Documentation Office Hours index

The following table lists our previous Documentation Office Hours recordings with direct links to the videos.

For the schedule of future office hours, and for our ideas pool, see Documentation Office Hours schedule.

Office Hours recording index

Date Presenters Demo / discussion and YouTube link
01/03/24 Graham Introduction to the Academy and team
08/03/24 Graham git and GitHub workflow demo
15/03/24 Graham, Robert GitHub UI and git user interfaces
22/03/24 Robert Free beer vs Freedom
29/03/24 Graham Text editor roundup
05/04/24 Andreia, Robert Documentation testing and frameworks
12/04/24 Graham, Robert Authoring frameworks and markup languages
19/04/24 Graham Closed task review and new task overview
26/04/24 Graham JIRA for task management
03/05/24 Graham 9 tips for better writing
10/05/24 Graham, Shane, Giulia, Robert, Andreia Live from Madrid: QA session
17/05/24 Keirthana, Graham, Nick, Andreia, Robert Live from Madrid: How to approach tutorials
24/05/24 Graham Demonstration of Discourse and Sphinx docs systems
31/05/24 Graham, Ruth, Robert, Shane and Dimple What text editor do you use and why?
07/06/24 Robert, Artem, Ruth, Bill, Graham Documentation as Code
14/06/24 Nick, Shane, Graham Vale for testing documentation
21/06/24 Artem Tips for getting hired as a technical writer or author
28/06/24 Keirthana Technical Author or Technical Writer