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Cutting the cost and complexity of cloud /engage/gsi-cutting-cost-cloud whitepaper gsi, costs, cloud GSIs can deploy and manage the most innovative and easy to use technology on the market without sacrificing security, stability, or incurring unnecessary costs. true
Introduction to cybersecurity with Ubuntu Pro on Azure Government /engage/cybersecurity-with-ubuntu-pro-on-azure webinar Ubuntu Pro, Azure, Azure government, cybersecurity Join us on June 27 at 9 AM PDT, 12 PM EDT true
An introduction to OpenStack /engage/openstack-introduction whitepaper openstack, privatecloud, publiccloud, hybridcloud, multicloud, nfvi, cloud, infrastructure, whitepaper true
Edge computing: Guida del CTO ai micro cloud /engage/IT-CTO-guide-to-micro-clouds whitepaper micro clouds, edge, IT I micro cloud: una soluzione di edge computing true
4 ways to accelerate time to market for IoT devices /engage/4-ways-to-accelerate-time-to-market-for-iot-devices whitepaper IoT, embedded devices, IoT project challenges, embedded linux, hardware, operating system, ubuntu Core A guide for manufacturers looking to speed up innovation at lower costs true
A guide to software operators for metal, cloud and Kubernetes /engage/charmed-operators-for-kubernetes-webinar webinar Juju, kubernetes, cloud-native, metal, edge, charms, kubernetes operator, operator framework true
[Webinar] Introduction to Ubuntu Core 22 /engage/intro-to-ubuntu-core22-webinar webinar Ubuntu Core, IoT, embedded, security, embedded linux, robotics Save your seat: June 28 2022, 4:00pm CEST true
[Roundtable] Energy Companies on the Move: From CentOS to Ubuntu /engage/energy-companies-centos-to-ubuntu webinar Energy sector, HPC, CentOS, Ubuntu Join us on June 28, at 10 AM CDT true
What’s new in Charmed Ceph and Quincy in the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release? /engage/ceph-quincy-release-webinar webinar ceph, quincy, cloud storage, enterprise storage, san, nas, s3 true
Canonical at HPE Discover 2022 /engage/hpe-discover-2022 event hpe, partners, event June 28–30 — Meet the Canonical team in Las Vegas true
[Partner Webinar] Raising the bar on cybersecurity with Ubuntu for AWS GovCloud /engage/cybersecurity-with-ubuntu-for-AWSGovCloud-webinar webinar webinar, aws, governance, information security, cloud security, network security, cloud applicationsm application security, cloud architechture, cyber threats Watch on-demand true
Introduction to confidential computing on public clouds with Ubuntu /engage/introduction-to-confidential-computing-webinar webinar webinar, public cloud, security, cyber security, network security, confidential compute, application security, information security, azure, privacy, cloud security, cyber defence Watch on-demand true
Open-source supply chain on Azure I Microsoft OSS Series /engage/opensource-supply-chain-on-azure-webinar webinar webinar, azure, microsoft, public cloud, cyber security, supply chain, open source, cloud security, network security, cloud native, cloud applications Webinar Schedule: 18th May, 1:30PM EEST true
[Webinar] Security of telecom infra /engage/k8s-telco-security-webinar webinar Security, kubernetes, telco, infrastructure Part I: Intro to telco grade Kubernetes, on-demand webinar true
[Webinar] Akara, making robots that care /engage/robotmakers-webinar-akara webinar Robotics Robot Makers, Chapter 2, June 2 at 5:00 PM CET true
Getting started with Ubuntu Pro on Azure /engage/azure-pro-onboarding blog Azure, Onboarding, Ubuntu Pro Thank you for choosing Ubuntu Pro on Azure! true
Cross platform data science workflows using Ubuntu WSL /engage/data-science-workflows-using-ubuntu-wsl webinar dell, wsl, data science Learn about the benefits of a mixed ecosystem approach for day to day DataScience workflows. true
Open infrastructure for data science /engage/nvidia-vgpu webinar nvidia, vgpu, openstack, charms, privatecloud, cloud, infrastructure, webinar Charmed OpenStack with NVIDIA vGPU Software true
What’s new in Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS? /engage/ubuntu-server-22-04-LTS webinar 22.04 LTS, Ubuntu Server Learn what makes Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS the best long-term support release to date. true
An Introduction to real-time Linux /engage/an-introduction-to-real-time-linux-part-i webinar real-time Linux May, 23 2022 at 8:00 PM CET true
New Active Directory integration features in Ubuntu 22.04 /engage/New-Active-Directory-integration-features webinar Active Directory, Identity Management Watch on-demand true
Ubuntu WSL for Data Scientists /engage/ubuntu-wsl-for-data-scientists whitepaper WSL, Ubuntu Desktop, windows Balancing accessibility against performance in a Windows-centric workplace. true
Getting started with Ubuntu Pro on AWS /engage/aws-pro-onboarding blog AWS, Onboarding, Ubuntu Pro Thank you for choosing Ubuntu Pro on AWS! true
Canonical at Dell Technologies World 2022 /engage/dell-tech-world-2002 event dell, partner, event May 2–5 — Meet the Canonical team in Las Vegas true
Meet our Public Sector team at AWS Summit /engage/aws-summit-washington-DC event AWS, AWS Summit, Ubuntu Pro, FIPS, DISA STIG May 23 - 25 at Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC true
The collection of Charmed Operators /engage/collection-of-charmed-operators-whitepaper whitepaper charms, juju, charmed operators A win-win for users and developers true
Seeking satisfaction: Customer-centric digital transformation in logistics /engage/digital-transformation-logistics whitepaper digital transformation, opensource, logistics 2022-03-30 Guide on how to make your customers happy using open source technologies and digital transformation for logistics leaders true
Firmus builds a supercloud with Canonical /engage/kubernetes-openstack-case-study-firmus case study charmed kubernetes, charmed openstack, firmus, datacenter, multicloud Cloud sustainability redefined with ultra-efficient data centre powered by grid connected renewable energy true
Umony transforms communications compliance /engage/anbox-cloud-umony case study anbox cloud, anbox, android cloud, umony, finserv Learn how Anbox Cloud enables Umony to deliver its software through an app on any phone, web browser, or desktop true
DISA STIG auditing and remediation in air-gapped environment /engage/DISA-STIG-auditing-in-air-gapped-environment webinar DISA, STIG, Compliance, DoD, air-gapped, cybersecurity Today, 9 AM PST, 12 PM EST true
OpenStack Yoga: What’s new? /engage/openstack-yoga webinar openstack, yoga, charms, smartnic, openinfra, private cloud, cloud, infrastructure, webinar Learn about the latest release of OpenStack true
Introduction to MLOps: Six proven techniques to amplify AI maturity /engage/introduction-to-mlops webinar ai, ml, mlops, data science, data engineering, devops, deep learning 2022-03-23 Learn how to leverage MLOps to amplify AI and data science productivity and maturity through six proven techniques from the pros. true
Ubuntu Pro: Maggiore supporto e sicurezza per le VM su Azure /engage/ubuntupro-on-azure webinar Ubuntu Pro, Azure, Cloud Today it Live webinar: 31 Marzo alle 11 CET true
Webinar: Guía de operaciones para Kubeflow /engage/Guía-de-operaciones-para-Kubeflow-webinar webinar Kubeflow, guide, kubernetes Today sp Mar 31 2022 at 6:00 pm CET true
Webinar: IoT Project Lifecycle /engage/iot-project-lifecycle webinar iot, devices, ubuntu core, 2022-03-02 What are the typical steps when deploying IoT edge devices? true
[Webinar] Yocto or Ubuntu Core for your embedded Linux project? /engage/embedded-linux-project-webinar webinar Embedded, Linux, Ubuntu Core, Embedding Register for the webinar: March 29 2022, 5:00 PM CET true
Build on MicroK8s, the lightweight Kubernetes /engage/isv-microk8s whitepaper microk8s, kubernetes, isv Easier deployments. Better customer experiences. true
Reduce complexity & increase storage efficiency with multi-protocol Ceph /engage/multi-protocol-storage webinar ceph, cloud storage, enterprise storage, san, nas, iscsi, s3, aws, azure, gcp true
Public cloud vs private cloud: building an innovative cloud strategy /engage/public-cloud-vs-private-cloud webinar managed services, managed IT, managed openstack, managed kubernetes, managed infrastructure true
Open RAN infrastructure: turbo charge your hardware with EPA /engage/epa-for-open-ran-infrastructure whitepaper baremetalcloud, maas, telco, open ran Maximise hardware utilisation by using metal-as-a-service (MAAS) to build your bare metal cloud true
The collection of Charmed Operators /engage/collection-charmed-operators webinar charmcollection, charmed, charmedoperators Win-win for software vendors and IT admins true
Edge computing: Guida del CTO ai micro cloud /engage/it/IT-CTO-guide-to-micro-clouds whitepaper micro clouds, edge it I micro cloud: una soluzione di edge computing
Is OpenRAN Secure ? /engage/open-ran-security-webinar webinar OpenRAN security 2022-02-15 Exploring OpenRAN security in 2022 true
OpenStack made easy for GSIs /engage/gsi-openstack-made-easy ebook gsi, openstack, partner 2022-02-22 Easily build a modern, scalable, repeatable and affordable cloud infrastructure. true
Managed IT Services: Overcoming CIOs biggest challenges /engage/gsi-managed-it-services whitepaper gsi, managed services, partner 2022-02-22 How to build a strategic IT model that drives innovation while cutting down operational costs true
Architecting Price-Performance Private Cloud /engage/gsi-private-cloud whitepaper gsi, private cloud, partner 2022-02-22 Learn how GSIs can build the most cost-efficient private cloud infrastructure using open source technologies true
Embracing the Enterprise Open Source Mandate /engage/gsi-open-source-mandate whitepaper gsi, open source, partner 2022-02-22 85% of enterprises have an open source mandate, preference or are exploring true
Introduction to Bare Metal Cloud /engage/introduction-to-bare-metal-cloud webinar bare metal, maas, charmed kubernetes, kubernetes, bare metal cloud Build your own bare metal cloud in a box with Kubernetes true
Una guida business per la migrazione al cloud /engage/it/italian-cloud-migration-business-guide whitepaper openstack, cloud, migrazione, migration it Guida aziendale alla migrazione cloud true
A guide to Linux for embedded applications /engage/linux-embedded-applications-whitepaper whitepaper linux, embedded iot, iot, applications, devices today Why is Linux the OS of choice for embedded systems? true
Roboat, more than a self-driving boat /engage/robotmakers-roboat webinar robots, devices, iot, roboat, robotics innovations Robot Makers, Chapter 1 true
Report gratuito sui prezzi del cloud 2021 /engage/it/italian-2021-cloud-pricing-report whitepaper openstack, cloud, pricing 30.01.22 it Ottieni il report per confrontare i prezzi del cloud tra le principali piattaforme cloud pubbliche e private, tra cui AWS, Azure, Google, VMWare e OpenStack true
Kubernetes and Containerisation for Financial Services /engage/kubernetes-and-containerisation-for-financial-services whitepaper financialservices, finserv, kubernetes, containers A CIO’s guide to unlocking success in digital transformations true
Enterprise Kubernetes case studies /engage/kubernetes-case-studies-4-real-world-stories whitepaper kubernetes, cloud, containers, casestudy Want to learn more about 4 success stories across 4 different markets? true
Embedding IoT GUI with Ubuntu Frame — Developer Guide /engage/Embedding_IoT_GUI_with_Ubuntu_Frame whitepaper Ubuntu Frame, Ubuntu Core, device, IoT, GUI, embedding, developer today Test, package and ship your GUI for IoT true
[Webinar] FIPS Enabled Ubuntu Pro on AWS /engage/FIPS-Enabled-Ubuntu-Pro-on-AWS webinar FIPS, Comliance, DevSecOps, RMF, ATO, Compliance as Code, FedRAMP, GovCloud DevSecOps, RMF, ATO, Compliance as Code, FedRAMP & GovCloud true
Deliver your software with Kubernetes /engage/kubernetes-container-deployment webinar Container deployment, isv kubernetes, containerization, cloud containers, container deployments, embedded containers 2022-02-17 MicroK8s for streamlined application container deployment true
Introduction to SmartNIC DPUs for the data centre /engage/smartnic-dpus-for-datacentre webinar Smartnic, DPUs, data centre networking, SDN, OpenStack networking, ubuntu true
Guida aziendale al multi-cloud /engage/it/guida-aziendale-al-multi-cloud whitepaper openstack it true
One-Stop Shopping for Private Clouds /engage/webinar-corespace-one-stop-shopping-private-clouds webinar partner, corespace, private clouds, openstack Now enterprises can easily and economically move forward in their cloud journeys. true
Comparación de la plataforma Kubernetes: Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher y Canonical Kubernetes /engage/es/comparacion-de-la-plataforma-kubernetes-red-hat-openshift-suse-rancher-y-canonical-kubernetes whitepaper kubernetes, redhat, suse es ¿Cómo elegir la distribución de Kubernetes ideal para su negocio? true
How to enable FIPS on Ubuntu in air-gapped environments /engage/FIPS-on-Ubuntu-in-air-gapped-environments webinar CIS, FIPS 140-2, fips, disa-stig, security, compliance Watch on-demand below true
Ubuntu on WSL /engage/ubuntu-on-wsl-faq-for-data-scientists-and-developers webinar ubuntu, wsl, faq 2022-02-14 An FAQ for Data Scientists and Developers true
Сравнение платформ Red Hat OpenStack и Canonical Charmed OpenStack /engage/ru/redhat-openstack-comparison-whitepaper whitepaper openstack ru true
A guide to Linux for embedded applications /engage/linux-embedded-applications-webinar webinar linux, embedded, ubuntu core, core, opensource true
От VMWare к Charmed OpenStack /engage/ru/vmware-to-charmed-openstack whitepaper openstack ru true
A guide to Linux for embedded applications /engage/linux-embedded-applications-webinar webinar linux, embedded, ubuntu core, core, opensource true
Reduce your storage costs with cloud adjacent storage /engage/cloud-adjacent-storage webinar ceph, cloud storage, object storage, managed ceph, s3 true
Private Cloud vs Managed Cloud /engage/private-vs-managed-cloud-cost-analysis whitepaper managed IT services, managed cloud, managed infrastructure 2022-01-28 true
A business guide to cloud migration /engage/a-business-guide-to-cloud-migration whitepaper cloudmigration 2022-01-11 true
Canonical at MWC 2022 /engage/canonical-ubuntu-mwc-2022 event telco, telecommunications, 5G, events 2022-01-13 true
Confronto tra piattaforme Kubernetes: Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher e Canonical Kubernetes /engage/enterprise-kubernetes-comparison-italian whitepaper kubenetes comparison, charmed kubernetes it Come scegliere la giusta distribuzione Kubernetes per il vostro business true
Сравнение платформ Kubernetes: Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher и Canonical Kubernetes /engage/ru/enterprise-kubernetes-comparison whitepaper kubernetes 2021-01-04 ru Как правильно выбрать дистрибутив Kubernetes для вашего бизнеса true
How Ubuntu enables your compliance with FedRAMP, FISMA, FIPS, and DISA-STIG /engage/us-government-security-standards-compliance webinar fedramp, fisma, fips, disa-stig, security, compliance Complying with the US government security standards true
Screenly innovates IoT fleet management for secure digital signage /engage/secure-digital-signage-screenly case study case study, iot, digital signage 2021-12-13 true
How to run workloads on bare metal Kubernetes with MAAS /engage/bare-metal-kubernetes whitepaper Kubernetes, maas, juju, model-driven operations 2021-12-03 Easy and automated bare metal Kubernetes provisioning true
Отчет о ценах на бесплатные облачные хранилища 2021 /engage/ru/cloud-pricing-report-2021 whitepaper cloud, openstack 2021-12-13 ru Отчет-сравнение цен ведущих публичных и частных облачных платформ, включая AWS, Azure, Google, VMware и OpenStack true
Model-driven observability with Prometheus, Alertmanager, Grafana and Loki /engage/model-driven-observability webinar juju, observability, webinar Leveraging Juju to remove toil out of best-of-breed open-source observability true
Embedded Kubernetes for secure IoT Edge /engage/embedded-kubernetes-for-secure-iot-edge-webinar webinar webinar, internet of things, ubuntu core, embedded 2021-12-06 MicroK8s on Ubuntu Core true
Bare metal provisioning: What’s new in MAAS 3.1? /engage/maas-whats-new-3-1 webinar Maas, bare metal, bare metal cloud, bare metal provisioning 2021-12-03 The latest and greatest news about bare metal provisioning with MAAS true
Evaluating Microsoft SQL Server Options for Azure /engage/Evaluating-MSFT-SQL-Server-whitepaper whitepaper Managed Apps 2021-12-01 This white paper provides an in-depth examination of the most popular approaches to running SQL Server on Azure, including SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro for Azure. true
Migrating to Ubuntu LTS: six facts for CentOS users /engage/migrating-to-ubuntu-lts-six-facts-for-centos-users takeover only centos , Compliance , developers , hpc , livepatch , Migration , Open source , OpenStack , Security , Support Considering migrating to Ubuntu from other Linux platforms, such as CentOS? true
How to increase developer productivity with Ubuntu Desktop /engage/developer-desktop-productivity-whitepaper whitepaper ubuntu, desktop, enterprise, ubuntu advantage, 2021-11-23 A guide for CTOs, IT managers and sysadmins true
NFV Orchestration For Open Source Telco /engage/nfv-management-and-orchestration-charmed-open-source-mano webinar osm, gsi, cloud, open source, orchestration Integrating And Managing Open Source Network Functions true
Ubuntu Pro em Azure /engage/ubuntu-pro-azure-webinar-Portuguese webinar Managed Apps, cloud, pro 2021-10-29 Explore recursos como segurança estendida, conformidade certificada e proteção para Ubuntu Pro em Azure. true
Docker & ROS: When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail /engage/dockerandros whitepaper robotics, whitepaper, iot 2021-11-22 Key Docker limitations for ROS and the snap alternative true
Ubunto Pro en Azure /engage/ubuntu-pro-azure-webinar-spanish webinar Managed Apps, cloud, pro 2021-10-29 Explora características como seguridad extendida, cumplimiento certificado y refuerzo para Ubuntu Pro en Azure. true
Introducing SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro for Azure Part 2 /engage/SQLServerWebinarPart2 webinar Managed Apps, SQL 2021-10-29 In this talk will deep dive on the anatomy of the performance features of SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro and setting up AD. true
Building cost-efficient open source cloud operations /engage/cost-efficient-open-source-cloud-operations webinar Managed IT Services, Managed Cloud Services, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ceph true
Nayatel builds public cloud service with Charmed OpenStack /engage/nayatel-casestudy-charmed-openstack case study Learn how Nayatel partnered with Canonical to build Pakistan’s first cost-effective enterprise-grade public cloud true
Ceph for Enterprise /engage/enterprise-ceph webinar ceph, managed services The best open-source enterprise storage solution true
Introducing SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro for Azure Part 1 /engage/SQLServerWebinarPart1 webinar Managed Apps, SQL 2021-10-29 In this talk we will introduce SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro for Azure and deep dive on patching regimes and high availability clustering for SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro. true
MicroK8s on IBM Z — minimal footprint meets zero downtime /engage/webinar-microk8s-on-z webinar microk8s, kubernetes, ibm 2021-11-09 A low-ops, minimal production Kubernetes on Ubuntu for your IBM Z / LinuxONE system. true
Finserv IT infrastructure: Migrating from VMWare to OpenStack /engage/finserv-vmware-to-openstack whitepaper openstack, finance CIOs’ guide to migrating your private cloud infrastructure to a more cost effective solution true
開發者選擇Ubuntu的六大理由 /engage/developer-desktop-tw whitepaper desktop, ubuntu 2021-11-08 最流行的linux os 操作系統,選擇Ubuntu的六大理由 true
Ceph in the modern data center /engage/webinar-ceph-modern-data-center webinar ceph, storage, poweredge 2021-11-18 Manage exponential data growth with Canonical Charmed Ceph and Dell PowerEdge Servers true
Telecom infrastructure the open source way /engage/open-source-telco-infrastructure-whitepaper whitepaper telco, telecommunications, 5G, cloud 2021-10-02 Automated, secure and cloud native telco true
Cybersecurity and Compliance with Ubuntu /engage/ubuntu-cybersecurity-webinar webinar cybersecurity 2021-10-28 Join the live webinar true
Atresmedia domina il mercato spagnolo dei media OTT con l’architettura di microservizi Charmed Kubernetes /engage/it/atresmedia-charmed-kubernetes-case-study case study Kubernetes, K8s 2021-10-27 it Come l’azienda ha ottenuto un’alta disponibilità e una produttività senza precedenti true
Secure AI models deployment at the edge with OpenVINO on Ubuntu containers /engage/webinar-ai-containers-edge-deployment webinar webinar, containers, AI, 2021-10-27 Watch Intel and Canonical’s on-demand webinar true
SmartDrone fast-tracks drone infrastructure revolution with Ubuntu Core /engage/drone-infrastructure-case-study-smartdrone case study robotics, case study, iot 2021-10-25 true
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS verso la Manutenzione Estesa della Sicurezza /engage/ubuntu-16.04-esm-webinar webinar esm, ubuntu 16.04, ubuntu lts it Sei aspetti da considerare nella pianificazione della migrazione true
OpenStack Upgrades with Minimal Downtime /engage/openstack-upgrades-webinar webinar openstack, publiccloud true
Architecting price—performance Private Cloud /engage/architecting-price-performance-private-cloud whitepaper openstack, privatecloud Learn how to build the most cost-efficient private cloud infrastructure using open source technologies true
7 approaches to accelerating Apache Kafka on K8s /engage/7-approaches-accelerating-kafka-whitepaper whitepaper Managed Apps 2021-08-31 In this white paper, we will review seven techniques that can help to reduce latency in high volume, low criticality Kafka solutions running on Kubernetes. true
CTOs’ Guide to Micro Clouds /engage/CTO-guide-to-micro-clouds-2021 whitepaper edge, microclouds, edgecomputing Micro Clouds an Edge Computing Solution true
Workstations on the AI Journey - Deploying Your Model /engage/webinar-ai-journey-deploying-your-model webinar workstations, AI, dell, webinar 2021-10-12 In the fourth and final part of this webinar series, Canonical and Dell will talk about inference engines deployment. true
Driving robotics innovation /engage/rosworld2021 event event 2021-09-16 Canonical & Ubuntu at ROS World 2021 true
嵌入式Linux:自製或外購? /engage/embedded-linux-make-or-buy-tw whitepaper Core 2021-10-13 兩難的選擇:商業支援VS自研 true
Enterprise Kubernetes use cases: 4 real-world stories /engage/kubernetes-use-cases-webinar webinar K8s, Kubernetes 2021-10-12 Join the live webinar true
Canonical & Ubuntu at Nvidia GTC 2021 /engage/gtc_nvidia_2021 event event 2021-10-15 Join us on November 8-11! true
Edge Kubernetes: what’s brewing? /engage/edge-kubernetes-coffee-webinar webinar K8s, kubernetes, containerization, cloud 2021-10-05 true
Managed IT Services /engage/managed-services-overcoming-cio-challenges-2021 whitepaper 2021-09-17 How to build a strategic IT model that drives innovation while cutting down operational costs true
Beat disruption: how to adapt your IT strategy for changing markets /engage/beat-disruption-wp whitepaper Managed Apps 2021-08-31 Read our whitepaper to learn more about the fast changing modern business landscape - cloud & SaaS, agile, and outsourcing - and learn about a strategy to help navigate through the jungle. true
Canonical & Ubuntu at ARM Dev Summit 2021 /engage/armdevsummit2021 event event 2021-09-16 Join us virtually on October 19-21, 2021 true
Building graphical applications in embedded devices /engage/webinarintrotoframe webinar digital signage, mir, ubuntu frame 2021-09-14 Join us for a webinar introducing Ubuntu Frame on November 3rd at 5pm BST and 12pm ET true
It’s like a jungle out there /engage/adapt-your-it-strategy webinar webinar , Managed Apps 2021-08-31 Learn strategies to help you navigate the fast changing modern business landscape - cloud and SaaS, agile and outsourcing true
Self-healing Kubernetes at the edge: MicroK8s, Raspberry Pis and Portainer /engage/self-healing-edge-kubernetes-webinar webinar k8s, kubernetes, edge, MicroK8s 2021-09-97 true
Atresmedia domine le marché des média en Espagne avec l’architecture de microservices Charmed Kubernetes /engage/fr/atresmedia-charmed-kubernetes whitepaper kubernetes, k8s 2021-09-02 fr true
How to manage risks with the top 1% Managed Service Providers /engage/MSPAlliance-Canonical-Webinar webinar webinar , Managed Service 2021-08-31 Join our webinar to learn more about Canonical’s MSP Alliance security verification, and how the top 1% managed service providers help minimise your security risks and optimise your clouds. true
Kubernetes platform comparison: Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher and Canonical Kubernetes /engage/enterprise-kubernetes-comparison whitepaper kubernetes, k8s, containerization, cloud 2021-08-31 How to choose the right Kubernetes distribution for your business true
Containers-as-a-service: Deploy faster with Canonical and Portainer /engage/containers-as-a-service-webinar webinar kubernetes, k8s, cloud 2021-08-31 true
Helping developers reach new heights /engage/px4devsummit event event, devsummit, drones, iot 2021-08-24 Canonical & Ubuntu at PX4 Developer Summit true
Running enterprise-grade edge applications with EdgeX on Ubuntu Core /engage/webinarcoreedgex webinar webinar, internet of things, ubuntu core, edgex 2021-08-17 Watch our on-demand webinar true
Applied AI for fraud prevention and detection /engage/ai-fraud-prevention-finserv webinar finserv 2021-08-16 How open source AI/ML solutions can assist banks true
Atresmedia dominates the OTT services market with Charmed Kubernetes /engage/atresmedia-charmed-kubernetes-case-study case study Kubernetes, K8s 2021-08-12 How the company accessed high availability and unprecedented productivity true
Cloud pricing report 2021 /engage/cloud-pricing-report-2021 whitepaper cloud 2021-07-26 Get the report to compare cloud pricing across leading public and private cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, Google, VMWare and OpenStack true
SBI Group sblocca l’automazione dell’infrastruttura con un cloud OpenStack sicuro e on-premises /engage/it/sbi-casestudy case study Openstack, private cloud 2021-07-15 it true
A business guide to cybersecurity /engage/a-small-to-medium-size-business-guide-to-cybersecurity whitepaper security, cybersecurity 2021-07-14 true
Handlungsoptionen nach dem Endof-life der SUSE OpenStack Cloud /engage/de/suse-openstack-whitepaper whitepaper OpenStack 2021-07-07 de true
Atresmedia domina el mercado de servicios OTT /engage/es/atresmedia-charmed-kubernetes-caso-de-estudio case study Kubernetes 2021-07-05 es Con la arquitectura de microservicios Charmed Kubernetes true
KAUST selects Canonical’s OpenStack cloud /engage/openstack-cloud-kaust case study openstack, private cloud, cloud 2021-06-24 New OpenStack and Kubernetes deployments improve computing performance for researchers, easing management pains for IT staff true
Das Wellcome Sanger Institute ermöglicht weltweite Zusammenarbeit in der Genomforschung mit von Canonical unterstütztem Ceph-Speicher /engage/de/wellcome-sanger-case-study whitepaper ceph 2021-06-03 de true
A technical introduction to the Snap Store Proxy /engage/snap-store-proxy-intro-webinar webinar iot, edge 2021-06-18 true
Che cos’è il MEC? Il telco edge. /engage/it/mec-telco-edge blog telco, edge it true
Ubuntu Pro on Azure /engage/ubuntu-pro-azure-latam webinar ubuntu pro, microsoft, azure, cloud, security, latam 2021-06-09 Explore features like extended security, certified compliance and hardening for Ubuntu Pro on Azure. true
Enterprise MLOps in hybrid-cloud scenarios: best practices /engage/enterprise-mlops-in-hybrid-cloud-scenarios-best-practices webinar elo, hybrid-cloud, enterprise, kubeflow 2021-06-07 Learn about architectural best practices that have recently emerged true
OpenStack public cloud implementation /engage/public-cloud-openstack-implementation webinar openstack, public-cloud 2021-06-02 Reduce total cost of ownership with local public cloud infrastructure true
ROS Support /engage/ros-support whitepaper ros 2021-06-04 Security maintenance and enterprise support for your ROS environment true
SUSE OpenStack Cloud end-of-life /engage/suse-openstack-cloud-eol whitepaper openstack, cloud, suse 2021-06-03 A preparation guide true
Data Lab Architectures /engage/data-lab-architectures-whitepaper whitepaper big data, data driven, AI, ML 2021-06-02 A field practitioner guide to building and accelerating data lab initiatives true
Guida CIO alle operazioni multi-cloud /engage/it/operazioni-multi-cloud whitepaper multi-cloud, finance 2021-10-05 it Come scegliere un’architettura cloud conveniente true
Kubernetes e Ubuntu in Italia /engage/it/kubernetes-e-ubuntu-in-italia blog kubernetes, ubuntu, openstack 2021-06-02 it Un’esplorazione tecnica delle ultime tecnologie di infrastruttura true
Private cloud for Financial Services /engage/private-cloud-financial-services whitepaper finserv, openstack 2021-05-28 Comparing Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack true
Canonical at MWC 2021 /engage/canonical-ubuntu-mwc-2021 blog telco, telecommunications, 5G, events 2021-05-18 true
Open source private 5G and LTE networks /engage/5g-and-lte-networks-webinar webinar telco, telecommunications, 5G 2021-05-18 Use-cases, tools and technologies true
Kubernetes at the edge: easy as Pi /engage/edge-kubernetes-raspberry-pi-webinar webinar Kubernetes, K8s, edge 2021-05-18 true
SUSE OpenStack Cloud wird eingestellt. /engage/de/suse-openstack-webinar webinar suse, openstack 2021-05-13 de Sind Sie vorbereitet? true
Building and orchestrating network functions /engage/telco-network-functions-whitepaper whitepaper telco, telecommunications, 5G, OSM 2021-05-12 Accelerate migration towards NFV with Open Source MANO true
Simplifying Kubernetes across the Clouds /engage/microk8s-nvidia-tech-stack webinar microk8s, edge, kubernetes, k8s 2021-05-11 MicroK8s on NVIDIA Tech Stack true
Data Lab Architectures /engage/data-lab-architectures-whitepaper whitepaper big data, data driven, AI, ML 2021-05-10 A field practitioner guide to building and accelerating data lab initiatives false
A business guide to multi-cloud /engage/multi-cloud-business-guide whitepaper openstack 2021-04-30 A cost-effective extension to the public cloud infrastructure true
A business guide to hybrid cloud /engage/hybrid-cloud-business-guide whitepaper openstack 2021-04-30 A cost-effective extension to the public cloud infrastructure true
ROS Kinetic End-Of-Life /engage/ros-kinetic-eol webinar robotics 2021-04-20 Keep your robots secure with ROS ESM true
Migrare ad Ubuntu LTS: 6 fatti per gli utenti CentOS /engage/it/migrare-a-ubuntu-lts-centos blog centos it State pensando di migrare a Ubuntu da altre piattaforme Linux, come CentOS? true
Meno di 6 mesi a Ubuntu 16.04 ESM: 6 cose da preparare /engage/it/ubuntu-16-04-esm blog ubuntu, esm it Questo articolo spiega come funziona il periodo ESM e fornisce una guida a sei considerazioni chiave per la pianificazione di un percorso di migrazione da Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. true
Infrastruttura multi-cloud in Italia /engage/it/infrastruttura-multi-cloud blog multi-cloud, kubernetes L’evento, della durata di 2 ore, si terrà il 12 maggio 2021 su BrightTalk. Dai live talk dei nostri speaker alle sessioni di Q&A. true
Data Science Workstations /engage/workstations-journey-to-ai webinar AI/ML 2021-04-15 Take a deep dive into how workstations enable the AI journey in part 2 of our series true
Unleashing Z by HP Workstation Power with Ubuntu /engage/Z-Workstation-Ubuntu webinar Open Source, Linux, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, HP 2021-04-15 Explore key solutions for AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science Workflows true
What’s new in Ubuntu Server 21.04? /engage/ubuntu-21.04-release-webinar webinar server 2021-04-14 Introducing native integration with Microsoft SQL Server true
The Value of Open Source in 2021 /engage/open-source-value webinar Open Source, Kubernetes, Dell, OpenStack, Edge 2021-04-12 Explore the latest open source market trends and dive into OpenStack, Kubernetes and Edge solutions from Dell and Canonical. true
Elkhart Lake /engage/iot-elkhart-lake blog intel, iot 4/16/2021 Embedded silicon from Intel focusing on IoT features for the next generation of edge devices. true
Elkhart Lake /engage/elkhart-lake blog intel, iot 4/16/2021 Embedded silicon from Intel focusing on IoT features for the next generation of edge devices. false
Telecom AI: a guide for data teams /engage/telecom-ai-guide whitepaper AI/ML, telco, telecommunications 2021-04-09 Optimising AI for production in the telco space true
Data Science Workstations /engage/data-science-workstations webinar AI/ML 2021-04-09 Take a deep dive into how workstations enable the AI journey in this four-part webinar series false
Canonical & Ubuntu at NVIDIA GTC 2021 Digital /engage/ubuntu-at-nvidia-gtc-2021 blog AI/ML, MicroK8s, edge 2021-03-24 Meet us there on April 12-16 true
Model-driven Audit Trail Logs infrastructure for Telco VNFs /engage/audit-trail-logs-for-telco webinar telecommunications 2021-03-23 Live webinar on April 15th true
ESM garantisce la sicurezza dei sistemi Interana anche durante l’aggiornamento /engage/it/interana-casestudy case study esm, security, interana 2021-03-16 it Caso di studio - Interana true
Securing open source from cloud to edge /engage/open-source-security-cloud-edge-webinar webinar security, ubuntu pro 2021-03-16 Get the full Ubuntu security story and see how our teams are securing Ubuntu systems across cloud, device and edge environments. true
Migrar a Ubuntu LTS: seis factores a tener en cuenta para los usuarios de CentOS /engage/es/migrar-de-centos-a-ubuntu-lts blog server, ubuntu 2021-03-09 es ¿Está considerando migrar a Ubuntu desde otras plataformas Linux, como CentOS? true
From Yocto & Buildroot to Ubuntu Core 20 /engage/yocto-buildroot-to-ubuntu-core webinar ubuntu-core 2021-03-05 The path to enterprise-grade embedded Linux true
Costruire infrastrutture multi-cloud con Ubuntu e Kubernetes /engage/it/multi-cloud-infrastrutture-kubernetes-italy event multi-cloud, infrastructure, kubernetes it Un’esplorazione tecnica delle ultime tecnologie di infrastruttura true
Kubeflow operations guide /engage/kubeflow-operations-guide webinar kubeflow, machine learning, AI/ML en Automating day-0 to day-2 with Kubernetes operators true
SUSE OpenStack Cloud arrive en fin de vie /engage/fr/suse-openstack-fin-de-vie webinar suse, openstack 2021-02-25 fr Preparez pour votre migration d’OpenStack true
What’s next for CentOS users? /engage/centos-live-q&A webinar 2021-02-24 Live Q&A with Ubuntu’s technical experts true
A technical introduction to Ubuntu Core 20 /engage/technical-intro-to-ubuntu-core-20 webinar ubuntu-core 2021-02-23 Full-disk encryption, secure boot, device recovery and more true
Ubuntu 16.04 ESM: 6 choses à préparer /engage/fr/ubuntu-1604-esm webinar security 2021-02-22 fr Un guide de migration true
Migration vers Ubuntu LTS: six points clés pour les utilisateurs de CentOS /engage/centos-vers-ubuntu blog security 2021-02-22 fr Préparez vos prochaines étapes true
Simplifying AI/ML adoption in telco with modern operations practices /engage/ai-ml-telco-modern-operations webinar AI/ML, telecommunications 2021-02-17 Leveraging open source software for optimal TCO true
Enterprise Kubernetes: A buyer’s guide /engage/enterprise-kubernetes-guide whitepaper Kubernetes, K8s, Cloud 2021-02-16 Find the right Kubernetes for your business true
Secure container orchestration at the edge /engage/container-orchestration-edge webinar Kubernetes, edge, MicroK8s 2021-02-15 Develop your cloud-native apps with micro clouds true
Edge use-cases enabled by MEC and 5G /engage/mec-5g-use-cases webinar Telecommunications, 5G 2021-02-10 Leveraging open source software in the telco space true
Open source in Government /engage/gov-webinar webinar 2021-02-09 The Public Sector team discusses adoption and procurement of secure open source tech, tooling and support. true
Mantenimiento de Seguridad Extendido /engage/es/esm blog esm 2021-02-04 es Actualizaciones de seguridad para Ubuntu 16.04 LTS hasta el 2024 y Ubuntu 14.04 LTS hasta el 2022. true
Integrazione di Ubuntu Desktop con Microsoft Active Directory /engage/it/ubuntu-desktop-active-directory whitepaper active directory, desktop 2021-02-04 it true
End-to-end wiring using Kubeflow, Kafka and ElasticSearch /engage/end-to-end-wiring-with-kubeflow-kafka-elasticsearch webinar AI/ML, Kubeflow 2021-02-03 Our latest webinar provides real world application and demo for end-to-end wiring using Kubeflow, Kafka and ElasticSearch. true
Embedded Linux: make or buy? /engage/embedded-linux-make-or-buy whitepaper 2021-02-02 Commercial support vs roll your own: a dilemma true
An introduction to Ubuntu Core 20 /engage/ubuntu-core-20-webinar webinar core, iot, embedded, security 2021-02-02 Improving usability, security and time-to-market true
Kubeflow reference architecture /engage/dell-kubeflow-reference-architecture whitepaper kubeflow, ai/ml, dell 2021-01-21 en true
Industrial process transformation with Machine Learning using Kubeflow /engage/industrial-process-ml-kubeflow webinar AI/ML, Kubeflow 2021-01-18 Accelerate the time from model development to deployment true
Comparaison entre Red Hat OpenStack et Charmed OpenStack de Canonical /engage/fr/red-hat-canonical-openstack-comparaison whitepaper OpenStack 2021-01-29 fr Améliorez la sécurité et l’efficacité à un coût total de possession réduit avec Charmed OpenStack true
Automation through open source operators /engage/automation-through-open-source-operators whitepaper apps, Juju, Forrester 2021-01-08 A Forrester Consulting study on the state of infrastructure and application deployment true
Cloud-native driving agility and innovation in financial services /engage/cloud-native-agility-financial-services whitepaper cloud-native, finance 2021-01-07 Adapt, innovate and transform true
Android in the cloud on Arm native servers /engage/android-on-arm-whitepaper whitepaper android 2020-12-18 High performance. Power efficiency. Hardware rooted security. true
Staying compliant while delivering innovation in government services /engage/azure-ubuntu-pro-fips-whitepaper whitepaper azure, ubuntu pro, fips 2020-12-17 How Ubuntu Pro FIPS on Microsoft Azure gives government agencies and contractors new ways to control costs and boost innovation while maintaining FIPS compliance. true
Menos de 6 meses para 16.04 ESM: seis aspectos a tener en cuenta /engage/es/ubuntu-16-04-esm blog esm, security, ubuntu advantage 2020-12-17 es true
In weniger als 6 Monaten kommt Ubuntu 16.04 ESM: 6 Punkte für Ihre Vorbereitung /engage/de/ubuntu-16-04-esm blog esm, security, ubuntu advantage 2020-12-17 de true
Workstations AI /engage/it/workstation-ai webinar kubeflow 2020-12-09 it Come e perché Kubeflow migliora i workflow AI true
SUSE OpenStack Cloud to be discontinued /engage/suse-openstack-webinar webinar openstack, cloud, suse 2020-12-23 Are you prepared? true
Lightweight Kubernetes in the enterprise /engage/451-research-microk8s-high-availability whitepaper kubernetes, 451, microk8s 2020-12-09 Production workloads in cloud and server deployments made faster than ever true
AI deployment and inference /engage/ai-deployment-and-inference webinar inference 2020-12-07 Reliable infrastructure and streamlined operations true
Agility and innovation in Financial Services with open source /engage/open-source-financial-services webinar finance 2020-12-01 Learn how managed open source can help financial institutions deliver business value. true
Ubuntu Pro for AWS /engage/ubuntu-pro-for-aws webinar aws, Ubuntu Pro 2020 -12 01 FIPS compliance made easy true
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS moving to Extended Security Maintenance /engage/16-04-ESM-webinar webinar esm, security, ubuntu advantage 2020-12-01 Six things to consider when migration planning true
Micro clouds /engage/micro-clouds webinar edge 2020-11-19 Building your Kubernetes edge computing strategy true
Cinque strategie per accelerare l’implementazione di Kubernetes nell’impresa /engage/it/deployment-azienda-manuale whitepaper enterprise 2020-11-17 it Come scegliere il miglior approccio Kubernetes per la tua azienda true
Confronto fra “Red Hat’s Openstack platform” e Charmed Openstack di Canaonical /engage/it/redhat-openstack-confronto-manuale whitepaper Red Hat 2020-11-16 it Charmed Openstack riduce significativamente il costo totale di proprietà true
Guide pour réussir l’adoption et le déploiement d’OpenStack /engage/fr/guide-adoption-openstack whitepaper openstack 2020-11-16 fr Découvrez l’éprouvé processus d’implémentation OpenStack de Canonical true
Fünf Strategien zur Beschleunigung von Kubernetes in Unternehmen /engage/de/kubernetes-implementierung-fur-unternehmen whitepaper enterprise 2020-11-11 de Entscheidungskriterien zur optimalen Herangehensweise an Kubernetes für Ihr Unternehmen true
Vergleich von Red Hat OpenStack Platform und Charmed OpenStack von Canonical /engage/de/redhat-openstack-vergleich whitepaper Red Hat 2020-11-11 de Senken Sie Ihre Gesamtkosten deutlich mit Charmed OpenStack true
9 out of top 10 US & European financial institutions use Ubuntu /engage/ubuntu-finance-sector-whitepaper whitepaper finance 2020-11-11 en Find out why multi-cloud is fundamental to financial services transformation true
Cinco estrategias para acelerar el despliegue de Kubernetes /engage/es/kubernetes-despliegue-empresa-manual whitepaper enterprise, kubernetes 2020-11-04 es Cómo elegir el mejor enfoque de Kubernetes para su negocio true
Comparando la plataforma OpenStack de Red Hat y la Charmed OpenStack de Canonical /engage/es/redhat-openstack-comparacion-manual whitepaper openstack 2020-11-03 es Reducir significativamente el coste total de propiedad con Charmed OpenStack true
Optimised authentication methods for Ubuntu Desktop /engage/desktop-authentication-whitepaper whitepaper desktop, security 2020-08-07 en Securing enterprise desktops with modern authentication options true
Open digital platforms for the industrial edge cloud in 2020 /engage/pac-radar whitepaper pac-radar 2020-10-27 en The next wave of cloud-native innovations at the edge true
Ubuntu 20.10: What’s new? /engage/ubuntu-20.10 webinar ubuntu server, maas, kubernetes 2020-10-26 en Learn about new features in Ubuntu Server, MAAS, Charmed OpenStack and Charmed Kubernetes true
Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi intro video /engage/raspberry-pi-livestream webinar raspberry-pi, desktop 2020-10-21 en true
Cloud gaming for Android /engage/anbox-cloud-gaming-whitepaper whitepaper anbox, gaming 2020-01-21 en Building a high performing and scalable platform true
Extend your OpenStack cloud with native backup and recovery /engage/trilio-backup-recovery webinar openstack 2020-09-31 en Learn how TrilioVault can be easily deployed in a Charmed OpenStack environment true
Transforming telco infrastructure /engage/telco-virtual-event event open-source 2020-09-24 en Canonical’s experts explore the telecommunication industry’s latest technologies. true
Guía para la implementación de OpenStack /engage/es/guia-para-la-implementacion-de-openstack whitepaper openstack 2020-09-16 es Descubre el probado proceso de implementación de OpenStack de Canonical true
Da VMware a Charmed Openstack /engage/it/da-vmware-a-charmed-openstack webinar openstack 2020-09-15 it Come la migrazione a Charmed OpenStack può ridurre significativamente il TCO true
GMO Pepabo & Ubuntu /engage/case-study-gmo-pepabo case study server, kubernetes,ubuntu-advantage 2020-09-14 en GMO Pepabo cuts OPEX costs with live kernel patching and saves 2,500 hours of manual work true
Da VMware a OpenStack /engage/it/da-vmware-a-openstack whitepaper openstack 2020-09-04 it Come la migrazione a Charmed OpenStack può ridurre significativamente il TCO true
Five strategies to accelerate Kubernetes in the enterprise /engage/kubernetes-deployment-enterprise-whitepaper whitepaper kubernetes 2020-09-02 en How to choose the best approach to Kubernetes for your business true
Production AI from data lake to server /engage/data-lake_2_server_webinar webinar ai 2020-08-13 en Solving hardware challenges in ML environments true
Building powerful customer solutions /engage/gsi-webinar-series webinar cloud, kubernetes 2020-07-31 en A webinar series for GSIs seizing new models for scalable, automated and repeatable deployments true
Red Hat OpenStack Platform vs Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack /engage/redhat-openstack-comparison-whitepaper whitepaper openstack 2020-07-29 en Improve security and efficiency at a reduced total cost of ownership with Charmed OpenStack true
Do VMware ao Charmed OpenStack /engage/pt/vmware-para-o-openstack whitepaper openstack 2020-07-22 pt Reduza os custos e aumente a eficiência da sua infraestrutura com adoção de código aberto true
Busting the myth of private cloud economics /engage/cloud-economics case study cloud, openstack 2019-07-12 en true
Scale Android applications economically in the cloud with Anbox Cloud /engage/intro-to-anbox-cloud-whitepaper whitepaper cloud 2020-07-08 en Discover Canonical’s scalable, hardware-agnostic mobile cloud computing platform true
Accelerating IoT device time to market /engage/smart-start-whitepaper whitepaper iot 2020-07-03 en Introducing a packaged solution to condense IoT decision-making into a 2-week, fixed cost process true
Kubernetes from Cloud to Edge /engage/kubernetes-event-us webinar kubernetes, cloud, edge 2020-06-24 en How to streamline your Kubernetes deployment and operations from Canonical’s experts. true
Scaling on Azure with Ubuntu Pro /engage/scaling-securely-ubuntu-azure eBook open-source, cloud 2020-06-17 en Scale your open-source infrastructure with speed, security, and compliance true
A technical intro to Ubuntu Pro /engage/ubuntu-pro-intro webinar open-source 2020-06-16 en true
Migrating your infrastructure to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS /engage/migrating-to-20.04 webinar open-source 2020-06-11 en How, when and why? true
Utilising cloud-init on Microsoft Azure /engage/azure-cloud-init-whitepaper whitepaper cloud 2020-06-03 en Simplify cloud instance deployment with Ubuntu on Azure true
Standardising machine learning — from workstation to production /engage/ml-dell-webinar webinar ai, ml, kubernetes 2020-06-02 en true
Kafka in production /engage/kafka-in-production webinar kafka 2020-05-28 en Making sure your deployment is fast, reliable and secure true
Solving the software update challenge for IoT devices /engage/snapd-whitepaper whitepaper iot, ubuntu-core, snaps 2020-05-15 en How Ubuntu Core transforms over-the-air software updates true
Secure IoT device management /engage/iot-device-management-whitepaper whitepaper iot, security, ubuntu-core 2020-05-13 en Build and deploy a central IoT management solution true
Leveraging open source with Ubuntu Pro on Azure /engage/azure-webinar webinar open-source 2020-05-12 en Economics, velocity and security true
Streamlined Kubernetes, from Cloud to Edge /engage/eu-kubernetes-event webinar kubernetes, cloud, edge 2020-05-11 en Innovating and scaling efficiently, with Charmed Kubernetes and MicroK8s true
Embracing the open source mandate /engage/moving-to-opensource-whitepaper whitepaper open-source 2020-04-28 en 85% of enterprises have an open source mandate, preference or are exploring true
What’s new in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS? /engage/20.04-webinars webinar desktop, server 2020-04-16 en Two webinars to help you understand what makes 20.04 our most secure and reliable release to date true
Maintaining business focus in a cloud-native world with Managed Apps /engage/managed-apps-webinar webinar cloud 2020-04-09 en true
Ubuntu Core: a cybersecurity analysis /engage/ubuntu-core-security-audit whitepaper ubuntu-core, security, iot 2020-03-31 en An independent evaluation of Ubuntu Core’s security capabilities true
OpenStack deployment guide /engage/openstack-deployment-guide whitepaper openstack 2020-03-31 en Discover Canonical’s proven OpenStack implementation process true
Installez et mettez OpenStack à l’échelle en toute simplicité /engage/fr/openstack-made-easy eBook openstack 2020-03-29 fr true
Virtual event: MicroK8s & Kubernetes /engage/pre-kubecon-event event kubernetes 2020-03-24 en Join our virtual event to learn more about MicroK8s, what it is and why you should use it. This event will also include discussions on Kubernetes, an introduction to Canonical and much more! true
Rigado cuts customers’ time-to-market /engage/case-study-rigado case study iot, ubuntu-core, snaps 2020-03-19 en with Ubuntu Core and AWS true
Securing ROS robotics platforms /engage/securing-ros-on-robotics-platforms-whitepaper whitepaper robotics, security 2020-03-11 en Steps to maximise robotics security with Ubuntu true
Smart card login on Ubuntu /engage/smart-card-whitepaper whitepaper security 2020-03-09 en Configure Ubuntu 18.04 LTS for smart card operation true
Hosted private cloud infrastructure: a cost analysis /engage/private-cloud-cost-analysis-webinar webinar openstack, cloud, kubernetes, maas 2020-03-02 en Accelerate initial deployment and reduce operational costs by outsourcing private cloud infrastructure management true
Accelerating IoT device time to market /engage/smart-start-webinar webinar iot 2020-02-26 en Challenges and solutions for IoT execution true
An introduction to Anbox Cloud /engage/anbox-cloud-webinar webinar cloud 2020-02-25 en Scalable Android™ in the cloud true
ESM maintains Interana’s system security while upgrading /engage/interana-casestudy case study security 2020-02-17 en true
Artificial Intelligence at the edge in a 5G world /engage/ai-edge-webinar webinar ai, ml, edge 2020-02-07 en Deploying AI/ML solutions in latency-sensitive environments requires a new solution architecture approach true
Deploy Kubernetes in your data centre /engage/dell-kubernetes-webinar webinar kubernetes 2020-02-07 en true
Migration von VMware zu OpenStack /engage/de/migration-von-vmware-zu-openstack webinar openstack 2020-02-04 de Wie ein Umstieg auf Charmed OpenStack die Gesamtkosten spürbar senken kann true
De VMware a Charmed OpenStack /engage/es/vmware-a-charmed-openstack whitepaper openstack 2020-02-04 es Cómo la migración a Charmed OpenStack puede reducir significativamente el TCO true
Kubernetes: a secure, flexible and automated edge for IoT developers /engage/microk8s-451research whitepaper kubernetes, edge, iot 2020-01-10 en The factors for implementing Kubernetes successfully at the edge true
An intro to MicroK8s /engage/intro-to-microk8s-webinar webinar kubernetes 2019-12-19 en Reliable, fast, small and upstream Kubernetes true
Ubuntu Desktop for the enterprise /engage/linux-enterprise-whitepaper whitepaper desktop 2019-12-19 en Learn why enterprises are beginning to adopt Linux as a desktop operating system true
Cyberdyne keeps cleaning robots up-to-date in the field with snaps /engage/cyberdyne case study robotics, iot 2019-12-18 en true
SBI Group unlocks infrastructure automation with secure, on-premises OpenStack cloud /engage/sbi-casestudy case study openstack 2019-12-06 en true
Register for WSLConf /engage/wslconf event wsl 2019-12-06 en true
Build smart display devices with Mir: fast to production, secure, open-source /engage/build-smart-devices-with-mir-whitepaper whitepaper iot 2019-11-27 en true
Linux security with Ubuntu /engage/linux_security_webinar webinar security 2019-11-14 en Securing Ubuntu systems for reduced downtime and optimum CVE coverage. true
Lessons learned from 100+ Private cloud builds /engage/private-cloud-build-webinar webinar openstack, cloud 2019-11-12 en Reducing the complexities of building a private cloud on OpenStack true
The Wellcome Sanger Institute turns to Canonical for high level Ceph support /engage/wellcome-sanger-case-study case study ceph, openstack 2019-11-04 en true
Ensuring security and isolation in Kubernetes with Kata Containers /engage/kata-containers-webinar webinar security 2019-11-01 en true
TIM ensures system security and client confidence with ESM /engage/case-study-acuris case study security, ubuntu-advantage 2019-10-22 en true
What’s new in Ubuntu 19.10 /engage/19-10-webinar webinar desktop 2019-10-17 en Ubuntu 19.10 includes enhanced K8s capabilities for edge and AI/ML, OpenStack Train live-migration extensions for easier infrastructure deployments and more. true
How Domotz streamlined provisioning of IoT devices /engage/domotz-case-study case study ubuntu-core, snaps, iot 2019-10-10 en Learn how Ubuntu Core and snaps gives Domotz a competitive advantage true
Yahoo! Japan builds their IaaS environment with Canonical /engage/yahoo-japan-case-study case study openstack, maas, juju, ubuntu-advantage, security 2019-10-08 en true
Accelerating deep tech with Ubuntu /engage/deeptech webinar iot, robotics 2019-10-02 en true
From VMWare To Charmed OpenStack /engage/vmware-to-charmed-openstack whitepaper openstack 2019-09-04 en Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your infrastructure with open source adoption true
Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) /engage/get-started-with-ai-part-2 webinar ai, ml 2019-09-11 en Deploy at scale true
How to manage snaps in an enterprise environment /engage/enterprise-snap-management whitepaper snaps, security 2019-08-20 en How the Snap Store Proxy overcomes challenges presented by restricted networks and management policies true
A guide to developing Android apps on Ubuntu /engage/developing-android-on-ubuntu whitepaper desktop, apps 2019-08-13 en true
Creating a cloud-like bare metal experience in the data centre /engage/maas-hardware-testing whitepaper maas 2019-08-08 en true
Creating accurate AI models with data /engage/data-pipelines-kubeflow webinar kubeflow, ai 2019-08-08 en How Kubeflow and machine learning help you get the most out of your data true
IMS Evolve adopts Ubuntu Core to provide IoT-enabled business intelligence in the supply chain /engage/casestudy-imsevolve case study iot 2019-07-17 en true
Rocket.Chat communication platform enables simplicity through snaps /engage/casestudy-rocketchat case study snaps, apps 2019-07-17 en true
Server Provisioning: What Network Admins & IT Pros Need to Know /engage/ebook-maas eBook server 2019-07-17 en true
Building a private cloud? Take the leap! /engage/private-cloud eBook openstack, cloud 2019-07-17 en true
Make IT rain: public cloud on Ubuntu OpenStack /engage/public-cloud eBook openstack, cloud 2019-07-17 en true
Learn What’s New In Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS /engage/whats-new-ubuntu-14-04-lts whitepaper server, openstack 2019-07-17 en true
How Ubuntu helped InnovaPOS revolutionise the vending machine industry /engage/casestudy-innovapos case study iot 2019-07-16 en true
NEXIONA collaborates with Canonical and Dell to create MIIMETIQ EDGE /engage/casestudy-nexiona case study iot 2019-07-16 en true
Azeti uses Ubuntu Core to improve deployment and security /engage/casestudy-azeti case study security, iot 2019-07-16 en true
AZLOGICA utilise Ubuntu Core for customised IoT agricultural solutions /engage/casestudy-azlogica case study iot 2019-07-16 en true
BotsAndUs builds a social robot on Ubuntu /engage/casestudy-botsandus case study robotics 2019-07-16 en true
Cinergy makes significant digital signage saving with Screenly Pro and Ubuntu Core /engage/casestudy-cinergy case study digital-signage 2019-07-16 en true
Commercetools uses Ubuntu Server to power its next-generation ecommerce platform /engage/casestudy-commercetools case study server, e-commerce 2019-07-16 en true
For CTOs: the no-nonsense way to accelerate your business with containers /engage/whitepaper-containers whitepaper telco 2019-07-16 en true
Taking charge of the IoT’s security vulnerabilities /engage/whitepaper-iot-security whitepaper iot, security 2019-07-16 en true
The essential guide for Telecoms and Service Providers adopting big data solutions /engage/essential-guide-big-data-solutions eBook telco, openstack 2019-07-15 en true
City Network brings OpenStack cloud hosting to the financial services sector with Canonical /engage/casestudy-city-network case study cloud 2019-07-15 en true
CTO’s guide to SDN, NFV & VNF /engage/cto-guide-sdn-nfv-vnf eBook networking 2019-07-15 en Why is the transition happening and why is it important? true
Sensape uses Landscape to remotely support revolutionary interactive retail displays /engage/casestudy-sensape case study digital-signage 2019-07-15 en true
How to face the challenges of becoming a cloud operator /engage/cloud-fray eBook cloud, openstack, telco 2019-07-15 en true
Low latency and real time kernels for telco and NFV /engage/low-latency-report whitepaper telco 2019-07-15 en true
How to escape StuckStack and profit from your OpenStack investment /engage/stuckstack-ebook eBook openstack 2019-07-15 en true
Carrier Cloudification: What every telecom executive needs to know /engage/telco-cloudification-ebook eBook telco, cloud, openstack 2019-07-15 en true
NFV and SDN on OpenStack /engage/nfv-sdn-openstack eBook openstack, networking 2019-07-12 en true
OpenStack made easy /engage/openstack-made-easy eBook openstack 2019-07-12 en With the right tools, OpenStack can be easy true
Telcos and Service Providers expect near 100% uptime /engage/openstack-telco-clouds eBook telco, openstack, cloud 2019-07-12 en This requires a proven cloud platform that minimises time-to-revenue and ensures predictable costs. true
A shift to the Linux app store experience /engage/shift-to-app-store-experience whitepaper apps, snaps 2019-07-11 en The key to optimising software distribution in a fragmented environment. true
Le support d’Ubuntu 14.04 LTS est maintenant passé à ESM /engage/fr/esm_1404 blog security 2019-06-28 fr true
A guide to edge computing and the tools you need /engage/edge-month webinar edge, cloud, kubernetes, maas 2019-06-27 en Learn how edge computing provides enterprises with real-time data processing, cost-effective security and scalability. true
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