Desktop Team Update - Monday 5th August 2019

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week.

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Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Update - Monday 29th July 2019
Next week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Update - Monday 12th August 2019


:computer_mouse: Gnome Shell performance (stutter | latency | CPU):

:wrench: Other:

:bug: Release bugs:

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Backlogs progress


Off sick for half the week :face_with_thermometer:

libreoffice24-margin libreoffice

  • 6.3.0 Preparation:
    • Temporarily disabled one failing test on arm64.
    • 6.3.0-rc3 now building and passing for all architectures.
    • Began manual testing on amd64 and arm64.
  • The usual dose of bug triaging and USN refreshes.

GNOME build-snap

  • Added pycairo and pygobject parts.
  • Slightly reduced size further by cleaning out redundancies in /usr/lib and /usr/lib/<arch>/.
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GNOME build-snap/platform snap:

  • Built a few new snaps that required libs newer than what’s in bionic to exercise the build snap
  • Transfered gnome-3-32-1804-sdk and gnome-3-32-1804 to the Canonical publisher
  • Requested autoconnect for gnome-3-32-1804 which has been approved now
  • Published Drawing to the store which was built with the build-snap!


  • USN Refreshes

firefox24 firefox

chromium22 chromium

package24 other

  • only back from holidays today so 1 day worth of work
  • post holidays backlog
  • reviewed the trello board july cards, updated some, started the august columns and moved things there
  • removed the buggy libraw from eoan-proposed following Daniel’s recommendation (it includes an ABI break which is going to be fixed in the next version)
  • reviewed the team plans/work and things that need to land still before feature freeze, send some emails about those
  • sponsored a pulseaudio SRU from Daniel (follow-up update from the previous one including an extra oem fix)
  • emailed/followed up about the current daily desktop ISO being outdated due to utah failures
  • cups-filters: Several fixes for handling local print services (IPP-over-USB, Printer Applications, Emulation of IPP printers, …) and for the same print service (remote printer) being reported through different network interfaces (loopback, wired, Wi-Fi, VPN, bridge to VMs, …) being correctly handled and more desirable preferred. Especially fixed bug of local print queues being deleted when a network interface goes away (like turning off Wi-Fi, upstream issue report.
  • Avahi: The cups-browsed bug fix work also gave me some insights on the Avahi problem and I posted on the Avahi issue and also on the CUPS mailing list. Michael Sweet (author of CUPS) is of a different opinion as Trent, he says that Avahi should deliver the DNS-SD record of the loopback (“lo”) interface with “localhost” host name. I also think that it should be this way.
  • network-manager: My fix on the autopkgtest script got accepted and the fixed version uploaded to Eoan. It passed the tests during the proposed migration phase now.
  • network-manager: Got log files of the poster of the SRU regression bug 1829838 and investigated but no clue yet.
  • Google Summer of Code 2019: Continued mentoring the students.
  • Linux Plumber’s Conference 2019 in Lisbon: Completed setting up the schedules for the OpenPrinting miniconference (will get published Fri, Aug 9). Speakers/session leaders will be me, Aveek Basu (Lexmark), Rithvik Patibandla (former GSoC student), a representative of Google Chrome OS.
  • Bugs.
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  • zfs linux fixes uploaded as
    • Hook up zsys in the zfs mount generator
    • Don’t clone non zsys children bootfs datasets as zsys will clone them for us
    • Backported some upstream zfs fix for mount ordering
  • Make some changes to grubzfs-tests to have grub from last week migrating to the release pocket:
    • adapt to zfs 0.8
    • add new grub with mawk support (the zpool import line changed and the mock needed some changes)
  • Add LastBootedKernel annotation in zfs and machine layers + tests.
  • Some changes in command line
  • Add systemd commit service and talk with our maintainer to ensure we have it started at the right time and conditions.
  • Package it and upload it to distro (waiting in NEW)
  • Add autopkgtests
  • A lot of testing with multiple systems on the same system in parallel (pure zfs, zfs-zsys, zsys-zsys…) with snapshot, revert, forward moving…
  • Prepare first zfs-related blog post (will be published on Tuesday)

snapd user session agent:

  • Both of last week’s PRs are essentially ready now and waiting for review/merge:
    • PR #7194 (fixing enable/disable of user units in snapd packaging) received some useful feedback from Neal Gompa helping to simplify what I’d initially put together. Learned a bit more than I wanted to about how the Debian/Ubuntu convention of enabling user units by shipping symlinks under /usr/lib/systemd/user interacts with systemd’s utilities.
    • PR #7197 (have agent exit on idle) has all tests passing, and adds socket peer credential based auth to verify that the client is either the same user or root.
  • I started work on adding API to the session agent to support control of user units. I wrote a short description on the forum of what I think is needed, and have been working on implementing it, plus tests.
  • I cleaned up the small desktop notifications client library I’d put together, and uploaded it here:
  • Next up will be writing a client for the session agent. One aspect of the design will be having methods fan out to all available session agents, and gathering together the results. Once that’s in place, it is probably time to resurrect my old user session daemons PR, and after that D-Bus activation. This yak is almost fully shaved.

snapd interfaces for the Snap Store:

  • No change on PR #7042 (add the appstream-metadata interface), mostly due to the people needed to approve it being on sprint last week. I’ll follow up again this week.