Desktop Team Updates - Monday 3rd October 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 26th September 2022

  • Began the GNOME Shell 43 transition in Debian
    – We actually ended up porting all but 2 Debian packaged GNOME Shell extensions to GNOME Shell 43 which I believe is a record for us. One at least appears to no longer be needed.
    – And we also made sure that the extensions set the minimum and maximum GNOME Shell versions they are compatible with in their Debian control files to make it easier to see which extensions will be incompatible with future major releases.
  • Switched Debian’s gjs to use mozjs102. Thanks Adrian and Simon for fixing the armel build which was a prerequisite for this.
  • Switch Debian GNOME to PipeWire for audio
  • Added GNOME Initial Setup to Debian GNOME default install
  • Updated Ubuntu 22.10 to stop installing iwd by default. We will keep using wpasupplicant for Ubuntu 22.10.
  • Mentored an individual in preparing the Unicode 15 color emoji font update for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
  • Survived Hurricane Ian :cyclone:
    – Ordered to evacuate so I did to a local shelter and returned
    – I had minimal damage to my property but I know others in my community who are suffering a lot more. I’m trying to help others out where I can while taking care of myself.


Firmware Updater

Desktop Installer




  • Fixed bug in WSL installer where SNAP_VERSION was unbound (issue and fix)


  • Finished fixing bug whereby snapd only detected WSL1, but not WSL2 PR 12137.
  • Kept working on snapd distinguishing WSL1 from WSL2. PR 12179.


  • Revived old PR to redirect issues submitted in WSL to Github PR 1.


  • Mostly finished my demo of developping cross-platform numerical computing applications with MPI with the help of WSL.
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  • Implemented the policy manager for the drive sharing policy;
  • Updated the ADMX / ADML templates to add the option to configure the new drive sharing policy in active directory.
  • worked with Robert on getting ubuntu-advantage-desktop-daemon SRUed to Xenial
  • tried to debug a bit the ubuntu-desktop-installer snap failing to build on amd64 due to ‘flutter pub get’ hitting an exception but without result, thanks @jp for picking it up and figuring out a workaround!
  • continued debugging some iwd connection issues, turned out that it has a psk config with a wrong password and ignored the one provided to iwctl to use that one
  • Proposed an UDS talk on Desktop reports and automation
  • Merged the software-properties-gtk changes from Robert
  • sponsored several of the kinetic build fixes from Nathan
  • tested and sponsored the speech-dispatcher socket activation update from Nathan

Steam Snap

  • Testing core22 builds of Steam
  • Tried a few different things for MangoHud, still no success
  • xdg-desktop-portal PR still open

Created an updated Godot 3.5 Snap

  • Had some issues building main/4.0
  • cups-filters: Code clean-up work for the cups-filters 2.x release continuing …
  • foomatic-db: worked out a solution to make the daily snapshots of foomatic-db work again on the OpenPrinting web server at OSUOSL with maintainer Violet Kurtz. No distros can easily create an up-to-date foomatic-db package again.
  • Ubuntu Summit 2022: Mainly worked on the organization of the Snap Tutorial Track (“Your app everywhere, just in a Snap!”), finding speakers (and already submitted workshops) for the tutorial units (all held as interactive workshops): “Snapping like Hell(sworth)” by @hellsworth and Diddledani, “Snapping desktop apps” by @oSoMoN and Jonathan Riddell (or Scarlett Moore TBD), “Deploying Flutter apps on Linux Desktop” by @cnihelton and @hellsworth, “Daemon Snapper’s Workshop” by @till-kamppeter, and “ROS Deployment Workshop” by Guillaume Beuzebo. Also lined up the panelists for the intro session for the track. While finding speakers for the Flutter-app-snapping workshop, I made @frederik-f also creating a workshop “How to build an Ubuntu Flutter Desktop App like LEGO” and together with “Deploying Flutter apps on Linux Desktop” and the already submitted “A gentle introduction to creating UI in Flutter” by Michal Predotka I created a Flutter tutorial track as by-product. So my initial idea of a Snap track led to 5 additional workshops on the Summit. Also reviewed submissions, contacted submitters for corrections, and convinced Valentin Viennot to upgrade his lightning talk to a full-sized talk with demo and modified my submission “OpenPrinting - Join the team to make printing just work” as my Indian colleagues do not get visa for Prague.
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: Continued mentoring our 7 great contributors. Usual Telegram chats, video meetings, Pull Requests. For the 4 contributors who got a 4-week extension the coding ends in 1 week from now, of one I already reviewed the final report. The sub-team on the GNOME Control Center “Printers” module and one of the contributors on scanning support with PAPPL have still 3 weeks from now.
  • Bugs.


  • started implementing a new native dart client library to access the GNOME session manager (and potentially others in the future)
  • added basic functionality to gracefully reboot/shutdown the system after showing a confirmation dialog
  • published the initial version on


  • use ubuntu_session.dart to reboot the system after installing a firmware update, if the device requests it #42


  • Wrote a spec document proposing an architecture for end-to-end tests for the WSL appx.
  • Worked on a minimal working test case to demonstrate the proposed architecture.
  • Changed the SetOnceNamedEvent abstraction to better support the upcoming end-to-end testing scenarios. WSL #277
  • Added a call to ensure the child process is ready for input as a preparation for the upcoming end-to-end tests. WSL #278.
  • Fixed a bug in exception handling of the NamedEvent abstraction causing garbage to be transported as part of the error message. UDI #1144
  • Ensured named events are only created on the setup workflow of the OOBE. UDI #1145
  • Fixed a bug preventing launcher actions to be taken after GUI setup with the OOBE on Windows. WSL #279
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firefox24 firefox

  • 105.0 is now available in all supported releases, and I’m preparing the 105.0.2 update
  • implemented changes for James’ new GetManifest API in the portal
  • responded to questions on the native messaging call for testing threads

thunderbird24 thunderbird

package24 other

  • hanged around at Akademy 2022 in Barcelona
    • cool welcome event in a nice place, met IRL with my colleagues @ilvipero and @adamszopa
    • BoFs on Monday (app stores, flatpak)
    • interesting hallway track conversations with old and new faces