Feature Freeze Exception: Seeding the official Firefox snap in Ubuntu Desktop

Got the latest Firefox this evening, but like it has been for a long time it crashed while I was using the previous version because it self updated (which I like, don’t get me wrong). There needs to be more graceful way (which the regular deb version used to have) where we got a popup letting us know that FF had updated, and it would wait for us to close out of it. It is a bit jarring to have a crash while we are in the middle of something just so force the update on us.

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see above, this has been discussed, you can set the following:

sudo snap set core experimental.refresh-app-awareness=true

and will get a popup notification asking you to close firefox so it can update gracefully (it will hold back the update and regulary notify you for 60 days until it enforces the update)

AFAIK the plan is to have this setting enabled by default for the upcoming LTS release.


Wonderful, will this be enabled by default also for us Kubuntu users?


i’d expect this to be enabled for all ubuntu flavors once it comes out of experimental status …


The KeePassXC-Browser extension does not work with the snap - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/keepassxc-browser/.

Apparently due to limitations of snapd: https://github.com/keepassxreboot/keepassxc-browser/issues/1426

This is also tracked here.

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Hi guys!

Quiet often, sadly often when it should not happen because I am for example in the process of making online banking or making an online order, firefox snap crashes, leaving this report:


I am quiet sure that this happens when the browser is auto-updated. (ofc I could be wrong)
I am a very big fan of snaps and especially the auto-update feature but I think the update process for firefox (and thunderbird) should be special-cased or eventually there should be some special stage of showing a dialog “there is an update for firefox - do you want to update? updating will eventually restart the browser and terminate your current tabs”.

Best regards, Frederik



Have you enabled this?

It does close to what you describe.


Available in Snap Manager extension menu:
Refresh Options > Hold auto refresh for running snaps


The issue needs to be fixed in snapd, https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd/+bug/1945697 is reported for it and assigned but hasn’t been ranked high enough in the snap team backlog so far to get worked on, feel free to subscribe to the report and share you experience on launchpad, some activity might help showing that the issue is impacting more users


In addition to the other answers, note that it is a known issue that restarting firefox from the crash dialog sometimes results in a non-themed application. Until this is fixed, I would recommend clicking the “Quit Firefox”, then restarting firefox from the desktop environment.


Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Also the idea to make this the default sounds perfect. I think more apps on the desktop if not all could profit from this behaviour. Having a GUI makes using software very different.

Thanks for pointing me at it


But be aware that refresh awareness only applies to the app snap itself. It does not propagate through to its dependencies (gnome platform snap, base snap). Updates to those will still cause crashes in my experience.


Yes I did experience such a crash when gnome base snap was updated.


All these comments about bugs and problems should show that this is a horrible decision. A browser is an important program that is used a lot. It must work extremely reliable. Snap Firefox does not seem to do that right now.

On top of that, snap did to the output of lsblk what systemd did to the output of mount: Make it unusable. I will not give up on my block devices this time and alias lsblk=lsblk -e 7 just hides a bad design decision.

It is terrible to force the usage of snap onto users. I hope this does not affect all Ubuntu flavors and that you will keep the distro-agnostic packages available with an easy way to switch.

Please keep snap optional for Firefox users who do not want it.


Excellent, Firefox constantly updates the browser for security flaws and other new features designed by Firefox. Which only implemented by Firefox. We receive the Firefox updates for the next version. Well put…

Folks, please keep in mind that this is a thread for testing feedback. There’s already a snap, and the developers want to talk to folks who are testing it.

Anybody who wants to discuss their general opinions on snap packages, web browsers, Ubuntu development, or other non-testing discussion is welcome to open a new thread.

Please try to stay on-topic here.


Test results for me on 20.04 :

  • Launch snap imported my profile correctly inluding opened tabs in 12s ( SSD / Corei5)
  • VAAPI works beautifully without tweaks !
  • Downloading a deb and launching its install directly works !
  • Installing gnome extensions is a serious problem , we should create some interfaces in the gnome parameters directly.

I stumbled onto this reddit post where the user was having issues typing Japanese. Is it a known issue?

No. As far as I know both IBus and Fcitx/Fcitx5 work with snaps.

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