Community Team Update - Monday 25 April 2022

As usual, if you want to chat about any of these items, start a topic in the Community category! :clock11:

Community Connections

  • Coordinated Ubuntu Budgie screenshots for new Flavours page
  • Sent out revised mascot artwork to unofficial remixes

Community Engagement

  • Continued to e-mail/chat with potential accessibility testers
  • Met with @vergil about community engagement for Ubuntu Core
  • Met with Accessibility Guild along with @kenvandine
  • Engaged with new posters on Discourse in Community and Introduction categories
  • Desktop Indaba: Promotional and day-of Tweets, audiovisual checks with Stu Keroff, cohosting with @hellsworth


Linux Application Summit

  • Ordered supplies for a balloon arch for the release party. Deities help us all.

Roadmap Sprint, Copenhagen

  • Updated proposed breakout sprint
  • Began draft of plenary session deck
  • Contacted Danish LoCo and representatives of Swedish LoCo regarding the community meetup day on May 7


  • Began PO process for sponsorship

OSCAL 2022

  • Looked into sponsorship opportunities after suggestion from @elioqoshi

Community Event Budgeting

  • Discussed tentative bronze sponsorship for OSS - NA and the possibility of off-site events with the Austin office.

The Daily/Weekly Grind

  • GDPR requests
  • Written interview review
  • Processing community fund requests