Documentation Office Hours 29 June 2024: Technical author or technical writer

Technical author or technical writer?

Encyclopedic-sized thank you to @keirthana for hosting, researching and putting this together session together

Here are the slides from the presentation

00:05 Welcome and updates
01:46 Technical author or technical writer
02:22 The idea
04:17 Technical writer
07:00 Technical author
09:30 Influence circle
12:05 Technical writer job description
12:45 Technical author job description
14:40 Recap
15:55 Questions and answers session
16:00 Should technical writers have more authority to change things?
18:00 What technical writers bring to the table
21:00 Is the role then closer to being a project manager
21:55 How much support you need from your organisation to change the scope of your role
30:00 Does working as a writer or as an author produce better documentation
31:50 Does this mean engineers need to be good writers
39:35 General discussion