Clear content-cache for a site

What is content-cache?

This service was developed to provide front-end caching for web sites run by Canonical’s IS team, and to reduce the need for third-party CDNs by providing high-bandwidth access to web sites via this caching front-end. Currently used for a number of services including the Snap Store, the majority of Canonical’s web properties including and, and Ubuntu Extended Security Maintenance.

Wipe our content-cache

If you need to wipe out the cache for one of our services:

  1. Connect to the Canonical VPN
  2. SSH to wendigo:
    ssh <your_username>
    If you don’t have access or you never did it, it’s possible that IS has to create an account for you.
  3. Once you are logged run:
    sudo -i -u stg-comms-ubuntu-com
  4. Wipe the website cache with:; for i in $(dig a +short $site); do ssh -i ~/.ssh/content-cache-purge content-cache-purge@$i $site; done

* We are working with IS on a better way of cleaning the cache by running a Jenkins’ job.


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