Clarification of Ubuntu release upgrade process

Would someone kindly write a wiki page about release upgrades process?

Preferably someone with knowledge of the system. The current wiki pages are absolutely not enough.

Anytime there is a new release of Ubuntu reddit, forums and I think also Ask Ubuntu gets flooded with questions.

And many many more. Looking at those two you can see that people think that upgrade to 20.04 LTS from 19.10 will only happen after release of the first point release. I know that isn’t true. But can’t find actual information about that on Ubuntu wiki.

Why there is no information anywhere that LTS releases will show upgrades only when there is .01 release. And the regular releases get upgrades to the next release whatever it may be.

There is that mythical conviction among some users that the upgrade release shows gradually. It may take for some people many days (who knows how many) before they will see the upgrade release window.

I or other users can’t actually tell if it is an Ubuntu myth or fact.

“The upgrade prompt will not appear to everyone at the same time, so if you don’t see it instantly on release day do don’t panic and try to be patient.”

So can please someone with knowledge write a wiki that clarifies those matters once and for all?

I have shifted this from Documentation, as it should not be cluttered alongside the main docs for new users. Requests for wiki pages should be posted as other categories.

This is because the information provided will become outdated in a few days.

Depends on the configuration, and if you check for the updates manually, it will show up (when .1 is released).

I’ll right this immediately.

Thank you for contributing!

we just discussed this at

the last paragraph of the initial post at

also has some infos, there should also be a few pages on teh old community wiki where the process is described …

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I’m adding this info on the main page at

EDIT: @Bestia @ogra Updated it.