Empty state > UX writing (Tone of voice) and Principles

UX writing - Tone of voice

  1. Genuine, principled, accessible, reliable, playful, and adventurous. {reference}

  2. We should try to use active voice by default.

  3. Eg: “Re-attach your machines to continue”


  1. The user must understand that the element has finished loading

  2. For example, continually showing a loading spinner or skeleton would be misleading

  3. The user must understand that the data or content is empty

  4. The view should indicate that this is an empty state of some type

  5. The user should be given clear next steps to rectify this state

  6. The user should understand what might be there if the state were not empty

*Caveat: For CLI usage, use the Command line guideline as a reference for empty states.