Cannot create new topic

And how would I be able to do that, since new users don’t even seem to have permissions to send private messages? :sweat_smile:

Sorry if I sound a bit negative. Just came here trying to create a thread because of a potential issue we’ve run into in the Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 LXD/LXC containers, and not being able to create a thread for this is quite limiting and frustrating. I have loads more details to provide but can provide that in the thread when it’s created.

Also, the fact that the “New topic” button simply isn’t there is quite unintuitive (perhaps this is a Discourse limitation, if so I apologize for complaining about it). :thinking: Would be much better (from my POV) if the button was there, but clearly “disabled” in the UI so you understand that “it’s really there, but I’m just not allowed to use it”.

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Thanks @ian-weisser, appreciated. However, I don’t seem to have permissions to edit my previous posts either… :neutral_face: The ... option where the the edit “pen” typically is available simply isn’t there.

If possible, please grant me the privileges required for this. :+1: In the meanwhile, I’ll post the details here as a separate reply to avoid having to wait any further.

Correction, I do seem to have access to that, for my recent comments. But not for the original message. Perhaps because it was a “moved” message? Either way @ian-weisser, feel free to just move the Cannot create new topic - #4 message to a new thread and we should be good to go. :bowing_man: Thanks for your help so far.

Nevermind - my trust level seems to have been automatically upgraded by the system, so I could create the topic myself now. :tada: Here it is, for reference: Ubuntu 22.04 and 20.04 containers stuck in "System is booting" up state

This particular problem seems resolved…