Build on MicroK8s, the lightweight Kubernetes

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MicroK8s is lightweight, conformant Kubernetes, with sensible defaults that ‘just work’. A quick install, easy upgrades and great security make it perfect for micro clouds and edge computing.

This is the easiest way to consume Kubernetes, as it abstracts away much of the complexity of managing the lifecycle of clusters. Its low-touch UX automates or simplifies operations such as deployment, clustering, and enabling of auxiliary services required for a production-grade K8s environment.

With MicroK8s you get a complete, CNCF-compliant Kubernetes environment and all the services you need to run your OCI containers at scale, such as networking & load balancing, storage, service mesh, observability, GPU & FPGA acceleration, multi-cluster management and more – something unique among lightweight Kubernetes distributions.

Download now the paper and learn more about.