Documentation Office Hours

Hi! Looking forward to attending the next meeting :slight_smile:


And I’m looking forward to the next one :slight_smile: Just found out about ODA through the video on IDEs (now that I’ve seemed to have outgrown my distro-hopping phase I’m into editor-hopping)

This may not be the best place for introductions, but… it’s definitely the liveliest thread

I’m happy to help with some quick edits (hi @dimple-kuriakose :slight_smile: ) now that I’m getting ready for holiday at the end of the month and then moving on from a 2 year stint in translating bootcamp courses (PL<->EN) into more direct authoring.

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Hi @krzysiekwie, welcome! It’s great to have you here and also your first contribution, which is already published! :slight_smile:

We’ll look forward to meeting you in the next office hours.

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