Call for testing: chromium-browser deb to snap transition

Bug filed: Chromium is incorrectly shown when setting the default web browser for some flavours

Previously, you could limit Chromium to only having access to the “Downloads” folder using firejail.

This no longer works:

I’ve submitted a request for a alternative snap installation that achieves the same degree of sandboxing:

I just upgraded to Eaon and was forced to take a snap version of chromium.


I don’t want snaps. Cool if you want to offer the option to people, but don’t force it.

How do we undo this?

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@popey discussed this recently here: Proposal for Ubuntu 20.04LTS

There are valid reasons why this has happened. Read through it.

Also, there is no need to ask the same question in two different threads.

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If you want the newest Chromium web browser, you can download it from here.
Unzip it and create a symlink of chrome-wrapper to your desktop or create a desktop file.

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can you please stop pointing people to a browser download like this …
quoting the first line from the page you liked to:

This is a raw build of Chromium for Linux x64, right off the trunk. It may be tremendously buggy.

note that there are users that might listen to you, not read that line, just download this pile of potential security holes and do homebanking with it … please refrain from mindlessly sending third party download links around that put other people at risk. also note that the binary from this site will explicitly not update at all, so people are stuck with this potentially buggy and/or insecure version.


Everyone has a disclaimer. Even Ubuntu system extensions say they are mock ones. Even the Ubuntu distro, you’d download today would have a disclaimer.

That link, btw, directs you to the Chromium Team, the guys who really creates it. It upgrades every few minutes.

Snap is a repackaging system. Doesn’t create new packages. Or, does it?

If you think, btw that using snaps makes people terribly happy, how about creating a desktop Ubuntu distro entirely out of snaps? I’ll be waiting for it! :slight_smile:

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no, it obviously does not.
it directs you to a nightly build of the developer tree (trunk) of chromium, completely without any QA, bug fixes or security …
please stop posting such links and stop putting other people at risk by pointing them to potentially malicious builds of third party apps.

note that nobody will complain if you point to some stable build of the app, but this is explicitly a developer playground build out of trunk with known and unknown bugs and security holes.


Your snaps don’t have bugs, such as notoriously getting late to start?
Aren’t snaps too trunk? Who is checking the performance of snaps?
Can you create a fully snap desktop distro?
Or, are the snaps only for those devices, you mentioned elsewhere, but not for the desktop?

Chromium snap is terribly slow to start. But the ever updating “trunk” Chromium starts in a jiffy. I even installed it in Windows 10.

do you seriously expect an answer ?

comparing “capturing home banking passwords through a zero day exploitt (and taking over your bank account)” to “slow to launch” ?

please lets stop this discussion, you showed in other threads that you are not willing to accept technical facts or to accept that things do not work like you imagine them, all i’m asking you is to not put other people at risk due to that attitude, this is all.


Yes, I do. Maybe others too.

I’ve been checking on snaps since the day one. I liked it at that time, not that much now. I expected an Ubuntu desktop snap distro, and it is not coming.

Oh, that’s what we are been doing since 2 decades. Testing all kinds of distros and apps, ppas and whatnot. People do explore. And, people have choice. If they want, they’d have a look. Installing a Linux distro on a new laptop is a risk, most times. But, we do that, don’t we? The people, who don’t want to risk would buy a Windows computer or a Macbook, don’t they? I’d been risking for nearly 2 decades and I’d surely expect others to do so too. Otherwise, why come to Linux?

And, we are going off topic, mind you.

OP is “Call for testing: chromium-browser deb to snap transition,” and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Have you?

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What does that even mean? If you are against snaps, when do you want a “desktop snap distro”?


Call for testing: chromium-browser deb to snap transition.

snap run --trace-exec chromium

Slowest 10 exec calls during snap run:
0.593s snap-update-ns
1.130s /usr/lib/snapd/snap-confine
1.472s /snap/chromium/861/bin/desktop-launch
0.214s /usr/bin/dbus-send
0.235s /snap/chromium/861/bin/chromium.launcher
0.278s /usr/bin/dbus-send
0.361s /usr/bin/xdg-settings
20.135s /proc/self/exe
28.398s /snap/chromium/861/usr/lib/chromium-browser/chrome
20.416s /proc/self/exe
Total time: 31.631s

Why do you repeat yourself 50 times in every single thread and ask the same questions you already got answers for?

Seriously. Just in two weeks, at least 3 different Ubuntu devs answered every your question. Then you come back 2 days later with the same stuff.

You are a personification of broken record.

You: “Snaps are slow. Look how slow they start. Look what you did with Chromium!”
Dev: “Yes, we know there is a lot work to do with certain snaps, but the technology is complex. Bear with us or if you want, help us. We had our reasons for transitioning Chromium into snap. Here is a blog post about it, hope you’ll understand.”

2 days later

You: “By the way, snaps are slow… Look at Chromium! Terrible!”

Like nothing happened.

It’s so sad.


Sure, but Chromium snap is still slow at starting. Did it get solved? Can you solve it?

What is the OP?
Call for testing: chromium-browser deb to snap transition.

@chanath FYI, software in the “trunk” are being updated constantly, no QA whatsoever. Pretty much the master build. They are far from stable and are not usable by the general public. Very similar to KDE Neon Unstable, Firefox Nightly or Chrome Canary.

In Snaps case, software in the edge channel are usually master builds.

I know that @YamiYukiSenpai. I’ve been using these development branch apps all the time. People don’t read what’s said/written in a post, just take some part out of context and reply, or bash the poster. I’ve been using the “trunk” Ubuntu 19.10 up to now. 20.04 will be the last Ubuntu for me.

We play in the development area. I’ve been using the development (trunk) version of Ubuntu for so long, 5-6 years. Chromium browser transition to snap came in for 19.10, in the same development area. People simply don’t read, they jump at a word or a line. Some people appear to be always on the defensive and jittery, when it comes to Gnome shell and stuff.

I wrote,

Ok, enough now @chanath.

Multiple developers have provided you answers to your questions. We are painfully aware of all the points you’ve raised. While we may not agree with all of them, we fully respect your rights to have your opinions, but we also have the right not to have them repeated endlessly in our inboxes each day.

The strategy you’ve chosen is not actually helping anyone at all, but is just rubbing people up the wrong way, perhaps intentionally, sadly. We have better things to do than repeatedly type the same answer to each question you’re not happy with an answer to. We’re under no obligation to continue doing that.

I’m suspending your account for a month. Please re-consider your approach, or use a different distro. Wherever you choose to go next, please have respect for the developers making the software you’re using for free.


After restarting gnome shell (Alt-F2 r) chromium snap becomes tiny in a hidpi screen scaled at 2x.

Reported in

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Latest version (77) seems to take my system theme and looks good now unlike previous version. :+1:

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