Community process for 32-bit compatibility

Hello vorlon, here’s the sequence of events that occurred:

Mesa 21.0.0 was released and when a new release branch comes out, I evaluate the package differences between my kisak-mesa fresh and kisak-mesa stable PPAs and ask launchpad to update the stable PPA to match kisak-mesa fresh before pushing the new driver series into kisak-mesa fresh.

The second PPA is an N-1 mesa release for people to use in case of major regressions while they wait for upstream mesa devs to triage an issue and I need to rebuild packages to reduce PPA disk usage by not having debug symbols.

The llvm-toolchain-11 1:11.0.1-2~kisak~f build at is the package if interest, which did not dispatch an i386 build upon transfer. The build farm previously allowed this on 2021-01-13 (kisak-mesa fresh’s build of the package), so it’s not clear what happened there and I cancelled its amd64 build before it introduced trouble from mismatched multiarch packages.

Regarding llvm-toolchain-11 in focal-updates, there’s an llvm 11 / AMD graphics regression triaged in 11.0.1 which was reported at, and that build does not include the fix.

Ok, indeed llvm-toolchain-11 had fallen out of the whitelist for focal, so personal builds of the package would not pick up i386. I’ve corrected this now, so if you re-publish the package to your ppa it will pick up an i386 build.

Thanks for looking into the issue. I can confirm the PPA package is back on track.

Hello vorlon,

Could you add the source package nvidia-graphics-drivers-465 to the whitelist for focal and groovy?

Thank you!

Hi Vorlon,

Currently I’m working on new OpenEXR 3.0.x packages for my graphics PPA (at with OpenEXR >= 3.0.1 having a new dependency of Imath. The new Imath package effectively replaces Debian/Ubuntu IlmBase packages of previous OpenEXR (< 3.0) versions, due upstream splitting out the Imath functionality to the new project.

However, as Imath is not on the i386 whitelist it currently makes it impossible to properly support the new OpenEXR 3.0.x on Focal and newer (ie. for rebuilds of any/all software that requires OpenEXR, for example GStreamer “bad” plugins and ImageMagick). Given that OpenEXR >= 3.0.1 requires the Imath package to build successfully.

Could you please add a package named “imath” to the Launchpad i386 whitelist for Focal, Groovy, and Hirsute? This will allow building of new OpenEXR 3.0.x for both amd64 and i386, which will in turn allow the full proper support of newer versions of those packages in Focal and newer that require OpenEXR.

Thank you!

Hello dear ubuntu developers, I’m currently making a PPA which provides many tweaks and custom libraries/applications to improve the gaming/desktop use of Ubuntu (Probably not suitable for mainline ubuntu), and I noticed that I cannot build i386 debs unless there’s already an i386 version in the repos, which doesn’t work for me as I either have to include i386 builds of important libraries you don’t provide or completely foreign libraries to the ppa, so can you please whitelist :

the following Source packages :

  • obs-gamecapture-plugin
  • mangohud
  • glew (mangohud dep)
  • glfw3 (mangohud dep)
  • vkbasalt


the following packages :

  • glew-utils
  • libglew-dev
  • libglew2.2
  • libglfw3
  • libglfw3-dev
  • libglfw3-wayland
  • obs-gamecapture-plugin
  • vkbasalt
  • mangohud
  • mangohudctl