Desktop Weekly Newsletter - 27 October 2017

I’ll be starting the weekly round-up posts again now that the release is out and 18.04 is getting under way. At this early stage in the development cycle we’re spending a week or so tidying up the loose ends from 17.10, SRUing the important fixes that we’ve found, getting ready to sync new packages from Debian, and generally doing the groundwork to give us a clear run at 18.04. As you know, 18.04 will be an LTS release and so we will be focusing on stability and reliability this cycle, as well as a few new features. I’ll give a more detailed view into 18.04 in the coming weeks.

So, what’s been going on this week? You can read the full minutes of our weekly meeting here:

But here’s a quick overview…


  • Helped fix a crasher in GNOME Shell extensions.
  • Helped fix a crasher in the GNOME online accounts panel in settings
  • Fixed a crasher in the Printing indicator
  • Prepared updates to 17.10 to fix AppIndicators for Qt apps disappearing after suspend/resume & Control Center crashing to to dock settings panel.
  • Wrote patches to allow XWayland to report core dumps
  • Wrote patches to improve font rendering in GNOME Shell panels
  • Fixed a memory leak in Mutter
  • Helped add generic sandboxed app support to Mutter

New LibreOffice and Chromium snaps are available for testing:

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Good luck with 18.04 LTS :+1:t2:

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I’m liking the work with the new Ubuntu with the Gnome, they be very fast and the system for installation with SNAPs is very very easy. Only have to better the compatibility the drivers NVIDIA with the operational system, because laptops with hybrids system of VGA’s (Intel + NVIDIA) they are presenting “tearing screen” and at the time of formatting the laptop, the OS not boot =/ !!! I hope these problems are resolverd =D !!!