rustc is ready, I’m still having trouble with cargo due to difficulties backporting patches for the brand new CVEs: CVE-2022-36113, CVE-2022-36114.
  • Take home test reviews + interviews
  • Transportation arrangements
  • 360 reviews
  • Some netplan bug triage
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  • 360 reviews
  • Looking at Bazaar to Git conversion of Foundations packages
  • Preparing 2nd kinetic archive test rebuild
  • Candidate interview
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For riscv64 we currently only have desktop images. The ubuntu-desktop package is needed for riscv64 to easily upgrade to a desktop experience on the Unmatched board.
A feature freeze exception needs to be approved for LP #1989733

systemd-boot is used for Ubuntu Core gadgets. Upstream code supports it on riscv64 but we previously did not build it.
A feature freeze exception needs to be approved for LP #1989457

Upcoming RISC-V board

  • Evaluate boot flow on board
  • Evaluate deficiencies in OpenSBI, U-Boot, kernel
  • Discuss upstreaming with vendor

Retest published package on different boards.

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  • Subiquity
    • Find LP: #1989353, a problem with being unable to specify the desired kernel in autoinstall.
    • Work on documentation on use of Autoinstall for desktop installs
    • PR Reviews
  • candidate interviews and code packet reviews
  • +1 - full report to be sent out end of day Friday
    • continue FFmpeg transition work
      • performous-composer (LP: #1989501) - open bug with upstream, who showed interest in pulling in fixes from base performous.
      • notcurses (LP: #1989390) - tests broken on s390x, but fortunately upstream had already resolved that, so cherry-pick the fix and upload. Migrated.
      • libde265 - just in need of a simple rebuild to remove this from the NBS list. Migrated.
      • audacity (LP: #1983862) - analyze and make a recommendation on what to do. I recommended removal, also working with @eeickmeyer who is starting the FFe process.
      • recommended several other packages for removal
      • starting to look at openscenegraph (LP: #1989620) and libopenjfx-jni
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  • Sponsored Mediatek AIoT 1200 changes to flash-kernel for jammy (LP: #1986517)
  • Worked on support for Raspberry Pi official touchscreen; working happily under FKMS, still issues under KMS
  • Worked on Hyperpixel support; working happily under KMS, need to document configuration procedure
  • Only one crash encountered during Hyperpixel experiments above (LP: #1989615)
  • Worked on support for a couple of eInk displays (PaPiRus and Inky)
  • Wrote post about forthcoming GPIO changes (to be published)
  • Started work on RPi.GPIO->lgpio shim (related to ^^)
  • Take home test review
  • Firefox meeting
  • Pi meetings
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