Ernie Hartley | Membership Application

Hello, I would like to apply for ubuntu membership. My prompt to apply for membership was to be able to resurrect the ubuntu-UK community page / LoCo that seems to have been abandoned for many years now. I have contacted the listed owner and they prefer to hand over to an ubuntu member or canonical employee. Which I can understand.

The current admin is inactive, and has been for years, so community members don’t have the ability to make changes to it’s wiki etc.

Please do not take the above as my only reason for applying for membership.

I avidly test the ubuntu daily builds and betas. I report any bugs that I find during the testing. I have been testing the daily builds for years, also the betas. I am currently writing this from a machine running 22.10 beta.

My Launchpad account is Ernie

Still a proud owner of the original ubuntu phone. Now running ubuntutouch via UBports.

Currently testing the latest ubuntu beta 22.10, running as my daily driver.

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personally I find this quite weird.

Normally I’d consider the membership a means of recognition, for contributions protracted in time.

Firstly, what is this “community page” you are talking about, more specifically?

Then, I can’t really believe you can’t do anything without being a member first. The ubuntu-uk launchpad team has 1077 members. I note that they don’t seem to have regularly expiration of members (which I personally consider an oversight of part of the team administrators), and I can’t believe none of them besides the admin is a ubuntu member. If nobody of those 1077 people but you is interested in reviving the loco then I’d say that group needs to be emptied. So, summing up, I’d like to see more people on board of this “resurrection”. Resurrecting a loco team by a single person is not going to end well.

Even then, if this is about resurrecting a LoCo team, I’d say that the Ubuntu LoCo Team needs to be onboard, and you’ll likely need their help to get back the hosting for the main web page, but this really need to come after finding team members.


Hello Ernmander

Plus one to mapreri’s advisement.
As much as we do recruit for membership status, your request to initiate the application process must be re-directed to what contributions you have made to ubuntu - along with substantiations from your peers.

Please give re-considerations to your motive in making the application.


What specifically did you want to update?

Nobody needs to be a Ubuntu member to contribute to a LoCo team. Indeed contributions (past tense) to LoCos are an often-used measure of work to determine membership.

If you want to contribute to Ubuntu-UK, go right ahead.


Ah heck, I think I may have caused a bit of a misunderstanding here. I will try and clear it up. Ernmander contacted me as my name is on the launchpad loco page and I have failed to step down considerately - in the absence of a democratic process in the short term I suggested that I would be more than happy to hand over anything to a Member or Canonical employee who can take it from there. Wasn’t suggesting an immediate membership application without the significant and sustained criteria. I will follow up, and at some point I am sure Ernmander will meet the criteria for Membership.


Hi Alan

Many thanks for the kind reply :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks @alanbell for the clarifications…

@Ernmander looking forward to seeing your contributions in the future…

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Thank you, very kind. Though on the ubuntu uk side, there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do as there are no edit or posting rights. Looks like it isn’t a used LoCo anymore. @alanbell has helped in clarifying. I’ll just post all my stuff on social media instead and try and connect out there. Thank you again for the very kind words.