Can we discuss about document localization?

Hi all
I’m a member of Ubuntu Korea Community, and I’m in charge of group study organizing.
In these day, I’m discovering subjects for group study, and I’m considering translation of technical document of Ubuntu as one of the good activity.
However, I didn’t find some foundation what we can rely on for these activities.
Let me tell you the foundation what I want.

As I want to make our community site as downstream repository of Ubuntu document site, I want to know if there is any localization program available, and I also want to know if you have any plan for internationalize your document site for these kind of articles?

Thank you.


Hello! Thank you so much for posting this, and localization is an incredibly important topic. We know that improving the tools for translators and improving our documentation are two key goals.

I am going to tag @kenvandine @danieleprocida @hellsworth and our new Community Operations advocate, @bwyazel in on this conversation, since I imagine working with you on these goals is something we might all be involved in. @gunnarhj I am also going to tag you on this, since this is about both documentation and localization!


Good to hear that.
The locallization tool improvement would really boost local group study as I belive.
I hope that discussion would make reasonable support at the end :slight_smile: