Cross platform data science workflows using Ubuntu WSL

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topic_name Cross platform data science workflows using Ubuntu WSL
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Ubuntu is the leading operating system for data science, with comprehensive language support and support for advanced AI/ML GPU-accelerated development environments with tools like NVIDIA CUDA.

Up until now, data scientists in a Windows-centric enterprise would have had to rely on dual-booting, secondary devices or cloud VMs to leverage Ubuntu in their workflows. However the cost and time delays of switching operating systems or transferring data between the two can significantly impact efficiency when it comes to data cleaning, exploration or early prototyping.

Ubuntu on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) offers a full Ubuntu development environment, deeply integrated with Windows, allowing users to leverage native Windows tools like VS Code and Docker Desktop inside Ubuntu WSL, and mix and match Linux and Windows Powershell commands across a shared filesystem.

In this webinar we demonstrate the benefits of this mixed ecosystem approach for day to day data science workflows, setting up an example pipeline and exporting results into a Windows-friendly format for stakeholders.

May, 26th | 9AM CT & 4PM GMT


  • Ken Glass - WW Industry Strategist at Dell
  • Maciej Mazur - Product Manager at Canonical
  • Bartlomiej Poniecki-Klotz - Software Engineer at Canonical


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