Create a new charm for testing

This is a short tutorial on how to create a new charm for testing purposes in a few steps:

  1. Install charmcraft:
    sudo snap install --beta charmcraft
  2. Get a fake charm from
  3. Register your charm name:
    charmcraft register <charm_name>
    Replace <charm_name> with the name you want for your charm
  4. Update the metadata.yaml file in your fake charm to use the same name you registered in the previous step
  5. Build your charm:
    charmcraft build
  6. Upload your charm:
    charmcraft upload <charm_name>.charm
  7. Release your charm:
    charmcraft release <charm_name> -r 1 -c stable

To use staging create a charmcraft.yaml inside the charm folder with this content:

type: charm