Beep sound at start

Hey there,

after a while I need to tackle a problem, because it is quite annoying for the last years and it’s still here.

When I start up Ubuntu, after the login, there is quite often a beep sound. Sometimes I understand that maybe has to do something with appointments, but lots of times there is just nothing in the notifications center. But event than, this behavior is not really helpfully I guess, because that appointment can be days ago.

Can someone explain to me what is the point of this beep? Is this a bug or a issue or a feature nobody understands? :upside_down_face:

Can we get rid of it if it is a bug or a weird behavior? Especially in work environments with lots of PCs, that seems to be very annoying to me…

Thanks, Stefan

Hi @luxamman :wave:

Good to see that you’re still running Ubuntu :smiley: I know that this thread is from March, but since it has no replies yet, I wanted to post some feedback.

IMO your post comes across as a bug which Discourse isn’t the right place for and that may also be why no one has replied. I can understand that what you’re really asking is what the point of the sound is and if it can be removed.

Is this the sound? It’s actually the system-ready.ogg

The sound is a accessibility feature. It gives an audio indication when the login screen is ready. This is intended for people who have limited eyesight. It is mentioned in a few bugs (search Launchpad) but I highly doubt that it will be removed.

Hey @madsrh, shure I still care about Ubuntu making progress :slight_smile:

Actually it is a very high beep sound, not the one you linked. As far as I remember it is a high beep four times in a row, repeating itself for three or four times.

Still not sure what it may be, maybe it has something to do with calendar and notifications? Even if there is nothing in the notification center…

Will see if it still is there, thanks!

Go to Settings and then select Sound. Then you can turn off the system sound. The annoying noise should then no longer be heard. Kind regards from Einbeck.


Please record the sound and post the sound file to AskUbuntu or one of our support venues. We have several!

We have some amazing gurus in those support venues.

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