Desktop Team Updates – Monday 20th March 2023

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates – Monday 13th March 2023

  • Worked with Marco to land gnome-control-center 44rc before User Interface Freeze
  • Worked with Marco to land gnome-shell 44rc also
  • The new gcr4 packages were accepted into Debian and Ubuntu. We’ll need to keep the old gcr around for a while because GTK3 apps are still using it.
  • Now that gcr4 is in, I filed a Feature Freeze Exception so that we can have the new GTK4 version of the GNOME web browser Epiphany in Ubuntu 23.04.
  • Uploaded packages to Unstable for the proposed late webkitgtk transition for Debian. Similar uploads for Ubuntu 23.04
  • Tested the ostree fix for glib 2.76.0 and reported an issue. Even if that’s fixed, we are leaning towards reverting the annoying glib warning change anyway but ran out of time this week for it.
  • Fixed the gobject-introspection build in Debian & Ubuntu by reverting a new test that isn’t architecture-independent
  • Applied a suggested fix to get mozjs78 building again on all release architectures. Forgot I had fixed this for mozjs102 earlier.
  • Uploaded the mozjs102 security update to Debian and Ubuntu 23.04. Filed unblock requests in Debian for both mozjs78 and mozjs102 since Debian is now Hard Frozen.
  • Finished getting jpeg-xl to build on Ubuntu’s i386
  • Fixed an issue I should have noticed in sponsoring which temporarily caused issues with Debian’s bug tracker (unrelated to today’s Debian infrastructure problems. This did however provide the opportunity for someone to fix our gnome-pkg-tools script so that Marco shows up in the Uploader’s field.
  • Replied to Gunnar’s suggest watch file change for the Debian GNOME team
  • Participated in the Ubuntu Desktop Flavor sync meeting.



Update for 3 weeks, did not post the 2 previous weeks …

  • cups-filters: Released cups-browsed 2.0b4 with a test script for both build ( make check) and autopkgtests, as required for the inclusion in Main and a lot of bug fixes. Independent of this, and also of the MIR cups-browsed got promoted into Main by @vorlon (thanks a lot), as it is a split-off of a package which was already in Main. Got only note of it when uploading 2.0b4. In libppd I got several fixes for the new ppdTest() function from its contributor, GSoC candidate Biswadeep Purkayastha. In the upload of cups-filters I had problems with a failing autopkgtest of foo2zjs only on ppc64el, blocking its migration, discussed it with @vorlon and he reproduced it on a ppc64el VM and found a fix in foomatic-rip (thanks again!!). libcupsfilters got fixes for building with QPDF 11 and to run the cfFilterUniversal() filter function witout the filter-specific parameters.
  • Common Print Dialog Backends: Released 2.0b4 of all the three components, mainly for the added build test scripts as required by the MIRs. Also made the demo of cpdb-libs available as developer tools (mainly to ease writing test scripts for backend packages), and fixed several bugs discovered during test script development.
  • Linux App Summit 2023 in Brno: The final schedules are available now. My main talk, about the Common Print Dialog Backends (CPDB) support in print dialogs and the “Printers” module of GNOME Control Center, got accepted and will take place on Saturday, April 22, at 16:35 CEST. Unfortunately, due to the huge amount of great submissions and the limited time slots in only 2 rooms on 2 days, my Snap workshop and my OpenPrinting BoF did not get accepted.
  • Linux Plumbers Conference 2023 in Richmond, VA: Plumbers is late in the year this time, Nov 13-15, the week after the Engineering Sprint, and it is in the US (2.5 hours driving from @kenvandine’s home). I will most probably run the OpenPrinting micro-conference again there.
  • Google Summer of Code 2023: got several contributions by assignments to the candidates. Found candidates for most of the posted project ideas. Working with the candidates on their exact projects and their proposals now. Also found a candidate for the Braille Printer Application, which did not get completed last year. Started to line up the mentors, too, some being contributors of last year.
  • OpenPrinting: Monthly video meeting.
  • Bugs.
  • FFe to enable a modified version of the Ubuntu Pro tab in software-properties for Lunar
  • whitelisted argyll on i386 to unblock the new colord
  • updated ubuntu-wallpapers and ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu for the new wallpapers
  • updated the fonts-ubuntu package to the new version provided by design
  • continued working on updating the daily ISO CI for the new installer, submitted some of the work for review