Backend-specific configuration parameters

Backend-specific configuration parameters

In addition to the other fields available to configure interfaces, some
backends may require to record some of their own parameters in netplan,
especially if the netplan definitions are generated automatically by the
consumer of that backend. Currently, this is only used with NetworkManager.

networkmanager (mapping) – since 0.99

Keeps the NetworkManager-specific configuration parameters used by the
daemon to recognize connections.

name (scalar) – since 0.99

Set the display name for the connection.

uuid (scalar) – since 0.99

Defines the UUID (unique identifier) for this connection, as
generated by NetworkManager itself.

stable-id (scalar) – since 0.99

Defines the stable ID (a different form of a connection name) used
by NetworkManager in case the name of the connection might otherwise
change, such as when sharing connections between users.

device (scalar) – since 0.99

Defines the interface name for which this connection applies.

passthrough (mapping) – since 0.102

Can be used as a fallback mechanism to missing keyfile settings.