This is getting pretty discouraging. I’m trying to get an x86 Ubuntu 20.04 webapp (which runs on a conventional VPS) running on an RPi 4B, instead of the VPS. It seems to make sense to go to 22.04 at the same time because of potentially better RPi support. So, should be pretty straightforward - compile for ARM, bump up the OS release.

But it’s not. I’ve installed 22.04 Desktop on a 4B to create the webapp server image. The development RPi is 8GB, with a small SSD instead of the SD card. Installation is easy, and performance is acceptable, but the setup is flakey.

First, when I was running with a KVM before installing VNC, the RPi occasionally hung up when I switched the KVM. It still responded to pings (don’t know about ssh), but the KVM keyboard was unusable, which I had to ‘fix’ with a power cycle.

Second, I did a ‘shutdown -r now’ this morning to get a new IP address, and the RPi now refuses to boot from the SSD. It’s bricked, and I need to go back to an SD card. The SSD drive itself appears to be fine on another computer.

Not great. Is the problem 22.04 or the hardware? My other 4B (2GB) doesn’t work with an audio card plugged on it, so I’m not confident about the hardware. I’m wondering if my next step should be to get out the soldering iron, and run the 8GB+SSD RPi from a bench PSU, and find out how close it is to the 3A limit…

This site isn’t designed for technical support. Sorry. The Finding Help topic details where you can get support for Ubuntu. The gurus there really know their stuff, so try them!

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