Desktop Team Updates - Monday 24th October 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 17th October 2022



  • Finished apparmor machine policy manager implementation
  • Started working on the user policy manager for apparmor
  • Various improvements and fixes for adsys


  • My earlier work to upstream our spice changes to Debian landed, so that we can sync it as soon as Ubuntu 23.10 opens for development.
  • Wrote test cases for mutter, GNOME Shell, gjs, and GNOME Calendar. These are used when we upload new major releases to the development release and when we do any SRUs.
  • I prepared a major update of gjs for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to use gjs from GNOME 43 which uses mozjs102. This is waiting on handling by the Security Team now.
  • Applied a tracker-miners crash fix for Ubuntu 22.10
  • Applied some fixes from the future mutter 43.1 to Ubuntu 22.10. Needed to temporarily disable build tests on armhf as a workaround for an issue that Daniel triaged to llvm
  • Restored the chatty app to Ubuntu 22.10 shortly before the Ubuntu 22.10 release. It was removed earlier because it needed to be updated to work with the new evolution-data-server.
  • Prepared some early GNOME 43.1 SRUs (evolution, evolution-data-server, gnome-calendar)
  • Started working again on fixing Google Contacts integration with Evolution (and the GNOME Contacts app) for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Debian 11.
  • I took care of important prerequisites for my travel to the Ubuntu Summit, which took a significant amount of my week.
  • I’ll be out next week using my annual leave and traveling to Prague for the Ubuntu Summit

Desktop Installer





  • added a status banner (#107)
  • enabled upower in the snap (#108)
  • some UI adjustments to improve responsiveness (#109)
  • added more tests for the services (#110)
  • simplified error handling (#115)
  • started working on a simple notification service (#116)


  • opened a PR to support DeviceRequest signals (#30)
  • cups-filters: Code clean-up work for the cups-filters 2.x release is nearly completed. Now all C code contained in cups-filters is cleaned up. Also all the license/copyright headers in the C code files are updated to the new Apache 2.0 license (same license as CUPS). Now only the non-C files (PPD files, *.drv PPD generator files, …) need their header updated. After that, the repos will get separated.
  • Ubuntu Summit 2022: Scheduling is slowly progressing and 4 of my 6 original submissions got approved: “Your app everywhere, just in a Snap!” (Snap Tutorial Track Intro panel session), “Daemon Snapper’s Workshop”, “OpenPrinting - Join the team to make printing just work!”, and “Save Legacy Printers under Windows with WSL and Printer Applications”. There will be no pre-scheduled BoFs, therefore my 2 BoF proposals got rejected (but there will be space for space for spontaneous BoFs). Continued to nag the scheduling team to put the sessions into the right order and to not require to cut the speakers into 2 pieces (when 2 of their sessions run in parallel). Found out in GSoC aftermath that one of the former contributors moved to Amsterdam and quickly integrated him into the OpenPrinting session and now he is invited to the Summit, 10 days before it starts! Started planning and designing my sessions: E-mail thread with all panelists of Snap Intro, also e-mail thread with panelists of OpenPrinting session, chat and shared document with Sergio Cazzolato to prepare the Daemon Snapper’s Workshop.
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: Now the coding period has ended for all the contributors and they have submitted their work products. Next step is to assure that everything goes upstream, pull/merge requests being posted and worked on for approval by the maintainers.
  • OpenPrinting: Posted the October News Post. Special features this month are: Splitting of cups-filters 2.0, Ubuntu Summit 2022 last teaser, 4th and last month of GSoC 2022.
  • Bugs.

firefox24 firefox

  • validated 106.0 and handed over to the security team
  • bumped nightly snap builds to 108.0

chromium22 chromium

flutter24 Ubuntu Store



  • Completed the end-to-end testing CI workflow. # 297

  • Fixed a bug in the old setup experience introduced with the test feature causing the slide show to not automatically quit. # 311

  • Troubleshot a crash in CI caused by snapd v2.57.4 before interacting with the OOBE. Temporarily disabled it while the new version comes. # 309

  • Fix a CI crash due the prefill file consistently not being written by the launcher. # 316

  • Reviewed pull requests related to enhancing the end-to-end tests. # 298, # 295 and # 292

  • Started exploring backporting the latest features from Kinetic into Jammy.


  • Kinetic ISO testing
  • Worked on updating the testcases for the new installer, posted about it, updated the tracker
  • investigated gnome-software not displaying notifications about available firmware upgrades and reported upstream
  • reviewed and tested the snap-store notification fix
  • tested an upstream gnome-software change to set the firmware updates priority and cherrypicked to snap-store
  • wrote a new testcase for the first login wizard
  • reviewed some PRs for the new installer
  • worked with design to get new installer slideshow images for the Canary installer since they use a different resolution
  • proposed small improvements to ubuntu-manual-tests
  • SRUed a gdk-pixbuf fix for the pixbuf loader .pc reference being wrong
  • Backported webp-pixbuf-loader as a SRU to 22.04
  • Investigated a bit why typing ‘Amst’ in the installer tz selector would return ‘Amstɛrɩdam’ instead of ‘Amsterdam’. Seems like an issue with the service since a query on the website has the same behaviour. Unsure how to go next
  • Wrote a discourse post sharing some of the learning from my testcases updates