Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 12 January 2023

Previous status can be found here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 5 January 2023




  • Take home test review
  • Sponsored coreutils for @adrien
  • proposed-migration: adduser (has now migrated)
  • Core dev endorsement for @enr0n




  • candidate interviews & take-home tests
  • Core-Dev endorsement for @enr0n \o/


  • added Lenovo X13s to database


  • package has been retired in Lunar as it is replaced by u-boot-nezha 22.10


  • added RISC-V boot protocol to Focal. Now needs testing to complete SRU.

U-Boot for VisionFive2

  • set up script for building from upstream
  • tested installation on SPI flash


  • adjust installation for LicheeRV and Nezha D1 for updated u-boot-nezha. Now daily builds on Lunar are working again.

Installer for Lenovo X13s

  • work started


  • review written interviews

Includes partial backlog of past (short) week.


  • Investigate cause of high failure rate of s390x VMs
    • Wrote a (stub) script to quickly spawn a number of VMs and check they’re reachable. @bdmurray refined the script.
    • Issue identified as a failure to reach VMs on s390x
    • During the week: periodic checks of the reachability status of bos02 s390x VMs, asking IS to intervene when not reachable
      • Root cause not identified as far we can tell.

bootspeed measurements

  • Investigate failure to delete LXD testbed VMs

Auto upgrade testing

  • We had a full partition on venonat. After freeing up some space the tests are passing again.

ISO testing

  • The Lunar automated ISO tests are failing.


  • Integration testing: implemented new cleanup logic for LXD containers and VMs
    • New logic is merged
    • Same will have to be done for the other platforms/clouds

Server Team

  • Initial work for enabling integration testing of the team projects on the IBM cloud
  • Cloud resources: general cleanup of stale cloud resources left by integration testing.
  • Cloud resources: we need a net set of jobs to cleanup all the stale cloud resources automatically.
    • First “cloud”: LXD contaienrs and VMs. Prepared new job in Jenkins doing this, PR is up.
  • Bug triage:
  • HA testing (fence-agents-base, resource-agents-base)
    • Fixed issues with the jobs in Jenkins. Four test cases remain failing, will discuss those with the maintainer of those packages next week (currently on pto)

Ubuntu Server ISO downloads metric

  • The anonymized proxy logs have been moved to another swift bucket (ps45 -> ps5)
    • Asked IS for new credentials to access it
    • Temporarily disabled the Jenkins job for this metric to lower the noise


  • Testing of ROCKs / OCI images: ongoing discussion on handing maintenance over to the ROCKs maintainers.
  • Did several essay reviews and an interview.

Partial week, catchup from break

  • boot-chooser
    • taking all the random bits and putting together a new package that I intend to upload directly to Ubuntu for the boot-chooser ISO
    • WIP on livecd-rootfs changes also
  • probert
    • PR: 129 - code cleanup
  • specification work
  • help run interviews


  • Investigated systemd-fsckd patches which are specific to Debian and Ubuntu (dropped from upstream years ago) to see if we can move the functionality outside of systemd
  • Uploaded systemd 252.4-1ubuntu1 (@slyon sponsored)
  • Investigating bugs that could be SRU candidates




  • Unusually high rate of hiring-related activities.
  • Patched guilt for git 2.38 compatibility, sent to Debian (thanks @ginggs for the upload)
  • Reviewed and sponsored openssl 3.0.7-1ubuntu1 for @adrien
  • Usual batch of PR reviews on apport.

+1 activity

python3-defaults transition


My guess is it’s a regression in mutagen rather than metalfinder. To help with
the regression, I triggered migration-reference tests that also failed, but a
deeper investigation is still warranted.

nipype (networkx)

The nipype autopkgtests fail, but the issue seems to be networkx being
incompatible with numpy 1.24. Filed LP: #2002660 as the package is under the
umbrella of the openstack team.


autopkgtest failure on s390x. Investigation ongoing.

gnat 12 transition

ahven FTBFS

I looked into the ahven FTBFS (LP: #2000876). I was able to reproduce it
reliably, and narrow it down to an issue in libgnat or libgcc_s in exception


  • for @jawn-smith: practiced timing my arrival in meetings.


  • Fixed LP: #2001906 [CI failure caused by github rate-limit] through PR 1527
  • Opened PR 1531 to fix regression causing inability to create encrypted LVM in manual partitioning
  • Opened PR 1532 to fix LP: #2000066 [crash when editing encrypted LVM that was created in guided storage screen]. Rewored to fix inconsistency between client and server.
  • Added support for copying deb822 sources in dry-run mode: PR 1533
  • Opened PR 1528 to enable Ubuntu Pro screens (will merge after the GA release)
  • Focused on mirror testing (no PR opened yet)


  • Asked around to retrigger autopkgtests to unblock sysvinit. Still needs two autopkgtest runs on s390x packages.

Distro work

  • Investigated proposed migration excuses related to libconfig-inifiles-perl


  • Worked on the MIRs required by the new netplan dependencies due to the netplan status command.
  • Addressed the issues found during code review on the inclusive naming PR (PR#303)
  • Fixed a memory leak (PR#309)
  • Fixed a bug related to vxlan configuration being added to the wrong place (PR#310)
  • Investigated a bug related to a vxlan option that can’t be disabled with netplan (PR#311)
  • Addressed the issues found during code review on the netplan+networkmanager integration PR (merged) (PR#1)
  • Experimented a little with clang-format. We could use it to enforce code style eventually.
  • Last tweaks for the openssl merge (LP: #1998942)
  • Sent for review the spec for the alternative to crypto-policies
  • Fixed coreutils autopkgtest failure so it can migrate (LP: #2002428)
  • Above will also require a change in datefudge (or giving up on datefudge)


  • tzdata:
    • Uploaded tzdata 2022g-1 to Debian unstable and merged into lunar (2022g-1ubuntu1)
    • A lot of bug triaging. This results in marking 15 bugs as duplicate of bug #1648556 (still open). There was also the tzdata package upgrade bug #1672111 (marked three bugs as duplicate) that was caused by a bug in the date command (from coretuils package) in Ubuntu 18.04 “xenial”.
    • Reported performance problem #868395 upstream and triggered a lively discussion there. It’s a known, long-standing glibc bug.
  • rdma-core:
    • Uploaded 44.0-1 to unstable (and synced to lunar)
    • Uploaded 44.0-2 to fix mispel FTBFS
  • sbuild:
  • apport: Upload 2.24.0-0ubuntu2 to fix test failures with Python 3.11


  • deb822 sources support for python-apt, almost full test suite coverage so far.
  • grub 2022v1 signing getting ready

Happy New Year!


  • Reviewed a new tool from Christian to identify removal candidates from the FTBFS reports. (Needs work, but a couple of old Ubuntu-only packages have gotten removed so far as a result.)
  • Tracking process-removals (for packages removed from Debian unstable). Got postgresql-14 removed from lunar, and moved removal of python2.7 forward.
  • Reviewed general removal requests.
  • Attempting to prune python-cryptography reverse-dependencies on i386 (livecd-rootfs; curl) to avoid having to bootstrap a stack of rust modules.


  • Checked in on status of 22.04.2 blockers
  • Did some work to untangle transitions in lunar-proposed. Qt transition has landed, and packages entangling Qt with python3-defaults have been copied back. Rolled back protobuf to not entangle; now trying to get llvm-toolchain-15 releasable to get the qt6-base transition through, then all packages should be ok to copy back to lunar-proposed again for the big python3-defaults transition.
  • Code reviews for the proposed official Xubuntu Minimal image


  • Released the last round of grub SRUs for focal, unblocking an arm64 boot blocker
  • Reviewed the latest round of grub SRUs for jammy/kinetic (and accepted grub2-unsigned), for CVEs.


  • Did an interview for a toolchain squad candidate
  • Helped Legal generate some reports used for copyright registration of Ubuntu
  • Discussions around SecureBoot signing with the latest keys for the new SBAT level in the latest security updates
  • R(e-r)eview of a couple of specs for @bdrung
  • Finished lsb merge; ready for review & sponsorship by some poor masochist (LP: #2002318)
  • Reviewed and sponsored @xypron’s changes for RISC-V EFI for focal (LP: #1998513)
  • Investigating Xilinx bootgen changes (LP: #1998728, LP: #2000773, LP: #2000774)
  • Investigated libcamera status with new Pi Camera Module 3 (needs work) under Ubuntu
  • Pi meetings
  • Interviews & tests


  • Merged an MP from @enron adding dpdk to big_packages for arm64.
  • While testing the --archicture i386 with autopkgtest I encountered an issue trying to test gzip which was already reported in a bug.
  • Worked with @paride and IS to resolve an issue with a bad s390x host in bos02. Bad in that it was creating instances that were unreachable.
  • Reported a bug about inconsistent logging in the command ssh-setup/nova. Sometimes the error and debug_failure functions are invoked and sometimes they are not - or at least we don’t see them in journalctl on the could-worker.
  • Submitted an RT regarding our inability to create new s390x instances in bos01. Pinged IS regarding the RT I submitted. Dug a bit further and noticed that the instances are initially being sent to swirlix.
  • Asked IS to bounce services again in bos02 as s390x instances created on s0lp4 weren’t reachable.
  • Submitted an MP adding a tool to create test instances in a region for an architecture to aid in debugging.
  • Investigation into how long it takes for ssh-setup/nova to run and experimentation with the wait period to create new instances.


  • Reviews of candidate essays.
  • Conducted an interview x 2.
  • SRU team shift.
  • dpkg

  • New point release for golang-1.18 & golang-1.19

    • golang -1.18 1.18.10-1 has uploaded to Debian and synced to Ubuntu.
    • golang-1.19 has filed unblock request pre-approval in Debian.
  • golang-1.20 rebuild

    Still triage failures

    • go list: lstat …/…/share/go-1.20/src: no such file or directory
    • Upload golang-github-crowdsecurity-machineid 1.0.3 to fix ftbfs
    • Upload synthing 1.19.2~ds1-1 to get rid of golang-github-marten-seemann-qtls-go1-18
    • Request removal of golang-github-wellington-go-libsass golang-github-bep-go-tocss in Debian, which are FTBFS with Go1.20 and are obsoleted libraries.
  • Go packages proposed migration

    To get some packages updated so they are not FTBFS

    • Upload golang-github-containers-storage 1.43.0+ds1-7 to build with old btrfs-progs, to decouple the migration with btrfs-progs.
    • Upload golang-google-grpc 1.33.3-2 to fix autopkgtest in Ubuntu
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