Canonical at MWC 2021

Join Canonical and Ubuntu at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2021 to discuss optimal tech solutions for leading telco innovation. You can meet with the Canonical telecom team virtually or on-site in Spain, and pick our technical experts’ brains about your particular telco use case. If you’re attending, share the event on LinkedIn. Telecommunications is now a key area of our focus, and we are fully committed to providing a best-in-class experience of using open source software to enable mobile operators, network function developers and network equipment providers to scale and innovate efficiently. Get a preview by downloading our telco datasheet.

Key topics for this year’s MWC are:

Reducing complexity and increasing automation across the telco compute continuum

Telco grade open source software, and Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2 operations

State of the art bare metal automation with MAAS (Metal as a Service). Deploy any OS on any hardware.

Scale and complexity brings similar challenges, big or small. Hybrid cloud, public cloud, on-prem, whether you have a large datacenter alone or a highly distributed infrastructure; open source technology building blocks provide a unified approach to enabling service providers to meet any current or future use-cases, from OpenRAN, next generation Core (5G and beyond) or AI at the edge.

This is why we are also organising an “ask me anything” AMA session about open source in the telecom space. Our Telco CTO Arno van Huysteen, and Telco Products Lead, Maciej Mazur, will answer your questions on site in Barcelona on June 28 - July 1, and on an online session for live Q&A on June 30th, 4pm local time.

If you prefer having a private conversation you can book a meeting.