Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 04 August 2022

See also Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 28 July 2022

  • subiquity
    • PR: 1370 (LP: #1767054) - move keyboard layout suggestions to data file, and add script to help generate that data. Refresh the language list, a data file that is generated on build, and use that to add a few more keyboard layout suggestions.
    • PR: 1371 - one part of a fix for an issue with the IDs assigned to partitions. They looked like reasonable display labels but could contain a number that was not actually the partition number.
    • PR: 1373 - fix case where Subiquity would offer to put an ESP on a logical partition, which is known to not work per LP: #1796260
    • PR: 1374 - merge below curtin fix
    • As part of review of PR: 1359, cloud-init schema validation improvements for subiquity, investigated autoinstall failures in user-data that are causing block probing to fail. This seems to represent some wider bug in subiquity itself, unrelated to that PR. Holding merge for now until this is understood.
    • (no PR yet) - examining guided partitioning and handling of a finite number of primary partitions. Are there guided cases that can be salvaged by creating an extended? (yes)
    • Review PR: 1347, 1359, 1375, 1376
  • curtin
    • MP: 427643 - do a better version of the kname lookup for arbitrary devices
    • Review MP 427671 about curtin incremental invocation
  • livecd-rootfs
    • MP: 427445 - refine config to let cloud-init know about network-manager

subiquity does not format the partition when needed:

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  • Fixed the irssi -proposed migration by patching irssi-plugin-xmpp (Debian bug #1015031, kindly uploaded as a Debian NMU by @unit193
  • Spent a lot of time on LP: #1955047 to make sure it is fixed on upgrade
  • Investigated an issue with GRUB install when using custom partitioning scheme (LP: #1983384)
  • Worked on packaging glibc 2.36


  • HR training
  • Reviewed a candidate’s “take home test”
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  • proposed-migration: systemd & usb-creator
  • MIR: mdevctl,
  • some iso testing (Ubuntu Base images on Canonistack)
  • systemd-repart discussions
  • SRU discussion (protobuf-c/fwupd, libregexp-wildcards-perl)
  • some systemd SRU recommendations for @enr0n



  • sd-networkd DHCP lease support (system-snaps)
  • netplan engineer job posting review
  • candidate take-home test
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  • Investigate fwupd failing autopkgtests.

Golang 1.19

  • Prepared upload to Debian. Thanks @mwhudson for uploading.
  • Merged a -1ubuntu1 version and uploaded to a PPA.
  • Did mass rebuilds with Go 1.19 and 1.18.
    • 1.19 is causing lots of dh_dwz failures that need to be investigated.

+1 Maintenance

  • Chipping away at the ffmpeg5 related regressions.
    • Got xmms2 migrated after lots of retries.
    • Uploaded new version of octave-video updated or ffmpeg5.
    • Investigated telegram-desktop FTBFS on arm64.
    • Investigated unpaper. Check that Debian had the same version as Ubuntu, so packaged a new upstream version.
      • After packaging the new upstream version, it turned out the Debian maintainer had also packaged the new upstream version at the same time \o/.
    • Working on packaging new upstream OpenColorIO to be able to package new upstream olive-editor.
  • Synced golang-github-aws-aws-sdk-go from Debian to allow hugo to migrate after a request from a community member.
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subiquity / curtin

  • opened MP 427671 in curtin and PR 1372 in subiquity to invoke curtin install multiple times. Still working on addressing the comments.
  • opened PR 1375 to add option to select source (ubuntu-server vs ubuntu-server-minimal) during autoinstall -> merged
  • opened PR 1377 to make subiquity more strict when autoinstall configs do not match the JSON schema
  • opened PR 1376 to address a harmless bug in the ubuntu-pro implementation -> merged
  • spec work for Ubuntu Pro


  • finalized MIR: #1980968 libregexp-wildcards-perl (needed for lintian) by making the test-suite run at autopkgtest time. Patch applied in Debian and synced to Ubuntu (with other nice packaging updates that the maintainer included in the new version. Waiting on archive admin to promote the package.
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I was out on vacation last week, so this update includes items from the Friday before.



  • Replied to several ubuntu-release-upgrader bugs
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  • apt 2.4.7 now in jammy-proposed
  • dealing with apt 2.5.2 kinetic excuses
  • kernel autoremoval SRU in bionic was stuck as it needed another fix, uploaded that
  • investigation into an out-of-package in-tree build failure of apt that was reported on ML.
  • apt 2.4.6 changes regressed aptitude and possibly other clients wrt phasing support, as it is now implemented in the upgrade code and not in pinning, and aptitude uses its own code to mark stuff for upgrades.


  • Discussion with Debian re security update


  • ddeb retriever is hanging, escalated to @bdmurray
  • debconf expenses
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  • ISO testing
  • (A little) work on verification of raspi-config SRU (LP: #1972982)
  • … and more ISO testing
  • Reviewed @bdrung’s patch for LP: #1979159
  • … did I mention the ISO testing?
  • Looked at the state of libcamera with the Raspberry Pi camera in Ubuntu (work needed)
  • Tested experimental linux-firmware-raspi on several Pis, no issues, but looking into further details from OP (LP: #1980668)
  • Pi meetings
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The Ubuntu QA team’s status is here:

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22.04.1 Point Release


More no-change uploads for ffmpeg


  • Reviewed netplan status spec
  • Finalized spec for socket-based activation of OpenSSH by default
  • Fixed flash-kernel’s handling of kernel flavors, which are different in Ubuntu and Debian
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