Community Team Update - Monday 18 April 2022

Two weeks in this update - we’ve been busy and it’s crunch time for Jammy Jellyfish! As usual, if you want to chat about any of these items, start a topic in the Community category! :clock11:

Community Connections

  • Contacted IS about an issue with logging into the wiki reported by community members
  • Reached out to Orca screenreader testers on behalf of the Accessibility Guild
  • Coordinated with flavours for final assets for the new website section
  • Sent out revised mascot artwork to flavours
  • Worked with Launchpad team to find how many bug events the community created from 20.04 to 22.04
  • Attended meeting regarding cross-team engineering practices

Community Engagement

  • Sent initial batch of stickers to Impish Indri ISO testers
  • Met with Snapcrafters group to discuss future engagement plans
  • Biweekly sync with Data Platforms on community engagement, and additional chat about community events and conferences
  • Initial planning for Community Team stream with the server team in June


Linux Application Summit

  • Helped with initial plans for Jammy Jellyfish release party at the Linux Application Summit
  • Advertised initial plans on Discourse, Twitter, and Discord
  • Ordered supplies for Ubuntu booth

Roadmap Sprint, Copenhagen

  • Got clearance to host a community dinner during the roadmap sprint
  • Posted call for dinner guests on Discourse
  • Proposed breakout sprints about community engagement and the community team for the sprint


  • Committed to sponsorship and a booth for this event

Community Event Budgeting

  • Assessed current and projected spending for community events for 2022