Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 04 January 2024

Happy new year, everybody!

Last status can be found at: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 14 December 2023


Short week, only 2 days.


  • follow-up on some merges



  • backlog cleanup
  • hiring
  • pebble networking spec review, KO046
  • organizational stuff for the new year
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Netplan docs:

  • PR #429: Ubuntu Docs Starter Pack, spellcheck, linkcheck, incl. language check, Doxygen API docs generation fixes, manpage formatting fixes
  • PR #430: Howto guides fixes & navigation improvements
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Short week


TCK - to save on reduce disk-space requirements, modified scripts to invoking fine-grained test targets defined by the Adoptium AQA scripts.

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Short week arriving back in the real world


  • Merged systemd 255.2-3 from Debian


  • Create merge request for new Debian version

Lichee Pi4A

  • The vendor U-Boot cannot boot via UEFI. Analyze it this can be fixed.
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  • Merged curl 8.5.0-2
  • Follow up with the demotion of libio-prompter-perl to universe


  • Revamping the netplan status --diff spec
  • Investigating some autopkgtests and package build failures with systemd 255
  • Investigated and replied some bug reports on LP
  • Docs updates PRs reviews
  • Meeting about pebble networking
  • Working to finish the packaging for netplan 0.107.1
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  • Start working Go 1.22 transition.
    • upload golang-1.22 to Debian NEW queue.
    • start rebuilding Go packages in PPA with golang-1.22 on amd64.
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  • Discovered and resolved an issue with an autopkgtest-web worker having an out of date autopkgtest.db.
  • Investigated an issue for an autopkgtest user where their test requests were disappearing.
  • Discovered that no amd64 / i386 tests are running, investigated the issue and identified it as a networking problem. Reported this to IS and opened an RT regarding the issue.
  • Updated the team’s autopkgtest service discourse post regarding the above issue.

ISO Tracker

  • Reported a bug regarding bugs not showing information on mouseover.


  • Recreated a json report, on the new server, of Foundations packages recently receiving bug reports in Launchpad and bugs which are receiving duplicate reports.
  • Noticed that we only have an image size and age metric for “Xubuntu amd64” while there is a xubuntu-daily and xubuntu-minimal image. Did some preliminary investigation into the matter and opened an issue regarding the bug.


  • Reviewing candidate applications.
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  • Worked on making staging available: it’s now running jobs for amd64! Still some ironing out for other architectures, metrics, and probably other stuff, but it’s getting useful again.
  • Once again, debugging my local OpenStack after 2024 reboot for running local autopkgtest-cloud. This time, mysql was faulty, and a juju refresh mysql + for i in cinder-mysql-router glance-mysql-router horizon-mysql-router keystone-mysql-router neutron-mysql-router nova-api-mysql-router nova-cell-mysql-router nova-mysql-router placement-mysql-router; do juju refresh $i; done fixed it. Thanks to @jamespage for his support :+1:
  • Debugging my local devel deployment, that’s currently being stuck with unit autopkgtest-web stalled on waiting with Waiting on RabbitMQ to configure vhost. This currently prevents me from going forwards with the local dev MP.

Proposed migration


  • Going back a bit on the curtin VM test suite: it had some timeout failures, now fixed, but still needs careful monitoring
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Happy new year!



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Short week, Happy New Year


  • NEW processing of picom-conf for Lubuntu team
  • Following up on bug report about missing command-not-found data for noble; this was a casualty of the data center migration, still being fixed.


  • Surveying the state of image builds in light of frequent image build failures over the past month. Discovered in the process that the arm64 server images haven’t passed their tests since November; QA is looking into this now.


  • working through the details of the time_t transition; email to debian-devel incoming hopefully today laying out the full proposal including a timeline.

Happy New Year All!

Only been a two day week so far. I’ve been doing +1 maintenance. So far I’ve been looking at:

  • From FTBFS report (I am ignoring Debian Python transition things)
    • aspectc++ arm64 (LP: #2048089)
      • Seems like a libc header issues: __Float32x4_t and __Float64x2_t types missing (referred to by math–vector.h)
    • bedtools sync (LP: #2048088)
      • Latest Debian version no longer FTBFS
      • Ubuntu delta is also now included upstream
      • Sync requested from Debian
    • PCSX2 (LP: #2048072)
      • Someone interested might want to upload the “pre-release”s from upstream to Debian, as the “release” is ancient. (Bonus points: the latest version works on amd64 and also drops wxWidgets as a dependency)
      • Fix uploaded
    • clog (LP: #2048084)
      • Missing cstdint include in libshared/JSON2.h
      • Fix waiting for sponsoring
    • cunit (LP: #2048086)
      • Broken by incorrect use of the POSIX curses API
      • Fix waiting for sponsoring
  • Merges from MoM
    • Cryptsetup: rebase of previously split changes
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  • ci: drop Ubuntu 23.04 “Lunar Lobster”
  • working on adding systemd-coredump support. The core part is done: converting the crash data from systemd-coredump to a apport problem report. Next step is to write the binary and systemd service that does this conversion.

proposed migration


Armhf 64-bit time_t

  • greatly expanded coverage
  • reviewed some changes from Steve that shorten the list of packages to analyze
  • doing some more code changes in order to streamline the last steps of the processing pipeline which are too manual at the moment



  • trying to arrange for attending FOSDEM
  • crypto-config specification work
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Happy New Year! :tada:
This week is relatively short due to the New Year holidays.


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Happy New Year! Short week with the holiday:


  • Include link to autoinstall documentation in generated autoinstall data - PR: #1882


  • fix alex4 dependency - LP: #2046388
  • fix build time tests for libcgi-application-plugin-authentication-perl which has been blocking libcgi-pm-perl from moving out of -proposed - LP: #2047961
    • This may need a sync to finally push this through? NMU’d to Debian unstable instead of introducing Ubuntu delta. Edit: 0.23+~cs0.5-3 is now in -proposed!

Thanks Simon Quigley for sponsoring my uploads this week!



  • Investigating issues in prod with amd64
  • jira backlog combing and old mp tidying
  • reviewed mp’s from brian and skia
  • made MP for stopping some log spam from pull-package-configs service
  • Working on MP for integration testing of autopkgtest-cloud
  • MP for speeding up the loading of the testlist on the webpage
  • Fixing issues in staging with Skia
  • Made MP for canonical-terraform-plans to bump our instance quota for lcy02
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ISO testing

  • Improved KPI for daily image age
  • Debugging work on failing arm64 automated ISO tests

Ubuntu Server

  • Jenkins maintenance
  • Ubuntu Pro new release pre-review
  • Bug triage rotation


  • Greenhouse work
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