Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 11 January 2024



  • Added support to run individual test targets. There are ~150 significant targets.
  • Worked on setting up a VNC server for tests needing DISPLAY. Reduced failure count by 20.
  • A few more minor fixes to the scripts brought down the total failure count to 2 (on amd64 and arm64)

Debian openjdk-*

  • Fixed a bunch of minor issues in the copyright generator for openjdk (MR # 88)

Java FIPS provider prototype

  • Started adding a Java layer to the openssl wrapper written last year
  • Added a Java API and tests for DRBGs.


  • Worked on a prototype for a CRIU package augmented for CRaC. Documented learning here.


  • Adoptium workgroup meeting
  • Meeting with Security team to understand their openjdk-11-fips review strategy
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out sick a day this week

  • sbuild vs dpkg - sbuild autopkgtest correctly discovered a regression in dpkg in terms of the compression level used for zstd (LP: #2048137), which appeared as diffoscope reporting that a file matched what was expected in terms of uncompressed contents but that the compressed bytes were different
  • sbuild autopkgtest also a bit broken at the moment due to side effects of restrictions on user namespaces (LP: #2048788) - while I spent some time on this one I don’t have a great answer for what to do about the sbuild ADT, especially as it was useful in finding the above bug
  • refamiliarizing myself with cryptoswap work from before break, expect to be opening a curtin MP on this today
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  • Followed up on some +1 carryovers
    • Everything for Ubuntu was sponsored.
    • Some Debian NMU diffs still sitting around.
  • Fixed ignition-cmake x cmake FTBFS (LP: #2048518)


  • Working on adding the ability to test shims before ms signing

    • Tested modification for shim-signed to build without MS signed shim in a PPA
    • Implemented signature detection in ubuntu-boot-test to figure out if it’s encountering a production key vs PPA key scenario on the fly
    • TODO: update specification with this information
  • Initial merge of GRUB 2.12 final for Debian:

  • Miscellaneous bootloader work and testing

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  • lomiri-thumbnailer: Synced from Debian after the Ubuntu delta was merged in Debian (see Debian bug #1031508)



Patch pilot

proposed migration

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  • PR reviews
  • spec work
  • aiohttp security discussions


  • retriggered autopkgtests for libcgi-application-plugin-authentication-perl to unblock libcgi-pm-perl
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  • update to new Debian release (LP #2048408)


  • fix timeouts in tests (LP #2048479).


  • investigate options for supporting Lichee Pi4A
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  • merged probert PR to get NVMe controllers listed in the probert output
  • opened curtin MP adding partial support for NVMe-o-TCP drives
  • subiquity PR to be opened
  • spec work


  • dbus
  • started investigating blocking wpa migration because of autopkgtest failures. Retries don’t see to help. I filed bug 2048388. I also added some debug information to testsuite which I uploaded to a PPA.
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  • Update Go 1.21.6 and 1.20.13 releases. FIPS packages and snap will be updated next day.
  • Investigating the Go 1.22 rebuild results. Will try to fix the FTBFS packages next week.
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  • preparing 8.0.101/8.0.1 micro-release for jammy
  • initial review of FO151 - .NET Snaps
  • triaged LP: #2048926 - Not getting listed in dotnet --list-runtimes so facing an error missing 6.0 runtime
  • attended .NET Security Partners meeting

Ubuntu Packaging Guide

  • writing articles

  • reopened Discussion #30 - Should we add the sphinx-tabs extension?

  • reviewed & merged PR #48 - Misc. minor fixes and updates

  • canonical/sphinx-docs-starter-pack

    • Issue #164 Inconsistent help text of Makefile
    • working on optional dependency managmenet
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  • Reviewed several take home tests
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This is my first work week coming from the end-of-year holiday break.


  • Worked on writing the .NET Snaps specification (FO-151)
  • Working on building PoC for the .NET Snaps per the specification
  • Attended weekly .NET partners sync meeting
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  • Further worked with IS to resolve a networking issue causing amd64 tests not to run see RT for details regarding the issue.
  • Submitted an MP adding support for a package configuration file which specifies additional architectures for packages to run tests on for ESM releases.* Tested the above changes using ubuntu-advantage-tools and armhf for xenial.
  • Cleaned up after some tests which had failed due to a lack of free space on the autopkgtest-cloud-worker unit.
  • Readding / rebooting lxd remotes which had gone AWOL.
  • Helped @andersson123 debug an issue with PPA tests running in production. Reviewed and merged the resulting MP.
  • Submitted, merged, cowboy’ed an MP adding s390x to the list of allowed architectures for which tests run on Xenial.
  • Pinged IS regarding restarting neutron for s0lp4. RT 155441 is the ticket about getting this fixed for reals.
  • Updated the branch of autopkgtest used on the autopkgtest workers to branch with version number 5.20.
  • Testing @hyask’s development version of prod-proposed-migration.
  • Updated my MP which hides warnings from apt to use @vorlon’s “horrible shell pipeline” which better manages stderr.

Error Tracker

  • Requested a staging environment for the Error Tracker in PS5 since it hasn’t magically happened post Riga. It was rejected and I discovered there actually is one but on the foundations-bastion.

ISO Tracker

  • Debugged the sync-lp-bugs script on the tracker which involved playing with the postgresql configuration and authentication.
  • Submitted, merged an MP which ports sync-lp-bugs to python3 and modifies the configuration file for the script.
  • Added cronjobs so that the sync-lp-bugs script runs regularly.


  • Encountered a crash with listadmin again, found a patch upstream, updated the debian bug, created an Ubuntu bug and uploaded the fix for noble.


  • SRU team member rotation.
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Armhf time_t

  • more packages
  • new analysis run, storing results now and then I need to diff and share that again


  • attending FOSDEM and did all the preparations for that

Proposed migration

  • forgot about python-secretstorage vs vorta but AFAIU it was fixed in Debian :slight_smile:
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  • Released apt 2.7.8 to fix valgrind crash (not running it on armhf anymore) and merged open stuff
  • Released apt 2.7.9 to fix regressions from merges only visible on infrastructure (fs ordering dependant)
  • Weird stuff
  • Meetings
  • Patch pilot tomorrow, probably should move that again
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  • Investigated llvm-toolchain-* autopkgtest failures. There is an interesting correlation with the new kernel (6.6 and 6.7) on Noble. Binaries built with address sanitizer are crashing (also with GCC). LP#2048768


  • Finished the 0.107.1 packaging and @slyon uploaded it.
  • Reached out to the UX team for netplan status --diff testing
  • Wrote a small topic about security for the Netplan docs PR#433
  • Address the issue with autopkgtests and the new systemd 255 PR#431
  • Proposed a better way to run the C unit tests without having to include other C files in the test files PR#432
  • Added support for generating random MAC address also for networkd PR#427
  • Investing autopkgtests failures with the new version of Netplan
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Packaging Guide

  • PR #48: Misc. fixes and updates (templates, theme, …)

Installation Guide

  • PR #1883: Misc. docs updates and fixes (build warnings, mark-up)
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  • Fixed autopkgtest-cloud devel environment stuck in Waiting on RabbitMQ to configure vhost: issue in service-bundle with cookies
  • Investigate the diff between autopkgtest-cloud and debci: they’re just two very different codebase, not even in the same language: very hard to share anything here.
  • WIP fixing the “unshare” test for autopkgtest package: dependency on debian-archive-keyring missing. Upload to PPA and test in prod env, then noble seems to be pretty broken, testing again on mantic (still WIP as of now).
  • WIP writing tests for autopkgtest's handling of lack of free space, related to this MP and this bug. This is a race condition that is pretty hard to reproduce reliably. My current test hangs only 1 time out of 10 or 20 tries, so too low for working with that easily.

Auto upgrade testing

  • MP to activate RELEASE_UPGRADE_NO_FORCE_OVERWRITE to test upgrades without dpkg --force-overwrite and catch more bugs. Nothing new appeared after that.


  • Fixed infrastructure (proxy) issue with the Jenkins job curtin-vmtest-daily-f. Now it’s able to run, and last time, two tests ran into timeout errors, thus will need follow up work.
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  • hiring
  • test rebuild results review for glibc
  • glibc bug triaging and investigation
  • various reviews and sponsorships
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  • mp for improving the speed of the testlist on the webpage
  • discussions regarding adding the option to stop test on the webpage
  • started joining desktop team standup :slight_smile:
  • integrations tests MP
  • fixing unit tests for an MP which allows people to request tests for new packages
  • selenium testing of autopkgtest website
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