Desktop Team Updates - Monday 19th December 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 12th December 2022

  • Worked on the Poppler transition to 22.12 (to land next month on Debian), patching some reverse dependencies that would fail to build with its new API.
  • Verified Jammy and Kinetic SRUs for gnome-remote-desktop.

Ubuntu Pro


  • Proposed removing file-roller from the default Ubuntu install
  • Uploaded Nathan’s work to split out the arch-independent common files of geocode-glib for smoother library transitions in the future
  • Updated the mozjs102 packaging for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to the latest 102.6 and got it built by the Security Team. Now trying to find an Archive Admin (probably on the SRU team) to accept it into jammy-proposed main.
  • Participated in merge proposal discussions about my proposed Debian GNOME session enabling the AppIndicator and Desktop Icons NG extensions by default.
  • Miscellaneous merges and new release packaging
  • Working with Nathan on the poppler transition for Debian and Ubuntu
  • The GNOME Shell SRU landed in Ubuntu 22.10 which fixes the WiFi captive portal popup
  • Common Print Dialog Backends (CPDB): Carried on the work with Gaurav Gauleria to get CPDB support into the print dialogs. He is doing the changes requested by GTK and Qt upstream and for that needs to also do some changes on CPDB and also finds bugs there. So I got several pull requests which I have accepted: Allow frontend (print dialog) to re-connect to the backend via D-Bus after disconnecting (commit), added functions to free dynamically allocated data structures (commit), removed hardcoded directory paths and used paths following the XDG base directory specs (commit), and some minor fixes. In the backends (CUPS and file) also removed hardcoded directory paths and used paths following the XDG base directory specs (commit cpdb-backend-cups, commit cpdb-backend-file). Also planned the future work on CPDB with Gaurav, especially handling of human-readable option strings and translations (to be polled from CUPS) and putting options into groups (“Media”, “Quality”, “Finishing”, …).
  • GNOME Control Center “Printers” module: Mohit Verma did very well in this year’s GSoC and has nearly completed the changes needed for the New Architecture in the “Add Printer” part (mainly adding support for Printer Applications as printer drivers), but the other GSoC contributor, working on the changes on the main screen (listing printers as IPP services with buttons for opening web admin interface and IPP System Service config) did not reach far enough. Mohit will carry on voluntarily here.
  • New Architecture in Ubuntu: Started planning the integration of the components for the switchover to the New Architecture with the CUPS Snap as the default printing system. Packaging, changes, MIRs, getting GUI changes through design teams, …
  • Ubuntu Summit 2022: Now also the edited recordings of day 2 are out, only the ones of day 3 are missing and should get posted later this week. For day 2 all the recordings of the breakout rooms (Karlin 1-4) are availabe, except for sessions where the speakers refused recording. Thanks a lot again, @ilvipero and @aaronprisk for all the hard editing work!! Here is the playlist of all sessions on YouTube (same as last week, day 2 videos simply added). And here is also the video of my OpenPrinting community panel, “OpenPrinting - Join the team to make printing just work!”. I have also updated my November OpenPrinting News with links to the recordings of all mentioned sessions. And in the December OpenPrinting News I have put an overview of coverage. Links to the recordings on YouTube, the photos, the blogs, both from Canonical and from the community/attendees, articles, especially from The Register, and lots of podcasts. They especially like my lightning talk about saving old printers under Windows and @Wimpress’ “Butterfly” project, an all-Flutter desktop.
  • OpenPrinting: Monthly video meeting and December News Post. Highlights are Adobe releasing source code of PostScript, Ubuntu Summit coverage, GSoC 2022 Upstreamization, and lots of releases!
  • Bugs.

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