Flatpak is a missed opportunity

In regards to “trust,” it could be media bias, BUT I’ve seen more articles regarding malicious software finding its way into the Snap Store, but NOT into any Flatpak repositories.

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That’s likely a virtue of the way the submission process works on flathub. Humans review every new application submission. You almost certainly won’t get a dodgy app through that process in the same way that the snapcraft process has been up until now.

However, the snapcraft process has (is being) changed, so there is now added human review.


The barrier of not knowing about linux or commands. Someone starting out and by chance reads something that uses flatpak will hit a wall if they feel that installing flathub or not knowing about the lack of the flatpak would confuse them. I have seen it with students.

Also, really bad idea/practice to argue or even think that the barrier is one command away. That literally could be applied to anything installed by default on ubuntu server or any distro for that matter.

your Fedora and basically arguments like that I will not be answering them since you are trying to take the conversation away from the original scopet:

Having flatpak installed. It does not consume a lot of storage for the installation and simply gives an option for users to use it.

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Well… you know what also didn’t consume a lot of space? The included games. Those were removed recently. Not using a lot of space isn’t enough to justify being included. Users still have the option for to install flatpak if they wish to do so. There’s even a setup guide on the flatpak website. Could it be made easier, as in to make flatpak appear installable in the App Center? Maybe. I’d love to see flatpak packaged as a snap, if that’s even possible. But anyways, on a lot of distros you have to install flatpak yourself, and so you refer to the guide on the flatpak website, this is no different. If you know what a flatpak is, you probably know how to open the terminal and copy those commands. Even if flatpak was preinstalled, you still had to open the terminal in order to add Flathub. As an end user, if you don’t know how to open the terminal and how to use it, then you probably don’t know what flatpak is either. And you probably do not care either. The average user doesn’t care what is the technology behind, all that matters is what they see, and if it works well enough not to cause issues with the workflow. And so, people that are affected by this issue, if you could even call it that, are people that are advanced enough to install flatpak by themselves, and then also enable Flathub (because that’s what most people use flatpak for).