Call for suggestions to build unity7.ISO

This what worries – will allow, will not allow.
Then, ubuntu-people is a place, where most won’t look in.
If ubuntu-unity won’t be properly announced together with the rest, it is as good as forgotten.

I think it’s too early to sow speculative seeds of doubt here. Remember … it’s a community project and we are working with much less human resources than were dedicated to unity last year - so - for the most part we are all doing what we can to the best of our abilities.

Not doubting you guys’ hard work.
Only is not the same as
It simply says,

This is a community maintained site. Canonical is not responsible for content.

I am quite sure that your iso should be in a more visible place, such as or

Visibility is an absolute need for a project like this.

I do appreciate all that you are saying. The main point I am making here is that I think it wise to put forth our promotional scheme based on attraction rather than promotion. This is where other elements in the community can come in and pick up these parts and promote them accordingly. I do not want to interfere with the other projects at hand which are more of a priority than unity-session distribution.

One of the main projects is gnome3 DE with the dash2dock so that gnome3 could have several of the unity concepts and ideas embedded into it. This is basically the master plan that may eventually phase out unity in the long run. If you notice , gnome3 looks more like unity7 every day. I know it is not pure unity7 style and focus but I feel it is a leap and bound. So the Code of Conducts requests us to collaborate with these other projects and try to eliminate redundancy. This does not mean, however, that unity7 project is going to be shelved but we have to allow the rest of the community to share discourse on economics of these bold propositions in contradistinction to always following the status quo and , also in light of the differential human resource pool and the delegation and tasks and todos to those resources and how they affect other community projects. These are delicate depends and we have to weigh the feasibility of all of them, collectively. So this is not a process of haphazard elimination of projects and experiences. It is an integration of programming economics balanced against how many hands are on the wheel.


To get the attraction, there should be visibility. Ubuntu-people doesn’t give any visibility. No one knows that something like that exist even.

You don’t have to interfere with the “other” project at all by working on this ubuntu-unity iso. It has its people, and can look after itself without the few of you, who are doing the ubuntu-unity work.

This has nothing to do with ubuntu-unity. (One brand of a car won’t become the other brand, just by looking like it.) Just because D2D fork looks like the Unity launcher, it doesn’t become that. You have to decide whether a distro ubuntu-unity is going to be released or not, and tell people about it.

Well, again you missed the point. As it stands the remix will be released from ubuntu-people. It will be full 18.04 LTS but it will not be an official flavor at this point. Unless something else happens between now and then. Khurdish and I and the rest of the team all hope we will become an official flavor soon. If not we will settle for in house remix.

However, I may have to step down as co-leader of the unity7 team.

Here are two excerpts from CoC


The first applies in a sense where I have lost one of my regular jobs and so I am no longer receiving the usual business income from that resource. So I have to try to work something out here as it near puts me in the poor house.

Secondly I have injured my back, RSI, from preparing to do an ubuntu install on an older tower machine so I have been on layoff for a week… I hope I will be fit soon but perhaps I will scout for a replacement as co-project lead . So I will talk with Anna Maria about disengaging from the project and see what she says. I will not leave abruptly until I have found a better replacement than I in consideration with that section of the CoC.

Kind Regards…


Talked with Anna Maria. She suggests that I stay on, which I agreed to. My current back injury allows me to work in a slightly diminished capacity. I hope it will be fit soon. If CC wants to replace me with more capable lead then I can understand.


The grace period with my people-ubuntu account is Jan. 13, 2019 so we have a whole year of free hosting at

The link is in the wiki and other threads at community.ubuntu so I feel this is very ample marketing per unity7 .iso for now. When my back feels better I will look into it further. I have been asked to be patient and so the team as a whole should be patient also.


A live iso will be released. It will probably be unofficial or semi-official.

At It’s not important where it is hosted but how easily it is available for others. A link on distrowatch, a torrent, a soft link to cdimage/experimental would be sufficient.

No. Not until it becomes an official flavor. However it can be announced in UWN or through other popular blogs like omgubuntu.

Ubuntu Unity Desktop will be plain old Unity desktop. And yes it will use lightdm. Gdm currently has lots of issues with Unity. The bugs are being tracked on trello.

That’s good enough, I suppose, especially the link on distrowatch. Ubuntu announces its releases there too. Write a email to Jessie beforehand, for him to know about this project and link where the iso is hosted.

Wish you good return to health!

You can always go ahead and build a web page. Why not get started on this ?

I don’t know much about building web pages. Never say no, though.

I’m sick, I creat new email and account. next week I will test ubuntu 18.04 with unity and help the community tracking bugs and correct.