Excessive fonts installed by default

For me, we should be able to select regional fonts during installation. If someone select “Chinese” as primary language and localization, those fonts should be automatically installed. If not, people should be able to install them afterwards, during installation or maybe in a very much needed section in system settigs…

Hi all, late in the topic…

In any Linux installation I make, first wasting time thing to do is getting rid of the dozens fonts which I don’t need given the languages I deal with.

Why do that ? Because all these fonts appear in any app’ ! And by chance I daily use at work LibreOffice, Gimp, Scribus and many other heavy editors where choosing / searching / installing / removing fonts is part of my daily tasks…

Why installing all alphabets since OS-installer asked your main language and area ? ? ?

I understand a distro should address any language in the world - and I love it - but it’s not needed in each installation of a distro.

Depending on Noto is both a good and a bad thing. Good because it covers almost any language. Bad for the same reason : does one user need to see the whole choice of alphabets in all his app’s ?

There should be a tool to mute the non-needed fonts without breaking further updating and dependencies.

If I don’t need Noto fonts, it’s quite a pain to remove them… And I need to remove them because I don’t want to see their whole list in my app’s, where I only want to see the dozens / hundreds fonts I personally choose to use in my projects.

cause I quite agree here :

…unless the fonts I won’t use because they’re not from languages I speak / read / understand.

It’s a real use-case and real questions here, no bitterness at all.

It is about our international community and preference in
fonts is the at most importance for choice of each users
Ubuntu experience. That experience is the
upmost importance to derive the best experience to each
user of Ubuntu. This makes Ubuntu diverse of its own O.S…
In your terms I may not have the ability to change my font
to one you disprove of which could be my favorite?
…NO I say !
My apologies to our Community for being out spoken.
Ubuntu being diverse, cutting edge and security matters to me.
I hope that @sabdfl agrees.

even then you probably don’t want to see square boxes in websites … :wink:


I never have problems of fonts in website, would you believe ? For last 10 years more or so…
I may be wrong about that but I guess nowadays many if not most sites provide or delegate fonts displayed.

It’s quite easy to understand why it’s a pain in the whatever to have to scroll through dozens if not hundreds of unneeded fonts in LibreOffice or Gimp or Scribus or any editor for what matters here.

I don’t want Ubuntu to get rid of any fonts - I want as a user a safe and easy way to deal with only my favorite fonts, everywhere in my « workflow ».

Only not-so-easy way I’ve found is to uninstall the fonts I don’t need. But I don’t like that method.
And it’s not safe with some heavily « dependent » fonts ( Noto… )
In multi-user context I’m also happy all these fonts are there by default. But all the users of a system don’t need the full-set of them all, everywhere in all app’s.

I’d rather have an utility to manage fonts for :
⋅ muting some of them by « alphabet » or « language » or « family » without uninstalling,
⋅ « starring » some of them to tell the system, yes those ones I want everywhere for everyone,
⋅ matching some of them only to given app’s,
⋅ matching some of them only to given users or groups…

As is, having all these fonts installed by default implies never-ending list of fonts in all app’s while most of them won’t ever serve the user.

Of course people who never deal with fonts won’t care - so you may think it’s a narrowing use-case.
But it’s not, something’s lacking in fonts management. The all or nothing approach is not enough.

I completely agree with @dandv.