Focal Fossa - Mascot & Wallpapers

Hello all,

You may have read on OMG! Ubuntu! that the Fossa mascot was recently revealed :eyes: The merge proposals that add the new mascot and wallpapers to Ubuntu Focal Fossa, which will become 20.04 LTS in April, have been submitted :slightly_smiling_face:

Some members of our community have given our new mascot a name; Felicity. And here she is.

Fresh from the Canonical design team is a collection of Focal Fossa wallpapers in a variety of resolutions, coloured and greyscale, plus mascot SVGs. I look forward to seeing what the Ubuntu flavour teams and community are able to create using these art assets :paintbrush: :art:

Have fun!


Nice! Though I’m not sure what the dotted lines around the eyes are supposed to represent? :thinking:

The dotted lines don’t focus. Also, a cat is always focused. The eyes of this Fossa appears to be focused, so the dotted lines are superfluous.

You don’t happen to have the (purple/orange) background separately? That way I can make a more subtle version of this a) without the dotted lines) and b) the kitty a bit more in the bottom right corner. That to make it a tad more stylish (and less in your face). Love the general idea though :wink:

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They are “frickin’ laser beams” :joy:


I’ve spoken to the design team. As soon as I have the background only images I’ll make them available here :+1:


I like that the cat is in my face, but I’m not convinced about the lazer beams… Interested to see what you’ll come up with!

Maybe, without this bottom line too? Pushed to bottom, out of sight.

Won’t look like a stuffed cat on the wall.


pew pew

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Without dots and the bottom line.


I liked the old style wallpapers a lot more. Those that just hinted at possibly resembling an animal instead of sketching it out. Or those without an “object” at all.

The “new” ones lack the former craftsmanship in my opinion. But tastes differ, maybe I am just alone.

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Generally, I kind of like the aesthetic of those angular, geometric animals on purple background. Brand recognition is certainly good with those (“that purple OS with the animals”).


  1. This one’s a bit “in your face”, i.e. not subtle enough
  2. The laser beams do not do anything for me. They seem like an afterthought. My girlfriend hates them decidedly
  3. The orientation of the fossa doesn’t mesh well with its positioning on the wallpaper. I’m in @chanath’s camp with the fossa in the lower right corner

So, for me, I would like the mascot to be there, but a bit less prominent. After all, all cats like to lurk in the dark. Therefore, a bit more subtle Focal Fossa. Still focused, still geometric, but IMHO not only better fitting, but also a lot more interesting.


Cat’s eyes could be whiter, or bright yellow.


Fair enough good sir. Your wish is my command. Meow!


Wrt my taste, that’s absurdly much better than the original.


Yeah, it doesn’t feel that “forced”.

IMHO the plain wallpaper without the tiger should be the default one and the feline one shipped as an option within the wallpaper pack.

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I’ve added a new tarball to the opening post that includes Plain wallpapers and Mascot wallpaper :+1:


Focal Fossa_white_RGB.svg file blank