Any policy on recruiting posts?

Is there any policy for posting job offerings in this forum?

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As a moderator (not a policymaker), I would advise against most (not all) job postings for two reasons:

A large number of the users here are employees of one company. Consult competent legal advice before using a platform provided by that company to possibly recruit their employees away.

This site is specifically for collaboration upon and improvement of Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Community. Irrelevant posts may be considered advertising or spam, removed, and perhaps the posting account sanctioned.

This is not a ban, merely an explanation of some factors that should be considered. There is room for discussing hiring and links to hiring opportunities that are part of normal discussion. Like all discussion, it should be relevant. Example: “Coincidentally, my friend Susan has a team working on that (oh, and she is hiring) and said that bug is in her queue. Look for a fixed version for testing next month.

If you feel that the community would welcome job postings, you are welcome to create a poll to test interest.


@erik-lonroth this is a good question to ask @kewisch

I think traditionally this Discourse instance has been used for putting out RFCs, keeping everyone in-the-know, hosting documentation, etc. A traditional job board could be more helpful than Discourse. There’s quite a bit of activity on this Discourse, so I’m worried job posting might get lost in the fray. Also I’d be worried about spam from people trying to get your attention and/or fake/scam job postings.

Perhaps we could make an Ubuntu community job board for organisations looking to hire Ubuntu experts?


Good news: The UbuntuForums Community Market subforum has hosted job postings, among other market offerings, since 2004. As with many subjects, interest waxes and wanes. Currently, interest seems at a rather low ebb…but that’s entirely within the control of community members.


I think it seems like there is a lean towards not to post job-ads here which I will refrain from doing. I will look more on the community market subforum.

Thanx for the input and good work.

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Hey folks, it looks like you all are going into the right direction here. I’d suggest that we keep discourse for conversational aspects, there are likely better places for job hunts. A side note like Ian mentioned (ah, and she is hiring) is certainly fine. I appreciate you reaching out!