Focal Fossa - Mascot & Wallpapers

Working on it :slight_smile:

If there could be a border around the face…:smiley:


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Without the dots from the eyes, for a cat is always focused. Also, a laser is continuous, not dotted.


I got it now. I apologize for not having noticed the reference of the points:

About the @rs2009 suggestion, I’ve already created a wallpaper using a similar color scheme, which is where I uploaded the other Unity wallpapers:

In my opinion, reapplying that same scheme on this black background wallpaper, ends up taking the focus off main objective of his, which is to be dark.


MATE and Budgie versions :slight_smile:



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Could be the background for the animal:-

As far as the animal’s neck is not cut.

As far as I know, animals do not consist of polygons.


I made a green(ish) variant for use with my Ubuntu MATE install.


As well as orange and purple ones for regular Ubuntu. It’s been fun playing around with it.


Can you make it look as the cat’s head is coming though the veil/curtain? Or like the cat is flying in the Universe?

Right now, it looks like a dead cat with glass eyes.

Hey @Wimpress, is there not going to be a wallpaper competition for Focal like last time?

I tried it out but @popey doesn’t seem to like it.

Note: It was for 20.10, not 20.04 LTS.

Not this time. We have a little surprise planned though.

I was not keen on someone unilaterally deciding they were going to have a contest on the wallpaper for 20.10 and the code name. That’s not how it works. It’s great to have fun and be creative, but we have ways of doing things, and that wasn’t it. Don’t take it personally.


@popey I meant in the sense that there could be a community contest not applying to the actual release :slight_smile:

Are there SVGs for the plain backgrounds?

Gradient wallpaper:

Its base of inspiration is the one I sent a month ago, the first Ubuntu Unity Remix wallpaper I created: