Efstathios Iosifidis | Membership Application

Hello, I would like to apply for an Ubuntu membership.

1. A summary of your contributions to Ubuntu (no longer than 2-3 lines per item)
Member of Ubuntu Greek Loco team and also translators team.
Ubuntu Greek Facebook administrator team
Promotion to LUGs and Linux Teams

2. A link to your Launchpad profile:

3. A complete description of your contributions to Ubuntu

  • Proud user since version 7.04. My favorite was Hardy Heron 8.04.
  • Today I use Ubuntu 22.04 on an old MacBook and on several Raspberry Pis supporting my sideways projects.
  • I am a member of the Ubuntu Greek Facebook group. It has approximately 8000 members.
  • I am a member of the Greek Loco team and Translation team. Not very active lately. I translate upstream.
  • I started using GNOME since day one (version 2.18). I became GNOME translation coordinator on September 2014. The GUI was 90%+ fully translated for more than 10 past versions.
  • I write articles about Ubuntu (mostly in Greek) on my site. There are articles about other major FOSS projects, some based on Ubuntu server.
  • Attended many release parties in Athens and in Thessaloniki (11.04, 12.10). Lately I hosted one for 22.10. Attended Ubuntu Hour 2017. I have been to Ubuntu Summit, which maybe was the best conference I have been to.
  • I represent Ubuntu in Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece. I am the key person when someone wants to host an event and invite someone to present Ubuntu.
  • My contributions are visible to https://opensource.uom.gr/. I am one of the founders of the FOSS community at my University. I mostly mentor other members there. I introduce them to the Linux world through Ubuntu.
  • I am a member of the organizing committee of many global conferences. Examples are GUADEC 2019 and KDE Akademy 2023.

4. Your plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the future
At the Open Source UoM community, we have a plan to create a script for installing all the necessary software for our classes. Here is my repo. When it will be ready I will move it to Open source UoM repo.
To continue this, we want to create a live ISO based on Ubuntu (maybe Kubuntu) with everything installed and working out of the box.
Of course, we have plans to promote Ubuntu to more students at our university.
Try to host more events.

Hello iosifidis

Good works that you do :smiley:
I look forward to processing your application.

May I remind you to follow the guide:

insuring that you submit supporting testimonials from your peers, and when ready notify us via our submissions page:
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards of your desired meting time.



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I have known Efstathios for more than ten years through his contributions to free/open-source software and Ubuntu.
I have met him IRL several times at FOSS conferences, including FOSDEM, an annual Greek FOSS conference, and Ubuntu release parties in Athens.
He is an admin at the Ubuntu Greek Facebook group.
He caters very well the localisation of GNOME into the Greek language. My task as coordinator and maintainer of quality assurance for the Greek localisation of Ubuntu is greatly simplified.

I am an Ubuntu Member since 2009.

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Efstathios does great work with Ubuntu, helping users, promoting and sharing stuff through social media, workshops and much more! He is a good friend and a loyal servant in Ubuntu community. He is dedicate lot of his time promoting Ubuntu in Greece. His contribution is very important and impressive as he is been doing a great job spreading the word about Ubuntu for many years and I believe he is a valuable asset to the community.
I am also an Ubuntu member and I believe that Efstatios is a good addition in Ubuntu members team.

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Efstathios, who I have known for over a decade through his contributions to free/open-source software and his role as a coordinator of meetups, localisation and forum administration in the Greek Ubuntu community. In my experience, Efstathios has proven to be a dedicated and talented individual who has a strong passion for technology and free-open source software.

Throughout his involvement in the Ubuntu community, Efstathios has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting and helping others and I have seen first-hand his dedication and talent in the field. He has been instrumental in organizing and coordinating local meetups, ensuring that they are productive and inclusive. His contributions to the localization effort have helped to bring free software to the Ubuntu experience to users in Greece, and his role as a Ubuntu Greek Facebook administrator has allowed him to provide support and guidance to other members of the community.

I am confident that Efstathios will continue to make valuable contributions to Ubuntu as a fellow Ubuntu Member as I am since 2013

Efstathios is a known figure in the Greek FOSS Community with many contributions over the years.

He has been a very active volunteer in various ways, such as helping in translations, creating and making presentations, organizing community events and participating in many conventions.

As an Ubuntu member I believe that Efstatios woule make a good addition in Ubuntu members team.

Efstathios has been my mentor at my participation in Google Summer of Code 2019.

He has helped me to find my way in FOSS community and has supported me on my first contributions. As he’s always an active volunteer, giving talks in FOSS conferences, writing articles or helping on various open source projects’ booths, I’ve learned a lot from him and spent hours exchanging knowledge. His generosity meant that this time was invaluable for me.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Efstathios for Ubuntu members team.

Efstathios; Hey !

It is regrettable that we as a team failed to notice your chosen meeting date. But, in all honesty a few hours notice does not do the team justice; we do prefer a week or so advanced notice. Please select again a future meeting date (a Thursday works the better for us in the Western hemisphere - arising at 5 AM is taxing - however, will do! )


It is my great pleasure , on behalf if the Membership board, to welcome our newest member in recognition of valuable contributions. Congrats and welcome to the team upon your successful application; unanimously voted in by the board.

Keep on Keep’n on