Desktop Team Updates – Monday 27th February 2023

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates – Monday 20th February 2023

  • Helped verify the Ubuntu 22.04.2 desktop images, which was released yesterday
  • Lots of work getting GNOME 44 Beta into Ubuntu 23.04 before Feature Freeze, also yesterday :tired_face:
  • Pushed a temporary fix yesterday for slow app starting because our version of xdg-desktop-portal-gnome was newer than our version of Mutter in Ubuntu 23.04.
  • Temporarily skipped some mutter build tests which got much more flaky this release.
  • Packaged libdex, a new library needed by GNOME Builder 44
  • Prepared initial packaging for gcr4 but getting further code review before uploading
    • gcr4 appears to be a prerequisite for Epiphany 44 Beta (which also switched to gtk4) so that packaging is delayed
  • Pushed the first webkit2gtk 2.39 build for Ubuntu 23.04.
    • Created todo items for the 2 features we had to disable because the dependencies aren’t in Ubuntu main
    • Filed an upstream bug for webkit no longer building on riscv64. Actually, there was an exceptionally high rate of new GNOME module releases not being buildable on some of our architectures this cycle: I am counting seven!
  • Filed a Launchpad bug for an incompatibility Ubuntu has with an input change made in gnome-settings-daemon 44. Needs more investigation next week.
  • Finished the gstreamer 1.22 bad packaging for Ubuntu 23.04
  • Dropped Archive Manager (file-roller) from the Ubuntu Desktop 23.04 minimal install
  • Synced cdbs for the first time since 2005. This is possible because it’s used far less often than it used to be and Debian’s cdbs is now running dh_scour. cdbs does some cool things, but eventually dh became a better way to build Debian packages.

Software Store

  • Tested bulk refresh for snap packages. We might stick with the current method of refreshing each snap one by one though, since it provides the user with progress information for each individual update.
    I’ll look into other ways of resolving the original issue (user has to cancel each polkit authentication dialog individually) this week.





  • A simple calculator sample to act as a starting point for single-page Yaru apps
  • Worked on backporting autopkgtest from lunar to jammy which led to finding a bug in lunar (LP#2008740). Still trying to fix this bug.
  • Lined up the Feb edition of the indaba and it will happen Sunday March 5: discourse post
  • security training
  • tested Sergio’s snapd-desktop-integration in candidate to verify this bug was fixed.
  • tested Sergio’s pipewire ppa and looks great!
  • QPDF: Synced the qpdf package of Lunar to the newest upstream version 11.3.0 from Debian. Upstream maintainer Jay Berkenbilt promises much better performance and many bug fixes. A GSoC contributor candidate is currently working on updating OpenPrinting’s Snaps from QPDF 10.x to 11.3.0.
  • Linux App Summit 2023 in Brno: Reviewed the 44 submissions of talks, lightning talks, workshops, and BOFs … We will get an amazing conference … Second teaser in February News
  • Google Summer of Code 2023: Continued assigning GitHub issues and other work items to contributor candidates and mentoring them on working on the issues. Partially I am also already introducing candidates into possible projects. Also guiding mentors of other (non-OpenPrinting) workgroups of the Linux Foundation to post their project ideas.
  • OpenPrinting: Monthly video meeting and February News Post. Highlights are Linux Foundation accepted as GSoC 2023 org, Linux App Summit 2023, CPDB support merged into GTK upstream, New Architecture going into Ubuntu and Red Hat
  • Bugs.