Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 06 April 2023

The previous status is here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 30 March 2023

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Two (short) weeks of work.




  • take-home-test reviews
  • candidate interviews
  • Roadmap grooming
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Testing 23.04-beta

  • Most test passed fine on RISC-V
  • A subiquity issue leads to missing log on HDMI output when installing on Unmatched board 2015238
  • USB keyboard plugged into Nezha D1 before power up does not work 2013743

VisionFive 2

  • Updated livecd-rootfs to build StarFive VisioFive 2 preinstalled images
  • Created test case and web page


  • Currently investigating a crash on riscv64


  • Technical deep dive interview
  • Reviewed multiple take home tests




  • dotnet roadmap planning for 23.10 MM (and fighting JIRA) with @mateus-morais
  • learning more about dotnet6 and dotnet7 build system

LP #2008789: [MIR] inteutils-telnet

  • could finally set it to “Fix Released” \o/
    (There are some caveats. Read #18-#20 for more.)


  • Tested lunar beta Server armhf+raspi and arm64+raspi image with Raspberry Pi 3B & 3B+
  • Investigating FTBFS: tar 1.34+dfsg-1.1 (armhf, i386)
  • sprint travel form work


  • Trying to unblock SRUs that are stuck on unrelated autopkgtest failures
  • Investigated LP 2015126 “systemd doesn’t successfully enforce RuntimeMaxSec for gnome session”
  • More roadmap planning


  • Fixed LP 2015087 "“Upgrading Ubuntu to version <version>" label shows incorrect version”


subiquity / curtin

  • waiting for feedback on (LP: 2012126) since I never managed to reproduce the issue.
  • fixed failed installs when storage device have a WWN with vendor extensions. LP: #2015100
  • fixed crash when selecting a keyboard layout without latin characters LP: #2015028
  • wrote a script to profile probert runs. Shared it with users that have had timeout issues in subiquity and started gathering some data.
  • investigating issue in desktop netboot installs - where both cloud-init and subiquity attempt to manage the network
  • investigated failed install caused by a syntax error in grub.cfg. Turns out to be an issue in the os-prober + grub2 integration.
  • code reviews
  • Go micro releases
    • Update golang 1.20.3 to Debian unstable, Ubuntu lunar, snap store
    • Update golang 1.19.8 to Debian experimental, Ubuntu lunar, snap store
    • Update golang 1.20.3 with FIPS patches to PPA, snap store
    • Update golang 1.19.8 with FIPS patches to snap store
  • Update docker snap to 20.10.24
  • Investigating CI failures after bumping testbed to ubuntu-22.04 for docker snap.
  • subiquity
    • PR: 1628 - one more environment fix for running netplan
    • PR: 1633 - address LP: #2012921 + many duplicates, for autoinstall and Desktop. Allows one to use LVM+LUKS and have the rootfs expand to use the remaining VG space. Current scaled free space behavior is unmodified for Server, and for autoinstall if the new keyword is omitted.
    • PR: 1634 - restructure how info about bootable disks is provided, in hopes of addressing some crashes when attempting to mark a disk that is full as bootable. May need further iteration with Desktop.
    • PR: 1636 - Address an issue where the ESP was inappropriately reformatted because we had failed to collect filesystem information. Getting filesystem types is now considered bare-minimum information to proceed to the storage screen.
    • PR: 1629, PR: 1635, PR: 1638 - Merges to the ubuntu/lunar stable branch
    • WIP: localectl the live session on locale POST, more probert diagnostics
  • casper
    • MP: 440075 - cleanup git history to match what’s in the archive
  • greenhouse
  • travel prep


  • Currently on +1 maintenance this week
    • Investigating several FTBFS packages


  • Experiments with enabling the LLVM backend for GHC on s390x (not working so far)
  • Lots of roadmap planning for crypto-configuration
  • De-duplication of files in linux-firmware (in progress)
  • Went through a year’s worth of patches to glibc’s 2.35 stable branch (100+ patchsets) for potential inclusion in a Jammy SRU
  • Patched an issue with valgrind complaining about the SSE2 strncmp implementation in glibc reading outside its buffer. Turns out that’s both right and wrong, so the fix was to silence the warning. LP: #2015216
  • Investigated an issue in alot when dealing with some plain text email using latin1 encoding, upstream PR pending.
  • Sponsored a vim security upload in Lunar
  • Code review:
  • take-home tests grading, meet&greet interviews


  • Finished @paride’s investigation into networking issues in scalingstack-bos01 which resulted in me opening an RT regarding the routing issues.

Error Tracker

  • Resolved an issue reported by @seb128 with the Error Tracker showing crashes from 23.04 under the derivatives column.


  • Reviewed, merged, sponsored ubuntu-release-upgrader changes from @enr0n fixing an incorrect version label.
  • Investigation into the state of command-not-found indexes for Kinetic and Lunar.
  • Reported a bug regarding tab order in the new desktop intaller.
  • Testing of a bug regarding broadcom wireless drivers not being installed by the new desktop installer.
  • Reviewed an MP from @paride which checks /var/crash for emptiness after upgrading.
  • Updated the Kinetic Release Notes with information about the command-not-found index not being accurate at release time.
  • Sent an email to ubuntu-devel and ubuntu-users about the above.
  • Added force-badtest hints to britney for Focal for multiple linux-* packages which are in never_run of autopkgtest-package-hints.
  • Created an MM Release Schedule per developer request.


  • Work on apt snapshots, also enabling a -U, --update option for apt install, apt dist-upgrade and friends to automatically run apt update before installing packages.
  • Sponsored dpkg/jammy SRU for
  • Wrote SBAT Revocations: Boot Process document to explain how SBAT revocations work in the boot process
  • Catching up with the March emails
    • Analysis of how shim hashes files is interesting
  • Trying to get Chrome to stop freezing


  • roadmap planning for 23.10 MM with @dviererbe
  • learning more about the dotnet build and package process with 7.0.104 source pkg

Ubuntu QA

ISO testing

  • Supported @seb128 work on adding support for the new desktop installer to UTAH and automation
    • Review branches against UTAH, lp:qa-jenkins-jobs
    • Adjusted the Jenkins job definitions where needed
  • Same for Jenkins job definitions

Auto upgrade testing


  • On failing autopkgtests for the autopkgtest package:
    • Worked with @andersson123 at figuring out the cause for the failure of the docker test


Ubuntu Server



  • Added timeouts and timestamps to helper Jenkins jobs (thanks @chad.smith)



  • Reviewed MP adding support for more multipass metrics


  • Candidates essay and technical exercises reviews
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First week!

Was nice to meet you all (?) in our meeting the other day.

My (not so many) tasks this week

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A short week due to public holidays: