Discussion: Support Requests

Wow. And it’s labeled “Get free community support”. That link should indeed go away.

No, of course not. For instance, the top of the https://help.ubuntu.com pages includes these links:

Personally I think that makes sense. (I.e. once the confusing link at https://www.ubuntu.com/support/community-support has been removed.)

I’ve filed an Issue

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This is now fixed :slight_smile:


We’ve been linking to http://www.ubuntu.com/support/community from bugs for a long time. We do it when somebody is filing a bug in the bug tracker but is actually looking for support.

It used to lead to a list of community support options. Basically a “how can I get help with Ubuntu?” page. I’ve just discovered that it’s leading directly to https://community.ubuntu.com/ only now. I guess these needs to go to https://www.ubuntu.com/support/community-support also?

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I’d say https://www.ubuntu.com/support/community-support instead rather than “also”.


I think we agree. By “also” I meant that this is an additional URL that needs to redirect to the same target.

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I filed https://github.com/canonical-websites/www.ubuntu.com/issues/2528


I’m a little late to the game, but that’s the best solution, bar none.