Desktop Team Updates - Monday 20th September 2021

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 13th September 2021

  • WSL
    • Publication of daily Ubuntu images for Impish to the Microsoft Store are now fully automated.
    • Reviewed several PRs to complete the work on the text OOBE.
    • Started on the packaging of system_setup and running the installer from the snap package without snapd running on the system.
  • ESM
    • Reviewed the specification.
  • Customer meetings
  • CUPS Snap: Waiting for @ijohnson’s pull request on snapd for the cups printing interface to get merged by the snapd team. Good News: I talked with @ijohnson and he will finish this in October, so that we have the full JJ cycle for testing and user application snappers can finally easily upload to the Snap Store. Also discussed with @sergiusens and @ijohnson about a possible snapcraft extension to ease snapping user applications which print.
  • CUPS Snap: Updated the included cups-filters to 1.28.10.
  • cups-filters: In IPP-attributes-to-PPD-options auto mapper rules considering “ColorMode” also with prefix (like “cupsColorMode”) now.
  • HPLIP Printer Application, Debian: Reviewed/Tested new Debian printing maintainer Thorsten Alteholz’s HPLIP 3.21.8 Debian update (in experimental now). Asked him for thoroughly documenting the update method and committing his work to the GIT, so that I can use it as base for the Snap.
  • Ubuntu Office Hours: @hellsworth’s update of last week raised my interest in the Ubuntu Office Hours on the “Ubuntu OnAir” YouTube channel and so I talked with @madhens and worked out the “Summer of Printers” episode on October 7, about OpenPrinting’s participation in the Google Summer of Code, with me and some students, also to inspire volunteers joining OpenPrinting. See also my announcement. Thanks a lot @madhens and @hellsworth!
  • Linux Plumbers Conference 2021: The OpenPrinting Micro-Conference is taking place on this Monday (Sep 20), 14:00 -18:00 UTC! With Michael Sweet (author of CUPS, main creator on IPP and driverless printing), me, and others to discuss the newest development in printing (Watch live for free on YouTube, Instructions to join the discussion/chat for free) Prepared the slides for my three sub-sessions, struggled with LibreOffice, tested conference system log-in and AV, invited students to participate, issued free conference pass for Thorsten Alteholz, new Debian printing maintainer, announced the event in my September News Post, all slides are available on the schedules page (mine also with *.odp sources). Hope you will all enjoy the OPenPrinting MC and Linux Plumbers in general. Update: Recording on YouTube.
  • OpenPrinting: Posted the September news post with announcements for Linux Plumbers, Ubuntu Office Hours, and the results of this year’s Google Summer of Code.
  • Bugs.

Desktop Installer

  • WSL
    • Publication of daily Ubuntu images for Impish to the Microsoft Store are now fully automated.
    • Reviewed several PRs to complete the work on the text OOBE.
  • MIR
    • Reviewed and discussed various aspects about rust packaging in Ubuntu.
  • Organized the next indaba (this Friday, Sept 24 @ 5pm UTC) that will be all about Flutter!!!
  • LO snap:
    • fixed github action not building
    • added tag and release for 7.2.0 that includes the jpeg fix
    • built 7.2.1 and it’s in --edge (lgtm), going to release it to stable early this week
    • filed ugly fonts bug
  • worked on network-manager bug, got stuck, @jibel unstuck me (Thanks! :slight_smile: )

firefox24 firefox

chromium22 chromium

  • updating stable to 93.0.4577.82
  • updated beta to 94.0.4606.50

flutter24 Ubuntu Desktop Installer

package24 other

  • did GNOME updates
  • fixed the bluez build with the new glibc
  • update the thunderbird candidate snap to 91.1.1