Creating or update a marketo form


To make Marketo forms look nice and fit in with the Vanilla framework, we need to clean-up the Marketo code. To make this easier, we have written a script does this parsing and clean-up for us. The script also replaces some Marketo jQuery with a better html5 based form validator. This document describes the process of going from Marketo to a cleaned form, ready to use on or


  • create or update a form on Marketo, don’t worry about styling the form
  • create or update a landing page with the form on Marketo
  • approve and then view the approved landing page on Marketo
  • inspect the page
  • find the <div class="mktoContent"> and edit as HTML
  • copy and paste this into the form processor
  • type in the URL of the thank you page (e.g.
  • hit Submit

Now you have the updated html and an example of the form. Just copy the html from the Cleaned form raw html text box.