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Hi All,

This topic is a technical discussion and I ask other members with no technical experience in this area to observe. Once the thread gets started then perhaps you can ask some questions

I have invited a former compiz developer to help us with some of the more difficult things with the compiz compsitor.

@khurshid-alam @Wimpress @thehannibal @michel-renon @om26er @tsimonq2 @3v1n0 and any others I may have missed.

Sam’s main piece of advice is:

“Main piece of advice: for the tricker parts like handling WM <-> X Server communication, especially to do with ConfigureRequest / ConfigureNotify, I would really suggest having a look at the existing tests in the codebase and do whatever you can to not break them. Keeping window stacking and geometry in sync with the server is much harder than it looks because there are a few holes in the protocol especially around destroyed and override redirect windows. If you find problems there, try reproducing it using an automated testcase so that you have a clear understanding of what the scenario is and that scenario stays documented.”



Sorry, I’m missing what the Sam’s advice is for, what was the question? And what do you want to achieve?


Hi 3v1n0,

During the creation of the unity7 maintainers team it had been brought to my attention that compiz was a stack of code that would need maintaining throughout this cycle. There are some volunteers on the unity7 team who have C++ programming skillset but do not know the filesystem, flags and pointers to get started on working with compiz.
So I asked Sam if he could help us with advice and pointers on what we need to do to get started.

I have a lot of experience testing compiz and ccsm but not on fixing it. There are others also who I am trying to recruit to the discussion who have a lot of practical experience with triaging compiz bugs but have not joined the hub as of yet. I believe you are one of those persons who has experience with compiz maintenance.

So my original question was:

Hi Sam,

I need your help with compiz. I . along with other individuals, are
spearheading an attempt to have unity7 become an official flavor. We are
working this effort through the community hub.

Our launchpad page is :

We have a few programmers on board and perhaps you may be able to give us
some advice and pointers on what we have to maintain., so, knowing your
experience in these matters I invite you to the team.

Also , one of the volunteers asked me to start a thread. I assume that this thread may pick up after the holiday.


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Thank you @smspillaz for joining the hub.




Is he the maintainer/dev?

He is the former maintainer/dev. I think he will be of great help with advice and direction .

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